Fall Elections 2021


Get involved in NHHS!

This year’s candidates for the Fall Election 2021 are ready! From Wednesday 13 October at 17:00 to Friday 15 October at 12.00 you can vote on Canvas! The candidates will be published and can campaign from Wednesday 13 October at 8:00.

This year, a two-part election poll is being run; candidates to all the positions in the Executive Board and NHH Symposium, and the candidates to Head og Logistics in Bergen Challenge will be questioned on a live show in Aulaen on Wednesday at 17.00. You can submit questions to this poll by following this link. You can submit questions both before and during the interrogation.

Other candidates will be sent and asked to answer questions in writing shortly after 16:00 on Wednesday which will be posted on nhhs.no later the same day. You can send questions to these candidates by following this link to all the candidates. For the candidates on the live election poll you must submit your question before 14:00 and for the written candidates before 16:00.

The election ends on Friday at 12:00 and the results will also be published on www.nhhs.no as soon as it is available.

Good luck with the election campaign!

It will only be possible to cast your vote digitally during this year’s election. On Canvas (under topics) you can cast your vote from kl. 17:00 Wednesday 13 April to 12:00 Friday 15 April.

For all positions (except Leader KS and Symposiet) there will be two voting options, either for or blank. For leader KS and Symposiet, voting against is also an alternative, if there is only one candidate standing for election to the position. In general, if you do not choose one of these options, your vote will count as a blank vote.


The Executive Board

Head of information

Amund Hannevik (22) 3rd year of study:

My name is Amund Hannevik. I’m 22 years old and from Bergen. The reason I’m applying for Head of Information is because I love NHHS, and have had a desire for this position ever since my first semester here.

I’ve been active in NHHS through my memberships in the it.group, direksjonsmusikken, and miscellaneous projects, like Bergen Challenge, Uken and Symposiet. This has given me important knowledge about the organization that will help me in the work as head of Info. I’ll do anything in my power to contribute to NHHS positively, and through my membership and positions in the it.group (leader and webmaster), I’ve gained experience that will help me fulfil the tasks required of the Head of information.

I’m very eager for this position, and to do the work it takes, and I know I’ll do a good job as Head of Information. I hope that you agree, and will vote for me.

Group: Origo

Origo is a term many associate with mathematics and impossible equations. For us it is about being the origin, the centre and an intersection. When we want Origo to be the centre of the student union, it does not mean we have to control everything. We aspire to be sparring partners for all students, subcommitees, interest groups, sports teams and project organizations, so that together we can find the best solutions for the student union as a whole. 

The Origo team is made up of 8 very different people, which all share the same passion for the student union. Together we have broad experience from different parts of the union, which enables us to have diversified and fruitful discussions where the whole spectrum of voices in NHHS will be heard. 

Now that NHHS has made it through the pandemic, we have to continue the enormous student engagement that makes up NHHS. The majority of the students have only experienced a fraction of what the union has to offer, meaning we have to get our whole activity span up and running, so that we can show our diversity. If the student union wants committed members in the future, it is important that as many students as possible are involved from an early stage in their studies. Parallel to this, Origo wants to reduce the climate-footprint that the union leaves behind, and plans to make a specific climate strategy to deal with this matter. 

Origo claims to have found the different variables in the NHHS-equation, which enables us together with you to secure our cultural heritage, passion and joy that drives this union forward.


Stijn van Oorschot (22), 4th year of study:

Dear fellow students!
For many, including myself, the famous saying “I came for NHH, but stayed for NHHS”, hits right at home. The unique opportunity you get here as a student, to be able to put theory into practice through different roles in the student union, is by my account the best thing about NHH. All the joy and experiences the different subcommittees, sports-teams, interest groups and project organizations has given us, is something myself and the rest of Origo wants everybody to experience.

NHHS has spent 1,5 years with restrictions, and this means that the majority of students have yet to experience a thriving student union. Moving forward, it is important to continue the development and spark we had pre-pandemic. As President of the Executive Board I aim to be open and available for the students, in order to make it easy to speak their mind about different aspects of the union. I can say with the utmost certainty that Origo is as ready as can be to lead the student union into a 2022 filled with engagement, unity and studentjoy!

