Fall election 2022

Result Fall election 2022

Get involved in NHHS!

This year’s candidates for the autumn election 2022 have been published and the election is underway! You can read more about the candidates on this page and the candidates can promote themselves! From Wednesday 19 October at 17.00 to Friday 21 October at 12.00 you can vote on Canvas.

This year we will have a physical poll in the hall. There will be all the candidates for all the positions in The Executive Board and UKEN in addition to Leader Aid and NU, and KD leader. The poll will take place on Wednesday 19 October at 17:00. The rest of the candidates will have a written question. The candidates will be sent questions continuously after 16:00 by email and must submit answers no later than 18:30 the same evening. The answers will be published here when the physical questioning is finished.

The election ends at 12:00 on Friday 21 October and the results will also be published on www.nhhs.no as soon as they are available.

Good luck with the election campaign and polling!

Election inquiry

The election question this year will be both physical and written. The physical questioning will take place in the auditorium on Wednesday 19 October 17:00. It is the candidates for the positions in The Executive Board, UKEN, Leader Aid, NU leader and KD leader who will take part in this inquiry. For other candidates, there will be a written questioning. The candidates will be sent questions by email and their answers will be published here on the same Wednesday evening. You can ask questions to all the candidates by pressing the button below. Questions for the candidates for the physical interview must be submitted before 2:00 p.m. It will also be possible to ask questions during the questioning itself in the Aula. For the other candidates, questions must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m.

Written election inquiry

It will only be possible to cast your vote digitally during this year’s election. On Canvas (under topics) you can cast your vote from 17:00 Wednesday 19 October to 12:00 Friday 21 October.

For all positions (apart from leader KS and UKEN chief) there will be two options for voting, either for one of the candidates or blank. For leader KS and UKEN boss, voting against is also an option. In general, if you do not choose one of these options, your vote will count as a blank vote

The candidates

Blokk: Dynamo

We are eight students from a variety of subgroups in the Student Association of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHHS). Thus, we have gained different experiences. We all share a wish to work for a more open student association. The energy each of us has got through our experiences in NHHS can now be given back. Our hope and our ambition are that every student should feel comfortable in NHHS and feel that NHHS is somewhere they belong. More students should get the opportunity to engage, and a wider range of activities will enhance a broader engagement in NHHS.

Several new, but also ongoing challenges are waiting for us. We hope that you have faith in us to get on with these tasks. The Executive Board (Kjernestyret – KS) depend on the students’ trust to manage the responsibility given in a good way. We hope to use this trust to raise the matters you are most passionate about!

Now we just want to gather all power to move NHHS forward.

Our main goals:

Strive for a more open organization in NHHS, and facilitate increased trust between subcommittees and interest groups
Enhance the cooperation with NHH, where the Executive Board shall be a strong voice in forwarding the students’ main issues
Work to improve the range of activities, and be an instrument for broader engagement among the students


Dinogen Uruthiran (23), 5. Kull

During my five years in NHH I have experienced a student union before, during and after the pandemic. Throughout this time, I have noticed the importance of having an active student union. NHHS is a meeting place where engaged students can nurture their interests, develop, and establish relationships for life. I wish to contribute to develop the student union that is so important to the students. 2023 will (hopefully) be the first year without any infection control restrictions. Together with the rest of Dynamo I want to be a driving force to ensure the student union is a venue for everybody who wants to take part and contribute. The student union should be an association where as many as possible feel they belong. As president I want to be available to the students, but also a clear speaker for the students.

My goals:

– Make sure the student union is open to anyone wishing to participate

– Be available to all students, and be a mouthpiece to forward the students’ opinions

– Further develop requirements to and standards in general to “Daghavende”

Head of Academic Affairs

Anders Hereide (23), 3. Kull

Unique opportunities, experiences and friendships are a few things I have gained during my years as a student at NHH. The student union is the common denominator to these, as I have had possibilities to assume responsibility and engage in different positions. Since my first semester at NHH I have been involved in Studentutvalget (SUN) and have been forwarding issues from students. I have committed myself to these tasks all the way since. In my role as Head of Academic Affairs I wish to forward issues on behalf of the students, whether it be study areas, recording of lectures or students mental welfare. In addition to contributing to improve the educational offer to NHH-students. In addition I want to engage in making it easier for students to forward issues to SUN and the NHH management.

