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Do you want to join one of Scandinavia’s most active student unions? Now you have the chance! A position in the student union will provide you with many useful experiences, challenges and opportunities to work with something you are passionate about. You will get to know students across classes, as well as establish many new friendships.

A position in NHHS is developing, educational and not least social. Theoretical knowledge from school is admittedly important, but practical experience from NHHS is extremely valuable later in life. There is a wide range of positions that can be applied for, and it is easy to find something you are interested in.

Whether you are attending your first year at NHH or are an experienced NHHS member eho wants to have fun or are passionate about influencing the subjects at NHH, there is a position that is right for you! All we expect is that you want to learn something new and spend some time at the student union.

You can submit yourself both as an individual candidate or as a “blokk”.  The deadline for submitting your candidacy is Sunday 16.10

You can submit your candidacy by clicking on “Submit your candidacy”. Your and possibly your “Blokk”s picture to If you do not submit your picture, you will not be presented with the other candidates. 

Submitting as a “Blokk” means that you and a group go together and apply at the different positions in some of the boards that are up for election.

If you are in doubt about a position suitable for you, you may want to consult with someone who has held the position

You can submit yourself both as an individual candidate or as a “blokk”.  The deadline for submitting your candidacy is Friday 10th of March at 08.00. 

You can submit your candidacy by clicking on “Submit your candidacy”. Your and possibly your “Blokk”s picture to If you do not submit your picture, you will not be presented with the other candidates. 

Submitting as a “Blokk” means that you and a group go together and apply at the different positions in some of the boards that are up for election.

If you are in doubt about a position suitable for you, you may want to consult with someone who has held the position

It will only be possible to give your vote digitally during this year’s election. On Canvas (under topics) you can vote from 17:15 Monday 13th of March to 12:00 Wednesday 15 March.

More information on the voting process  will be given as the election approaches.

Sunday, March 5th, 2023

Deadline for nominating candidates for the NHH-board.

This can be done here.

Friday, March 10, 2023

12:00 Deadline for submitting your candidacy

Monday, March 13, 2023

08:00 The candidates are announced and can start online profiling

17:15 Election poll

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

12:00 The election ends.

The results will be published at and in Canvas.

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Rules for election poll: Published when it approaches

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Available Positions

Student Games – Bergen Challenge


As Leader, you will have the main responsibility for the project’s internal and external processes. Internally, as the head of the board, you must ensure that the project achieves its goals and ensure that all tasks are followed up. You must also ensure that all volunteers feel welcome and that they get something positive out of the experience. Externally, you will work towards external parties, for example the Norwegian Student Sports Association, in addition to being the organisation’s external face towards the media and other parties. Furthermore, you will have overall responsibility for preparing, as well as achieving, short-term and long-term strategies, in addition to the project’s final result.

As qualities, it is important to be able to see everyone in the organisation, work well with those around you and generally be there for everyone. This is not a position for you who are only looking for something to put on your CV, as a great deal of motivation and interest in the work to be done is required. Nevertheless, it is an experience of a lifetime, and you will gain an incredible number of positive experiences that will undoubtedly be taken with you further!

Head of Finance

Student sports festivals provide sporting joy, friendship and unforgettable memories. However, one is dependent on having a robust economy at the bottom to achieve all this. Head of Finance must ensure this through effective financial management. The position therefore entails a large and valuable responsibility, and provides a golden opportunity to test theory from the school bench in practice already during the study period through budget planning and accounting. Furthermore, as finance manager, you get to test your leadership skills as well as the ability to make decisions under uncertainty.

It is important to be a skilled team player in order to succeed as a finance manager. You must dare to make unpopular decisions given that this is the best for the project. Good communication, constructive feedback and a focus on work balance are therefore important. Would you like an exciting position where you get to help design a fantastic event for students? Then you must apply for Head of Finance!

Head of Sports

The Student Games Bergen Challenge is about the joy of sport. It is the sports section that is responsible for creating. The head of sports is therefore responsible for the selection, planning and execution of all sports. At the same time, you are responsible for booking halls and courts. It sounds simple on paper, but when it comes to around 25 sports that take place simultaneously and spread throughout Bergen, there are (literally) a lot of balls in the air. That is why the sports section is the largest with over 200 volunteers. Do you like to plan things down to the smallest detail? Do you like to lead and motivate many people? Are you passionate about sports? Could you imagine the funnest position NHHS has to offer? Apply for Head of Sports in the Student Games Bergen Challenge, then!