Head of academic affairs

Ingrid Helen Heimark (21), 3rd year of study:

During my first year at NHH, I tried to find my place in the student association without fully understanding how big and important this organization is. Now in my third year and as a member of the Student Committee, I have gained a better understanding of this. Seeing the commitment in the student association flourish despite restrictions gives me motivation to run for the executive board.

As head of academic affairs, I want to ensure that the students’ voices are heard. We are a group of committed students, with a common desire for a better facilitated education. I will ensure that this is taken care of in decisions made on our behalf when it comes to our education. So that students from NHH can go out well prepared for working life.

This is especially true in a society that is constantly evolving and where we must deal with the climate crisis and other global problems. I believe therefore that it is important that our education gives us broad knowledge in ethics and sustainability.

Head of information

Ragnild Tiller (23) 3rd year of study:

Into the position as the Head of Information, I hope to contribute with knowledge primarily from our student newspaper. Bulle has taught me how important the flow of information is for coordination and good cooperation, and how communication is essential for feeling seen and taken care of. In order for us to stand equally we must have the same facts communicated to us.

Through the digital information channels I will continue the focus on the open groups in NHHS. It must also be communicated which decisions the Executive Board makes. I want to strengthen the collaboration between the Media Center and the rest of the student association, as they are a fundamental part of the democracy in NHHS.

As part of the Executive Board I also want to act as a contact person who is easy to reach. NHHS is a large association with a need for distinct figures who are perceived as safe to approach. I want to work to become a face one can ask if there are questions, or when there is need for help and assistance.

Head of financial affairs

Adrian Bertelsen (23), 2nd year of study:

During my time at NHH I have experienced how amazing the student association is, and how many opportunities it can give you. To be a part of something is important for everybody, and that is something I would like to ensure that even more students get the pleasure of experiencing. The year we are facing is going to be defined by a lot more activities throughout NHHS than the years we have had, and as head of financial affairs I want to facilitate for more activities and secure that even more students get to be a part of NHHS.

By being head of financial affairs, I would also like to ensure that the operation of the student association continues and, in cooperation with the rest of Origo, set sustainability on the agenda. The year we are facing is a year where we as students together can form the culture we want in NHHS in the future, and I would like to be a part of making the student association a better place!

Head of external affairs

Elisabeth Fjelltun Nilsen (22) 3rd year of study:

For the last two years I have been a student representative for NHHS at “Velferdstinget”. Through this I have gotten many opportunities to work with developing and strategizing around student politics.

As Head of External Affairs I want to focus on developing SPU through discussing new student politics. I believe SPU can become a force to be reckoned with in regional and national student politics. We have a strong position in the national student organization because of the great work done by previous Heads of External Affairs, however we need to continue developing new areas of expertise and contribute to national student politics.

NHHS’ new program for Main Policy Principles is going to be revised and one of my goals is to create a program rooted in the student organization, so that the principles can be integrated in the organization for the next four years.

Furthermore, I would like to work with integrating sustainability into the new strategy of NHH and our work in NHHS. Both the institutions have goals within sustainability, but little action and control for actual implementation.

Head of internal affairs

Marius Nicolai Berntsen (22) 2nd year of study:

Dear fellow students! The reopening has started, the school’s premises are filling up and the activity level will return to where it was before the pandemic. I have a burning desire to maintain the wonderful commitment in our student association during the next year. I am therefore running for election as Head of Internal Affairs together with the bloc Origo.

Through the position I will do my utmost to ensure that the activity in NHHS’s premises goes smoothly. I will continue the process of upgrading the Basement and make it easy for all students to feel welcome there.

Furthermore, I want to work with sustainable solutions in NHHS’s operations. I will mainly focus on waste management and how this can be further systemized. I am extremely motivated for this position and look forward to a normal life where everyone will experience what NHHS really has to offer.