My goals:

– Improve the cooperation between NHHS and the academic management at NHH

– Ensure that SUN plays an important role in further developing the learning environment at NHH and provisions related to this

– Establish a digital platform where the students can enter and forward issues

Head of Financial Affairs

Mina Linnestad (22), 4. Kull

I realise that I am getting ‘old’ in NHHS. This means: (1) that I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot in the student union, but also (2) that I don’t have that much time left here. The remaining time I would like to spend especially on the NHHS economy. Through various positions I have seen the economic side of NHHS from several perspectives. I have made my thoughts around how processes and structures may be improved. I want to make outlays easier and focus on the budgeting process. We should make sure to apply for, earn and allocate money to activities that create student welfare. I want a new solution for outlays, and I want a closer connection between the budgeting process and a long-term strategy. Finally, I want to be a resource to the bookkeepers in the sub committees.

My goals:

– Implement a digital solution to make outlays (with the Accounting Group/IT Group)

– Review the budgeting process and acquisition routines

– Get a better overview of inventory and sales, consider integrating the cash system and the accounting system

Head of Information

Malene Kristine Meidell Alsaker (19), 2. Kull

Being a newcomer student for a year I have experienced both the pleasures and the challenges of life as a student. I have had the opportunity to engage in many areas of the student union, and I have appreciated getting to know both the union and the students. As a member of the Executive Board, I wish to ensure that students have a good, safe experience in NHHS. This requires good and available information about the association, as well as continuous updates on how to participate and engage in the student union. The present election arrangement in NHHS may seem unclear and overwhelming. I would like to investigate what can be done to improve this, and possibly find other ways to implement an election. The election must be democratic and clear and should include a wider range of the student union.

My goals:

– Improve inclusion in and connection to the student union, especially focusing on the welcome week

– Ensure better information flow and information availability to the students

– Make new research on the election arrangement and encourage increased electoral participation

Head of Corporate Relations

Josefine Marie Thunold Furu (21), 3.Kull

I have now been a NHH student for two years, experiencing the student union from different angles. The knowledge I have acquired in NHHS has given me a lot, and I appreciate the enormous engagement in the student union. Therefore, I feel it is time to give something back. The strong culture among the students depends on a secure and stable economy. Thus, we must maintain a good relationship to our main corporate relations. At the same time, it is crucial to challenge and renew ourselves. I would like to contribute to this by hunting new collaborations. Another focus area is the internal information flow. I wish to make the marketing guidelines clear to avoid situations that may threaten exclusivity agreements or that may lead to cannibalization. In this I want to be a clear and supportive partner you can consult for advise and sparring when needed.

My goals:

– Close a deal with a new main corporate relation

– Close follow-up of main corporate relations

– Ensure marketing guidelines are clearly conveyed to sub committees and interest groups in NHHS

Head of Projects

Eira Sofie Tvedten (24), 2.Kull

Projects are very important to the social environment at NHH. They contribute to engagement, unity and well-being for the students. I want to continue developing arrangements that meet a wide range of students. Avbrekk should include more arrangements to catch up more students. Moreover, I want to make a really cool happening to the ones running all the different sub committees and subgroups in NHHS as a thankyou for their efforts. My experience from Prosjektgruppen, FKU and UKEN indicates a vast need for good communications between sub committees. A project guide would ensure the organizers know who and what is needed for a successful arrangement. Developing a project guide must be done in cooperation with sub committees. I would also like to consider changing the routines for booking rooms and services internally in NHHS. The aim is to improve communication internally in the organization during arrangements.