Head of Culture Events

As head of culture in Bergen Challenge, you will have overall responsibility for all non-sporting festivities throughout the sports festival week. You will be responsible for a section of close to 200 officials, who together will raise a sports event to a sports festival. If you think that the Bergen Challenge is about so much more than just sports, that the social arenas in the evening are at least as important for students from all over the country and are motivated to put in a solid piece of work to create an unforgettable period for fellow students from Far and near, the cultural manager role is right for you!

Head of Logistics

Logistics is the backbone of the Bergen Challenge. Officials, athletes, and equipment must be in the right place at the right time, participants must have a place to sleep, and everyone should have access to good food. As head of logistics, you will negotiate agreements with the municipality, hotels, suppliers, and partners. Are you organized, good at negotiations, and able to juggle multiple tasks at once? If you also have a desire to help create a fantastic sports festival, gain leadership experience by leading a great team of BCers, and at the same time build friendships for the rest of your life, then you should apply for head of logistics. 

Head of HR

The head of HR is responsible for our volunteers, which includes the recruitment of 600 volunteers, internal communication and organizing both small and bigger internal social events. In addition to this, you will have the responsibility to organize events together with other groups in NHHS, such as in the Welcome week.

If you are motivated to be in charge of our volunteers, and making sure that it is fun to both participate and volunteer in the Student Games Bergen Challenge – then this is the position for you!

Head of PR

What would SLBC be without participants? Nothing! As head of PR, you will be responsible for promoting SLBC to students across the entire country. Are you outgoing, engaging, social and have a good eye for visuals? Then this is the perfect job for you.

As head of PR, you are responsible for a big variety of tasks. This includes e.g. recruiting, graphics, media and PR. Typical tasks would be setting up a stand, organizing a roadshow, doing PR stunts and designing SLBC’s graphic profile. You are only limited by your own creativity, and you have to be both structured and creative to be able to reach the geographical and athletic width of SLBC’s optimal participant pool. Sounds cool? Apply now!

Head of Corporate Relations

As Head of Corporate Relations in BC, you are responsible for cooperation with the business world and entering into sponsorship agreements. Agreements with external parties are a prerequisite for a successful student sports festival, both because of the financial support and the cooperation you get with the companies. The marketing manager’s most central tasks will be to secure good main collaboration partners for SLBC, obtain buckets of freebies and prizes as well as apply for support from funds and endowments. A marketing manager should therefore have enormous willpower, good communication skills and be raw in negotiations. You will be responsible for one of the smallest, but most close-knit, sections in the entire SLBC. If this sounds tempting, you should apply for the position of Head of Corporate Relations in Bergen Challenge!

Klubb- og kulturutvalget

Would you like to help run and develop stud.NHH’s second home? The Club and Culture Committee (KKU) is one of the largest sub-committees in NHHS. Our main responsibility is to run Klubben, Campus, and Aulabar, and to ensure that sub-committees and interest groups are supplied with whatever drinks they want. KKU’s duties also involve arranging parties and other social welfare services for the students. In other words: If something of a festive nature happens at NHH, KKU is usually involved in one way or another! Overall, the operating locations have a relatively high annual turnover, despite a price level that is not precisely discouragingly high. In terms of area, we can also boast that we run one of Bergen’s largest nightclubs. The club is open on weekdays and is the school’s party venue when parties, auditorium shows, and other events organized by NHHS are organized. We have an offer for all the school’s students and want to be the first choice when stud.NHH needs a break from the reading room and academic work. The club and culture committee has undergone major changes in recent years. A consistent goal for the subcommittee is to ensure that Klubben, Campus and Aulabar are run in the best possible way, and to create the greatest possible student welfare at the school. The members of the board must therefore continuously look for improvements and take the initiative to implement measures. KKU’s around 40 members are organized into six groups and are helped by all the first-year students at the school, who contribute during their first year at the school. The board carries out appointments and lays down the overall practical and financial plan for the operation each semester. A year on the board of the student union’s most festive sub-committee will undoubtedly give you many challenges and experiences, in addition to many new friends, fantastic nachspiel, an unforgettable cabin trip and a unique insight into how to organize the legendary NHH parties!