Head of markets

Henrik Hurlen (20) 3rd year of study:

I pose as Head of Markets for Kjernestyret with the block Origo. My engagements in NHHS have made my true passion clear – to negotiate mutually good, long-term partnerships on behalf of something I am extremely enthusiastic about and maintaining healthy relationships with existing partners. Furthermore, I think it is time that NHHS uptake a clearer position regarding sustainability.

I would consider it a great honour to get this position, a position I am suited and prepared for based on my experience and competence. NHHS´ rich and honourable tradition is something I take very seriously, and I will therefore revise our existing partnerships and negotiate new deals based on the our values. With Origo I am confident that sustainability will be incorporated with the existing NHHS´ values. Thus, my job will be to make sure that our partners follow the appointed guidelines for satisfactory sustainable operation, as well as securing financial freedom and predictability for NHHS, which hopefully will enable us to celebrate the end of the pandemic throughout 2022, together.

Head of projects

Marie Andersen (20) 2nd year of study:

I want to be the Head of Projects in KS, because I want to help create the best reopening of NHHS after the pandemic. I hope for a year filled with physical events and a lot of fun, and I want to make the student year of 2022 the best year so far!

I am already involved in the student association, playing softball and being a member of SPU. During my time at NHH I have learned a little bite on how NHHS works, and based on that I have some cases I will work extra with. Two of them is to include students even more after two lonely years with covid. I also want to set an environmental requirement for all the events that will appear.

I am motivated and ready for more responsibility, and I am excited to start the work. Hope you want to vote for me!

NHH Symposium

Group: Insymption


Aleksander Stabell Eriksen (24), 4th year of study:

It is with the greatest humility and motivation that I set for election as the leader of a fantastic block for NHH -Symposiet 2023. My whole body feels both commitment and motivation, while every cell feels what responsibility and expectation this entails.

If I am given the opportunity, I want to motivate the skilled, resourceful, and meaningful sympsjonærer to dare to get involved. When the 21st Symposium kicks off in March 2023, it will be four years since we last arranged a magnificent physical conference for the entire business community. Since then, society has undergone enormous changes, and those changes give the Symposium great opportunities to think new. For the Symposiums to dare to try out their wildest ideas, it is elementary that they feel a strong sense of belonging and have a basic belief that they make a difference when we move towards a common goal – a fantastic Symposium in 2023.

Head of program

Harald Sollohub Stensaker (24):

Having been a part of Symp twice before, it is an honour to take on the responsibility as head of Program for the NHH-Symposium 2023. I take on this role full of enthusiasm and with ambitions of creating a fantastic conference with plenty of exciting speakers and workshops. I am also very aware of what the student union and Symp has meant of my student experience. Therefore, I will work to create a positive and warm environment that gives more students the same great experiences that I got.

While being very personally excited for what is to come I am simultaneously very aware of the responsibility I have towards the student body at NHH when taking on this position. I will do all I can to make sure that the Symposium in 2023 tackles topics students care about. This should be a conference that the students at NHH can be proud of!

Event manager

Julie Margrethe von Krogh (20) 2nd year of study:

The NHH Symposium 2021 is the most fun event I have taken part in, in NHHS. I felt at home in the organization. Despite many months of lockdown, I finally got to see the unity and commitment the students at NHH have to offer; and it was amazing! I want to continue this and gain the trust to contribute to creating the NHH Symposium 2023 from the very beginning. I view creating such a large and venerable conference with fellow students who wants something more, with humility and enormous enthusiasm. Especially the year the conference turns 40 years! It is, therefore, a great honor for me to run for Event Manager for the NHH Symposium 2023.

Head of corporate relations

Helle Låhne Smedsrud (21), 4th year of study:

Joining the NHH Symposium in 2019 and 2021 are the best choices I have made at NHH. I am thankful for the experiences and the opportunities the NHH Symposium has given me, and I want the next generation of NHH students to experience the same. Therefore, it is with great joy that I running for Head of Corporate Relations for the NHH Symposium 2023. I am ready to make every effort to create an unforgettable conference. 