My goals:

– Look into the possibilities to have a digital arrangement guide and booking solution

– Continue developing open and low-threshold arrangements

– Further develop the autumn party to be a different, larger arrangement

Head of Internal Affairs

Kristian Hope (24), 4.Kull

Since 2019 I have been taking part in the activities in the student association here. I have spent a lot of time in NHHS in different positions and I have seen what the community has to offer. Through various sub committees, sports teams and projects I have acquired knowledge on how to run the student association. Even now, starting my 4th year, I can truly say that I’m not fed up with NHHS. There is still a lot to experience, and therefore I am looking for opportunities to influence the running of the association even further.

As Head of Internal Affairs, I will bring a lot of energy and inspiration from earlier positions, as well as a burning desire for the renovation of Kjelleren to see the (disco) light of day. Together with the rest of Dynamo I am ready to give back to NHHS!

My goals:
– Initiate and facilitate the renovation of Campus, and consider a complete renovation of Kjelleren
– Ensure that fire protection and associated routines are up to date
– Continue the ongoing work extending the NHHS corridor

Head of External Affairs

Knut Visdal (20), 2.Kull

I have been involved both in the student association and in politics as a NHH student. As a new student NHHS has been an inclusive community to me. I would like to contribute to offer and facilitate this community to others. In addition, student politics is perfect to me, combining societal matters and politics. I have many interesting experiences from the Student Policy Committee (SPU). SPU is developing policies and was honoured for this work last semester; satisfying since the policies were developed based on input from stud.nhh. I have represented NHH in Velferdstinget Vest and in the National Union of Students in Norway and would be happy to do it again. I want to strengthen the cooperation with the student institutions in the city centre. This will make a payoff and positive ripple effects to both NHHS and NHHI.

My goals: – Carry on SPU’s tradition in developing policies

– Ensure NHH students’ voices are even more listened to and included in developing policies

– Make sure NHHS has impact and is visible at the student institutions in the city centre

Blokk: Friskus

What began as a support-group for those with a hole in their hearts after UKEN22, soon found ourselves chatting far more about how we could form UKEN24. Voila, FRISKUS was born! We are running for UKEstyret 2024 to build on the strong fundaments laid by UKEN22, and spread UKEjoy further than ever.

Our first and foremost priority will be to rekindle the student body’s relationship with NHHS, the student association. Over the last three years covid has taken its toll on our beloved student association. We’re gonna build new bridges between the student body and the student association. It’s gonna be super cool!

We also wish to make UKEN a big deal on the Bergen festival scene. By using Bergen’s many concert scenes and creating more engagement for UKEN on Bergen’s other universities, we will bring UKEN to the city centre. It’s bound to be super cool!

Lastly we wish to reignite UKENs beating heart, UKErevyen. This show has always been the focal point of UKEN, and we will maintain and improve upon this storied tradition. It will most certainly be super cooll!

We are eight students who love and appreciate UKEN and NHHS. We love it, it’s great, it’s the best thing about NHH. With your support we’ll take it to the next level, and make it… super cool!

Head of UKEN

Lars Mæhle (26), 4.Kull

In my opinion, UKEN is the best example of how resourceful and enterprising the students of NHH really are. After 40 years we still want to make the festival a bit bigger and a bit better. I am no exception! UKEN has given me many of the greatest experiences of my time as a student, and I am hoping for even more! As Head of UKEN I aspire to be unifying and motivating for all the student volunteers, as well as being patient zero for an incredible amount of UKEjoy! The Head of UKENs main mission is to be a the leader for UKEN in its entirety, but should also be a supporting person for alle volunteers. That be a student volunteer or a section leader. For every crazy idea that someone were to come up with, I want to help make sure that it comes all the way from idea to the Aulastage!

