Fall election 2022

Get involved in NHHS!

This year’s candidates for the autumn election 2022 have been published and the election is underway! You can read more about the candidates on this page and the candidates can promote themselves! From Wednesday 19 October at 17.00 to Friday 21 October at 12.00 you can vote on Canvas.

This year we will have a physical poll in the hall. There will be all the candidates for all the positions in The Executive Board and UKEN in addition to Leader Aid and NU, and KD leader. The poll will take place on Wednesday 19 October at 17:00. The rest of the candidates will have a written question. The candidates will be sent questions continuously after 16:00 by email and must submit answers no later than 18:30 the same evening. The answers will be published here when the physical questioning is finished.

The election ends at 12:00 on Friday 21 October and the results will also be published on www.nhhs.no as soon as they are available.

Good luck with the election campaign and polling!

Election inquiry

The election question this year will be both physical and written. The physical questioning will take place in the auditorium on Wednesday 19 October 17:00. It is the candidates for the positions in The Executive Board, UKEN, Leader Aid, NU leader and KD leader who will take part in this inquiry. For other candidates, there will be a written questioning. The candidates will be sent questions by email and their answers will be published here on the same Wednesday evening. You can ask questions to all the candidates by pressing the button below. Questions for the candidates for the physical interview must be submitted before 2:00 p.m. It will also be possible to ask questions during the questioning itself in the Aula. For the other candidates, questions must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m.

Written election inquiry

The candidates