The head of KKU has an overall responsibility for coordinating the work carried out in the subcommittee, from day-to-day operations to longer-term planning. You will act as a deputy for the holder of the liquor license in NHHS and it will be your responsibility to ensure that the operation of Klubben, Campus and Aulabar takes place in line with the regulations. As a manager, you will encounter many exciting challenges. There is a lot going on in “Norway’s best and most active student association” and you will have a lot of contact with your fellow students, other sub-committees and interest groups. Far more is organized in Kjelleren than you might think, and you will find that NHHS’s calendar of activities includes far more than just big parties. You will thus also experience that the tasks can range from being quite small to much larger. You will learn to deal with situations head-on and find solutions to most things. As head of the Club and Culture Committee, you will thus experience that the concept of a “quiet evening” will not necessarily be the same as before and that Klubben will quickly become your second home! Still, it is ultimately the responsibility of leading the great KKU gang through the big parties that are best remembered by any subcommittee leader. A lot happens, from planning events several weeks in advance to the sweeping up of broken plastic glasses at 03.00 at night. Nights like this, and the leadership position in general, generate a lot of tired muscles, worn out shoes and a particularly strained relationship with words like “diff”, “break” and “deviation”, but most of all a whole bunch of fantastically good memories you would never be without.

Head of Financial Affairs

As the Head of Financial Affairs in the Club and Culture committee, it is your main responsibility to have an overview of KKU’s finances. It is a very educational and versatile position where you get to try out a number of both relevant and interesting tasks. Among other things, you will be responsible for budgeting, keeping vouchers, invoicing various groups, approving invoices and checking all daily settlements. You will be responsible for a staff of around seven to nine members who will assist you in your work. You will also need to have a good overview of what is happening at all ends of the KKU’s bar operation, as you will continuously make decisions together with the rest of the board. Head of Financial Affairs at KKU is an incredibly fun position. Previous knowledge of accounting is not a requirement, as you will receive sufficient training and a supplementary knowledge book. So don’t hesitate, apply for the position of Head of Financial Affairs at KKU!

Bar Manager

In the bar group, there will be eleven to twelve members besides yourself, so that the work rotates from week to week. As bar manager, you must ensure that you have an overview of all alcoholic and non alcohol beverages going in and out of NHHS’ storage rooms. You will have regular inventory counts and control of the inventory together with the head of financial affairs in the executive board and the controller. You will have a lot of contact with subcommittees and interest groups through ordering and requisitioning of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. In addition, you will be the contact person for the student association with regards to Hansa. You will have exciting tasks and work behind the scenes to find an attractive range of products and suitable prices. You do not need to be a beer enthusiast or wine connoisseur to become a bar manager. But if you are reliable, interested in everything that happens behind the bar, and ready to coordinate the student association’s inventory – then you can become KKU’s next bar manager!

Head of Cultural Affairs

Are you interested in making things happen? Then the position as Head of Cultural Affairs is perfect for you! The goal of KKU is to offer a rich and diverse range of activities and cultural events for NHH students, and this will be your main responsibility. In your position, you are responsible for the programs that KKU offers, both at large events and in everyday life. Along with the members of your group, you will work from brainstorming to the actual execution of the events. You are responsible for organizing and decorating for parties and other activities to set the right mood for the evening. Not least, you are responsible for organizing pub quizzes and providing students with everyday activities. You will handle the booking of premises in Kjelleren as well. In KKU, it is up to you to decide what happens in the club. Are you proactive, creative, and good at planning and organizing? Apply for the position!

Head of Technical Affairs

As head of Technical Affairs, you are responsible for ensuring that all the premises in the basement are ready for use. Purchasing and maintenance of fixtures and technical equipment are your main tasks, as well as ensuring that everyone in the KKU receives thorough training in the use of the equipment. You also have the responsibility to manage the use of the cash register system (Zettle) and teach everyone in the KKU how this works. A good collaboration with the IT-group, the technical group (TG) and the Technical Department (TA) is important. You are also, together with TA, responsible for fire protection in the basement. Of course, there are a number of unforeseen challenges that will make your day-to-day life in KKU both varied and challenging.

Head of PR

As the Head of PR at KKU, you are responsible for ensuring that the entire school knows what’s happening in Klubben. Together with your group, you will carry out promotions and ticket sales for KKU’s events. This involves creating and hanging posters, posting news on and plasma screens, creating and selling tickets, updating Klubben’s Facebook page, and otherwise, only your imagination sets the limits for what you can come up with. One of your bigger challenges will be getting people to come down to Klubben on weekdays, which you can think about together with the Head of Cultural Affairs. Are you excited to spread the word about what’s happening in the basement of NHH? Apply for the position as Head of PR!

Head of Social Affairs

This position is perfect for you who like to organize gatherings and make others happy! The position is divided into two so that you are both HR manager for “Klubben” and social manager within KKU. You are responsible for the workforce in “Klubben”, “Campus” and “Aulabar”. You create the roster for the members of KKU and «utkommanderingsordningen», which is a mandatory voluntary work for first year bachelor students. Being the social manager for such a large sub-committee should be seen as a privilege.