Head of Finance

Aksel Andersen (23), 3. Kull

During my two years at NHH, I´ve had a lot of fun thanks to NHHS. I wish to contribute to this amazing organization, this time through UKEN. When I told my mom that I would be running she asked me if I didn’t have enough volunteer work on my resume. That is not why I want this, I want it because I love NHHS. I look at the role as head of finance the way that the government should think of our tax money – allocation of the people resources! This means that my focus is to maximize the student´s value from the investments we will make. It also means that I, together with my section, will be creative and innovative to ensure that UKEN will be the professional festival it always has been, without breaking the student’s personal finance. UKEN is created by over a thousand volunteer students, and I will be focusing on minimizing the risk so that these students can pursue their awesome ideas.

Head of Revue

Tiril Bergitte Lund (22), 3.Kull

As leader for the costume group during UKEN22, I encountered challenges I would never have experienced. The revue section became a family of its own, and the Aula was where we spent most hours of the day in February and March. Even as intense and stressful as it was, I was left with a feeling of wanting more when the UKEN22 was finished. So here we are. As the revue leader, I want to get the revue back in the spotlight. I want to promote the UKEN24 revue so that even families with children know what the UKEN24 revue is called. The UKErevue will return to being the core of UKEN. In addition, I want to turn the intense revue weekday into a time you won’t soon forget, by focusing on good collaboration internally in the revue section as well as with the director, to make a chaotic time a little less chaotic. My job during UKEN24 will be to create a good social environment and cooperation within the revue section to develop lasting friendships and create an unforgettable UKEN revue together.

Head of Events

Martin Askjem (23), 4.Kull

I live and breathe for good experiences, and as a participant of UKEN 20 and SoMe responsible for UKEN22, I have been overwhelmed with them. During my time at NHH, I have made a deep dive into the student union and really got the taste for creating experiences and joy for my fellow students. I want to continue this, and now have a burning desire to give back to UKEN and create experiences in full as head of events! As head of events for UKEN24, I want to create bigger and cooler events than ever before. With the tent back, only the imagination sets limits for the events we can carry out. To achieve that, I want to give my functionaries freedom to think new and outside the box. I want to be a good sparring partner, where all ideas are welcome. Furthermore, I will do everything I can to ensure that the event section will be a free creative forum where everyone is seen and heard. After all, together we will design our dream festival!

Head of Sales

Kerstin Hareide (24), 3.Kull

When UKEN22 ended in March I realized how much I had learned, how many new friends I had made and how much fun I have had during the past year. UKEN22 is the best thing I have experienced here at NHH, so getting the opportunity to join this journey from the start was an easy decision. During my job as an assistant info manager, I understood the importance of a good work environment, especially when the days are long. Therefore, as sales manager for UKEN24, I want to create a good social environment for UKEN’s largest section. Our work begins in full when UKEN is underway, and then we depend on each intern, middle manager, and group leader. To me, unity and commitment are the essential qualities of a pleasant work environment, which I want to create by arranging internal events for my section so that their study time here in Bergen is filled with UKE joy.

Head of Information

Vilde Galtung Døsvig Gjendem (23), 4.Kull

When I started my journey as a student at NHH in 2019, UKEN was one of the first things I faced. The community and togetherness that I was immediately drawn into is something I would not have been without, and it was therefore a matter of course to also join UKEN 22. Now I have a great desire to be able to help shape UKEN right from the start, and give the future “fUKENsjonærs” as good experiences and memories as I have had. As general secretary I want to ensure and facilitate a good flow of information and communication both inside and outside the organization. Furthermore, my aim is to turn the info section into a competence center with people who will keep the organization going. I also want to create unity and an environment where everyone thrives and has a good time and ensure that we become a social group of friends who have a lot of fun together. When the “fUKENsjonærs” feel good, what is to be delivered will also be good.