As Head of Corporate Relations, I want to retain previous main partners, at the same time as I will seek new opportunities. In the search for new, potential main partners, I want to create a better offer for the main partners. Furthermore, I will further develop the Student Symposium, and deliver a more interactive and engaging conference. The Student Symposium is a unique opportunity for the students to attend a professional conference. In addition, the Student Symposium is an outstanding platform for the students and the main partner to meet each other. In addition, I have a strong focus on having a good communication across the sections, and I want to create a transparent and inclusive organization. I believe this creates motivation and commitment, and that is essential in the creation of a conference of all time!

Head of sales

Anna Assev (22) 3rd year of study:

When I first started at NHH in the autumn of 2019, I realized how many fantastic student groups NHHS consists of. There was no doubt that I had to try as much as possible to get the opportunity to get to become friends with different students, challenge myself and learn from other incredibly talented fellow students. I personally think there are few student organizations that can measure up to what NHHS has to offer!

It is therefore with great joy and motivation that I am now running for the sales position. This will without a doubt be the most fun and rewarding thing I will be a part of as a student at NHH. I hope I will get the opportunity to become friends with a lot of fantastic people, help strengthen the NHHS culture and not least create an unforgettable NHH Symposium 2023! I look forward to do everything in my power to hunt down participants and sell this fantastic conference to the most important decision-makers we have!

Communications manager

Ludvig Sebastian Engelsen Lynum (24) 2nd year of study:

When I started at NHH in the summer of 2020, it was in the middle of the worst part of the pandemic. Things were uncertain and confusing, but it still took a very short time before I really found myself being a part of the student association. NHHS was decisive for how my time as a student under trying conditions would be. This has led me to really want to give back to the association and fellow students. When the opportunity to be a part of the NHH symposium came on the field, this was something I immediately felt I wanted to join. I have always had an interest in the subject of communication and am very motivated to learn more and practice it. I want SYMP 23 to be an open, unifying and inclusive arena. It should be an arena where students will get back twice what they put in. I will strive for that to the best of my ability if I become elected Communications Manager for SYMP23.

Head of HR

Ingrid Follaug (23) 2nd year of study:

The NHH-Symposium 2021 was an important part of my first year at NHH. In addition to making new acquaintances across classes, I was given the opportunity to engage in an interesting project. I want to run for the board as HR-chief and contribute to constructing the NHH-symposium of 2023 because of the great potential and social arena that the project creates.

As head of HR, I wish to ensure that the NHH-symposium of 2023 will be an arena where one can unfold both socially and professionally, with a specific focus on making sure everybody is included and seen.  Covid19 and its consequences, for many and myself included, weakened people’s association to the previous symposium. To strengthen and recreate this association, is therefore one om my main causes for the Symp23. I want everybody involved in the symposium to feel like a part of both the organization and the conference. The last few years, the school has been under reconstruction in addition to being shut down due to Covid19 has made it less natural to come to the office. For me, it is important to make that natural again, as everybody should feel welcome to join us at the office for a chat. My last main cause is to evaluate the structure of the organization and rearrange some of the groups from other sections, especially communication, to HR. The rearrangement will relieve the communication sector, as well as lifting the communication within the organization.

Head of financial affairs

Espen Møller Pettersen (24) 4th year of study:

From being part of the NHH-Symposium in 2019 and 2021, I have met a lot of competent and driven people, made many new friends and learnt new skills. I want to contribute to giving others the same experience and being part of shaping the NHH Symposium from the very beginning. It is therefore with great excitement that I announce my candidacy for Head of financial affairs for the NHH Symposium 2023. 

I will work on establishing a new procedure for reporting from the NHH Symposium to the Financial Board, so that the Financial Board can keep continuously updated on the economic state of the project. Further, we will place “Fond & Legat” under the Finance section.  I will work to increase investment in this area from an early stage, to strengthen liquidity and predictability of the project. Finally, I will provide thorough training in financial processes and routines for the entire Symp, and a good internal communication flow to make cost awareness a central part of the culture of the NHH Symposium 2023.