Head of Stafettkomiteen

The Head of Stafettkomitéen is primarily responsible for the planning and implementation of Bergensbaneløpet. Also, the Head is accountable for running sessions and events for the rest of the semester. This involves, among other things, informing the other positions on the board and communicating and coordinating with NHHS and the Stafettkomité at BI.

Bergensbaneløpet is a relay with a long history and many great traditions. Besides, the commitment and encouragement for running are continuously increasing at NHH. If you want to maintain further development of this, then the Head position will suit you well.

Head of Finance /  Deputy head of Stafettkomiteen

As Head of Finance, you are responsible for budgeting, expense management, and follow-up of the budget related to daily operations and events. As Head of Finance, you are also deputy chairman of the board.

Head of Marketing

As the Head of Marketing, you are responsible for providing partners for the Bergensbaneløp and training. Besides, continue existing collaborations.


Head of Training

As head of Training, you will be responsible for the training program which shall ensure that NHH wins Bergensbaneløpet. The position entails making training plans for weekly trainings, following up the participants and scheduling qualification races. 


Head of Track

As Head of Track you will be responsible for the track for the race. This entails that you will update descriptions and videos of the track. In addition, you will be responsible for making sure the rest of the board have control over the track of the race. 


Head of Internal Affairs 

As Head of Internal Affairs you will be responsible for planning monthly suppers after training and for maintaining a good social environment both within the board and for the participants. 


Head of Event

As Head of Event you will be responsible for planning of the banquet which will take place in Bergen in 2024.

The Business Committee

Head of finance

The work as Head of Finance in The Business Committee involves managing the economy of one of the largest sources of income in NHHS. This work has a major impact on the student masses at NHH. The tasks involve managing budgets, internal accounting, and developing a long term plan for the NU. Much of the work is done in cooperation with RG (the accounting group) and KS. 

The work is both challenging and giving. It gives you a deeper understanding of how large organizations are run. In addition to managing finance, this role also includes being Deputy Head of The Business Committee.

Head of Information

As Head of Information you are responsible for the communication between students at NHH and hiring corporations. Daily duties include talking to businesses that wish to advertise for jobs and company presentations, and managing the social media accounts of The Business Committee.

Head of Booking

Being Head of Booking involves inviting companies to advertise at NHH through company presentations. This includes active booking of corporations and planning the opening of invitations in the spring and fall. Through this role you will have regular correspondence with companies that are looking to employ NHH-students, and get to know them well.

Head of Presentation

In this role your job will be to facilitate the hosting of companies at NHH, and make sure their experience is the best possible. Specifically, the responsibilities are to make sure all companies have a responsible host, book rooms and auditoriums, manage the preparations for company presentations, and manage the storage of beverages ordered by NU


Deputy Head of SPU

The Deputy is responsible for several essential tasks in the SPU. These involve, among other things, being responsible for board meetings and general meetings, and representing the SPU on FM and SF. Besides, the Deputy is accountable for follow-up on the various committees inside SPU. The Deputy is also responsible for SPU’s finances and to make sure it is run in a good manner.


Every year, two student members to the board at NHH are elected. Now the time has come to elect two new members and you can apply as a candidate at the Spring Election. As a student member of the NHH board you will have the opportunity to be the voice of the students when important decisions for NHH´s future are made. You will gain valuable experience, but most importantly have the pleasure of representing NHHS. You can get more information by following this link – styret.

This spring, one female and one male member will be elected. In addition we will elect one male and one female substitute member. You can recommend students you think will do a good job following this link –

Student Committee at NHH

Deputy Head

The deputy head has organizational responsibility, as well as responsibility for the Student Committee’s finances and accounts. The organization of the members of the school’s committees, departments and internal working groups is the deputy head’s responsibility. The deputy head must follow up the members of the Student Committee and, if necessary, assist the information officer. The deputy chair calls and chairs the general meetings. The deputy chairperson is responsible for the Student Committee’s announcement round at the Association meeting of NHHS and has the duty to attend and the right to vote on behalf of the Student Committee in the Strategic Forum. The deputy head is the head’s deputy when the head is unable to stand and is a permanent representative on the Learning Environment Committee.

Head of Information

The information officer is responsible for ensuring that relevant information from the Student Committee’s work is communicated to the students. This involves, among other things, follow-up of the committee’s social media. The information officer is responsible for recruiting new members, in accordance with NHHS’s current programme. Social events and looking after the office are also part of the Information Officer’s duties. In addition, it is the Information Officer who takes notes at the general meetings. The information officer is also a permanent representative on the Learning Environment Committee.