Head of External Affairs

Nikolai Bulukin (24), 3.Kull

As assisting sales manager during UKEN 22 I experienced the enormous joy and community that UKEN brings! I was given an abundance of challenges and experiences, but also friends I cherish greatly. The second UKEN 22 was over, I knew that I had to experience it again! This time, however, I wish to put a greater impression on UKEN by participating from the very beginning! For these reasons I choose to stand for election as marketing manager in UKEN 24. As marketing manager, I first and foremost wish to pass on all that UKEN has given me. Furthermore, the marketing section is a small section. It is therefore of utmost importance that a good and cooperative inner community is created. As for financial means, I think there is a lot to gain from lesser sources of income, such as advertising, endowments, and sponsorships. Finally, I aim to further integrate UKEN into the community of Bergen. By forging closer ties to our partners, I believe we can improve our foothold within companies in Bergen, and as such Bergen as a whole.

Head of PR

Emil Gjørvad (25), 3.Kull

It would be an immense honour to earn your confidence to serve as Head of PR in UKEstyret. I’m deeply dedicated to the student association at NHH, which I’ve demonstrated by taking on more or less every volunteer position I’ve found! As Head of PR I’ll make use of my experience in the NHHS, and work to create a UKEN-festival that’s playful, engaging and open to everyone. My PR-section will have the space and freedom to imagine whole new ways to paint Bergen green, to the point that it will be physically impossible to reside in Bergen ignorant of UKEN! Furthermore, I aim to give international students and students at other Bergen universities the same love for UKEN that we enjoy at NHH. UKEN should be for everyone, no matter where you study or what language you speak! UKEN has been a formative experience for me at NHH, and I will work to see that everyone is given the same chance to have their life changed, as I did!

The Project Group – Head of Financial Affairs

Nikolai Berendt Vedeler Amundsen (20), 1.Kull

As head of financial affairs, I would make sure to ensure that the finances of Prosjektgruppen are in good order. By doing this, we will be able to guarantee great events at NHH the next year, as well as an unforgettable first week for the new students next year. During my first two months at NHH, I have gotten to know the student organizations through sports teams, SLBC and NHH Aid. I would like to get involved further by applying as the head of financial affairs and deputy leader in Prosjektgruppen. I believe that I have relevant experience for this position. Firstly, I have been running and doing the accounting for my own business for two years. Secondly, I won the Oslo championship in accounting for students during upper secondary school. As head of affairs and deputy leader, I’d look forward to an exciting learning curve, getting a good insight into how NHHS works, working closely with the NHHS board, and at the same time seeing results of good teamwork.

Økonomiformidlingen – Leader

Håvard Fagerholt (22), 2.Kull

My motivation for applying as leader in Økonomiformidlingen is that it is a very exciting and educational position that I think I can challenge myself in! This year I have been responsible for the information in Økonomiformidlingen and see this as an opportunity to try being the leader in the whole organisation. I believe that I can fit in well in such a position, and contribute to driving Økonomiformidlingen to further development. Based on the information about what the management position entails, the position seemed very rewarding. After a year and a half in Økonomiformidlingen, I notice how rewarding Økonomiformidlingen is and wanted to contribute even more to Økonomiformidlingen.


Jacob Brath (24), 2.Kull

Dear fellow students!

I’m running for leader of the Business Committee (NU) because I wish for all NHH students to look forward to events organized by NU, and because I wish that NHH students have knowledge of the wide range of possibilities that lay ahead of you.

I am sincerely thankful for having been part of NHHS since I started studying. This is a group of people I truly want to give back to. Therefore, I wish to accomplish the following as leader of NU:
Increased diversity of companies visiting NHH at corporate presentations.
Make registration and participation at corporate presentations an easier matter for the students.
Make sure that NU continues to be a stable source of income to the student association.

At the end of the day NU’s mandate is to serve the students. I will always be open to input, concerns or just a friendly chat about the future of NU and the student association. Don’t hesitate to take my attention if you have anything at mind.

Thank you for your attention – see you in the hallways!


Marius Vik-Simonsen (21), 1.Kull

I do apply for this position as I see it as a great possibility to get more engaged in the NHH community. It is also an oppurtunity to take responsibility early, in my time at NHH. I do also like the sosial aspect, like meeting a lot of people and be a part of a team:)

Leader of the Career Fairs (3 candidates)

Noah Ekroll Solberg (20), 1.Kull

Ever since I had the opportunity to help organize the Career Fair earlier this autumn, I was hooked. Something so fantastically fun, inspiring and incredibly important for both students and the business world. After I saw how educational and significant CF was for everyone involved, both students, the management and the business world, I wanted to apply as CF-leader. Just the thought that I can have a positive impact on students’ opportunities in business makes me excited and happy. There is no doubt that my heart lies with the students, and I will do everything I can to make the best Career Fair ever. I want to focus on exciting and educational seminars, interesting workshops, I want relevant companies to visit, and not to mention a perfect arena for students to be able to meet their future employers. I want to organize a week where both students and companies feel excited about the future, a week that focuses on opportunities, the future, challenges and solutions. In other words, I want to create the best and most fun Career Fair ever!

Jacob Tvedten (22), 1.Kull

I am applying for KD manager because I believe I can pass on the professionalism and interest in KD. I have no intention of “micro-managing” the respective group leaders, but rather work as a delegating support player so that they can perform their job as easily as possible. I imagine that this is a position I would have enjoyed and feel I really have something to add with my previous experiences in leadership roles and working in teams. I am willing to put in a lot of time and effort to make the event at least as well-executed as this year. But my goal is still to deliver better results and solutions for next year’s KD.

Helene Swensen (21), 1.Kull

I´m so happy to have the opportunity to run as Leader of The Career Fair! I’ve helped with four career fairs in the past, including the career fair at NHH earlier this year. It’s been incredibly fun to take part in the planning the previous three years, and I finally feel confident to take on even more responsibility as Leader of The Career Fair. It was impressive to see what the KD-board accomplished this year, even after corona they managed to create a fantastic event.

It was inspiring to see what can be achieved, and I really want to be a part of a group that cooperates to help companies and students meet. As Leader of The Career Fair, I’m allowed to work together with a super motivated group of people. My aim if I become Leader of The Career Fair is to allow all the students who are a part of the career fair to have as much room as possible to realize their visions, so that we can create one of the best career fairs NHH has seen.


We are 6 students who has worked closely together to arrange Aksjonsuken 2022. This has

given us the experience and abilities to facilitate for Aksjonsuken in 2023. We are running

together with a common goal and wish to further develop and continue the important work

of NHH Aid.

The easing of covid restrictions gives us the opportunity to bring back some of the former

NHH Aid events from before covid. With this and Aksjonsuken, we would like to direct some

attention towards Unicef and “Education for Malawi”, so we can continue to contribute to

education of children in a country that, still after covid, keeps getting hit by crisis after crisis.

We have three main goals:

  1. Create engagement through the whole year

Even though Aksjonsuken is the main event of NHH Aid, we would like to create engagement

thru the whole year and become a bigger part of NHHS. We will do this through events and

projects throughout the year, for example: KMM, ESG-day and a consert, with more.

  1. Karriere med mening (Career with purpose), ESG-day and concert

With Karriere med mening and ESG-day, we would like to offer the students a possibility to

learn about an alternative career path. In collaboration with NU, we would like to develop

and improve KMM and ESG-day. In addition to this, are we planning a concert in the spring

of 2023, together with Backline.

  1. Facilitate for Aksjonsuken 2023 and training the next Aksjonsukestyret

Our goal is to carry on the good experiences from Aksjonsuken, as well as looking to some of

the traditions from before covid, to better pass on knowledge and training of the next



Harald Søyland (23), 1.Kull

As the leader of Aksjonsuken 2022 I got an insight into the work of NHH Aid, because of this I am highly motivated to lead Aid onwards. I have big ambitions for the organization and think my leadership experience from Aksjonsuken and other positions outside of NHHS, gives me a good foundation to lead Aid, with the rest of the board, in a positive direction. My goal is to further develop NHH Aid, by creating a greater engagement through the whole year. We want to reach more students and create awareness around Aksjonsuken and other events throughout the year. To be able to do this we are going to use our experience from Aksjonsuken, be innovative, and draw inspiration from Aid-events from before Covid. For example, develop “Career with Meaning” and ESG-day. Aksjonsuken gave me a lot of knowledge and experience. I would like to use this through the hiring process of the next years board and facilitate them through “Aksjonsuken 2023”.

Head of Events

Emil Dehlin Hansen (21), 1.Kull

After being Head of Events in Aksjonsuken 2022, I now want to run for election as Head of Events for next year’s NHH Aid board. This year’s Aksjonsuke gave me motivation, and I want to be able to use the knowledge and experience I gained from this into next year’s NHH Aid board. This year’s Aksjonsuke was a record year for NHH Aid where we managed to collect just shy of 1.2 million NOK. The events during Aksjonsuken were critical to us being able to achieve this goal. As Head of Events, I want to use the feedback and the network I have already built up to create great events at the school. I will also challenge myself and the rest of the NHH Aid board to think innovatively when we now look at the events NHH-Aid will have in the future.

Head of Corporate Relations

Lars Broch Bjørgaas (21), 1.Kull

During this fall I have gained insight on what it means to be responsible for communication with businesses on behalf of an organization. This has given me valuable experience regarding how to communicate with businesses in different industries. To secure NHH Aid’s further development, I wish to enter into more collaborations ahead of the next aksjonsuke. I believe this will give aksjonsuken a boost, as well as generate more income for the current purpose. This year we set a new record for the total sum collected to Unicef. My goal is to help next year’s board beat our record. For this to happen, I believe it is essential to pass on the knowledge that I have gained to next year’s aksjonsukestyre. Furthermore, I wish to employ people who are not afraid to face tasks that they have not faced before. I experienced a feeling of mastery by being a part of aksjonsuken, not to mention setting a new record. However, I believe there are several areas that are open for improvement, and are therefore motivated to continue my work in NHH Aid.

Head of Financial Affairs and deputy leader

Jonas Frigstad (21), 1.Kull

As Head of Financial Affairs and deputy leader of “Aksjonsukestyret 2022” I have understood what is needed to be responsible for the finances of an organization like NHH Aid. I have full confidence in my ability to handle NHH Aid’s economical responsibilities in the future. During the “Aksjonsuke”, the budget was upheld and every cost was accounted for. In addition, every NOK collected was sent directly to UNICEF. This years “Aksjonsuke” was, from an economic standpoint, a big success. We broke the record for most money collected by about NOK 100 000. Still after such a good year, I have identified several points of improvement. I look forward to communicating these to the next year’s Head of Financial affairs to improve both the “Aksjonsuke” as a whole, and the Internal evening. The reason I want to continue working for Aid is the big difference we make in Malawi. Through the “Aksjonsuke” we donated a year of school for 5000 kids in need. This is a project I would love to continue to dedicate hours of my life to.

Head of Projects

Marthe Sofie Tyssekvam (20),

I worked as Head of Projects during Aksjonsuken 2022. The collaboration with Unicef gave valuable insight into how NHH Aid works and the importance of the work we do. As a person I have always wanted to work internationally and in collaboration with voluntary associations, and I find the best solutions to come from multidisciplinary environments. I have leadership experience from the military and a great desire to contribute, I am very qualified to contribute in cooperation with the rest of the board. As Head of Projects, I want NHH Aid to be visible at school and for people to get involved in the work we do! We have to be innovative and learn from each other, and together develop our projects and take part of that development.

Head of Information

Oda E. B. Olsen

I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of Aksjonsukestyre 2022, together with a motivated and eager group. This led me to get an impression of what NHH Aids work contains of, and from this I would love to continue my position as the Leader of Information. I find it very exciting and rewarding to be a part of a team that works well together and makes each other better. I love the extra responsibility og that makes the position even more exciting. As Leader of Information, I really appreciate to be in control of the social media, as well as getting information out to the students in a creative way. I have worked closely with the other leaders, and the teamwork has been really good. I am very motivated to continue in NHH Aid to see what else we can accomplish and learn throughout the year. I also look forward to helping next year’s Aksjonsukestyre to make another important and rewarding week.

Krammarna Krus

“Krammarna Krus” aims to continue the long-lasting traditions of Kramboden, as well as developing Kramboden further to offer a cabin which NHHS can utilize and enjoy to the fullest. We want to achieve this through good dialogue and liaison with Kjernestyret and the other bodies of NHHS. What is more is to map out the expectations in the student mass concering what Kramboden can offer. Furthermore, we will aim to make a worthy “Førstekulsseminar” next year. Together we, Krammarna Krus, will do our very best to take care of and further develop Kramboden. The students at NHH deserve nothing less. 


Arman Andreas Lange (20), 1.Kull

I want to become leader of Hytteutvalget because it seems like an exciting and fun position to have, as you get to contribute to making the experience of being an NHH student absolutely phenomenal. I have gained a good insight into what the position entails after conversations with students in the current Hytteutvalget and previous Hytteutvalget. I enjoy arranging, coordinating, creating interesting offers and working in teams, and have previous management experience from student council work. I feel that I, together with the rest of Krammarna Krus, will do a good job of running Kramboden in the coming year.

Head of Economics/CFO

Syver Contardo-Avlund (19), 1. Kull

There are several reasons to why I am running for head of economics in Hytteutvalget. Firstly, I think this is a good opportunity for me to contribute to NHHS. I want to maintain the good traditions of Kramboden and further develop the board. I am a committed person that is willing to work for the people around me, meaning that I will contribute to make the social arena of NHH even better. The reason I am running for head of economics is because I enjoy economics. When I work with something I enjoy, I have no problem in putting in long hours to get the work done. Furthermore, I think this position fits me well because I am responsible and reasonable, which are important traits in a position like this. I believe both my working skills and social skills will be an excellent match for this position, and I hope I can be the one to bring on the fine traditions of Kramboden.

Head of Information

Vilma Sandvig Jahren (20), 1.Kull

I would like to apply as information-responsible in this years Cabin-committee, and I feel like this job would fit me perfectly. I am very familiar with Facebook and Instagram, and it is something I use on a day-to-day basis. I want to contribute to make the cabin more visible among the students at NHH and to accomplish this we need to be active and visible on social media. I was a member of the info-group at this years “aksjonsuke”, so I do have some relevant experience. My goal is to promote Kramboden in a fun and nice way to make as many people as possible attend our events. The group I am applying with is fun and I want to spread this positivity around school, so that everyone gets a good relationship with Kramboden;)

Head of Booking

Susanne Borgund (22), 1.Kull

I was introduced to the Cabin Board through takling with friends who have been in the board in previous years and was advised to apply. I have heard a lot about what the cabin board is and does, which I think sounds very fun and exciting. As «Head of booking» in the cabin board, I want to continue the good work that has been done so far! In addition, I want to ensure that it will be easy and straightforward to book the cabin for the various people who want to use it.

Head of Purchase

August Ringkjøb Torrissen (19), 1.Kull

I am a happy and eager young man who likes to be engaged in different activities. I would describe myself as a social guy who likes to get to know new people. A position in Hytteutvalget would be a nice arena for this.

Studentpolitisk utvalg – Velferdspolitisk responsible

Sjur Oskar Korsæth (24), 2.Kull

For the last year, I have been an elected board member at Velferdstinget Vest. After stepping down from this role recently, I know wish continue in a different capacity. With my previous experience from Velferdstinget I believe I can push forward the priorities of NHHS and build momentum with other educational institutions in the western Norway.