NHH Symposium

Group: Insymption

Hytteutvalget «Kram De La Kram» ønsker å videreføre Krambodens lange tradisjoner, samtidig som vi ønsker å utvikle Kramboden videre for å kunne tilby en hytte som NHHS kan benytte seg av etter beste evne. Dette vil vi gjøre ved å etterstrebe en god dialog med NHHS ved Kjernestyret og Representantskapet, samtidig som vi ønsker å kartlegge i større grad hva som forventes av Krambodens brukere, altså studenter ved NHH. Utover dette har vi som mål å videreføre årets “Førstekullseminar” suksessen og gjøre dette til et av høstens høydepunktene for nye studenter ved NHH


Hermund Rokne Altenau (23), 1st year of study

Head of Financial Affairs

Håkon Hope (21), 1st year of study

Head of Booking

Tuva Clementine Friele Eide (19), 1st year of study

Head of Information

Kaisa Nielsen (21), 1st year of study

Head of purchases

Mina Dale (21), 1st year of study

The Business Committee



June Blydt Paulsen (22), 4th year of study:

Dear fellow students! It is with great excitement that I am running for the position as Head of the Business Committee. After 3 years as an active member I am now ready to further develop the good work that has been laid down by my former leaders. Through different internal engagements I have come to know the committee’s responsibilities and the effort that members put down. I wish to further build on this! The Business Committee has been an incredibly important part of my years at NHH, and I will therefore work for it to have the same importance for both current and future members.

I especially want to work on the following
– The prior 1,5 year with complete or party lockdown, has affected both the business presentations as well as the students. I want to ensure a gradual and well executed transition towards reopening.
– Further develop the website
– Improve the cooperation with other committees

I want to take the Business Committee to new hights, both internally and externally.

Head of IT

Lars Hestetun Slåke (18), 1st year of study:

My name is Lars Hestetun Slåke, I am 18 years old and comes from Bergen, and I want to be the new ICT manager in the business committee at NHH. I am ambitious, energetic and very motivated to take on this position. There are many reasons why I want this position. First and foremost, I have got a very good impression of both the NU board and the position as ICT manager. I also value good ICT solutions and would like to contribute to the development of this. Furthermore, I think the subject area ICT is very exciting.

I see the position as very educational both professionally and socially, and really want to work more closely with all the talented people on the NU board. For NHH to maintain cooperation with the business community, the NU board has an important role, which seems interesting to take part in. Based on this, I believe this position will give me good experiences for similar roles further both at NHH, and after NHH.

Leader of the Career Days

Magnus Brunsberg (19), 1st year of study:

I thoroughly enjoyed working as a helper during this year’s «Karrieredagene» and I am now wanting more. Therefore, it is with tremendous pleasure to run for career days leader this year!

Next year’s career days will hopefully be the first pandemic-free career days in years. It was truly inspirational to see what the people behind this year’s KD managed to do, despite Covid restrictions. It will therefore be important for me to take the good experiences that were gained during these past troubling times, and take those good experiences with us into a new everyday life. I want to continue further developing the career days to make room for new places where businesses and students can meet.

Head of HR

Andrine Toftesund (22), 2nd year of study:

Dear fellow students!

I want to stand for election as HR manager in the Business Committee as I consider this a very exciting and rewarding position. My goal is to continue the good work that the former HR manager, the board and contributing members have built as a strong foundation. My main task as HR manager will be to facilitate that all members of the committee thrive with each other, feel a sense of unity and create a good culture together. I think this is important as my participation in the Business Committee has increased my well-being at NHH. In addition, I consider the HR position to be important now that Norway has reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic. If elected, I will work hard to increase the activity in the committee and make sure the members thrive.

Furthermore, I also want to focus on a good collaboration with the rest of the student association. I believe this is an important factor for the business committee and the student association to continue contributing in making an ideal platform for communication between students and businesses in the future.

Thank you, and good luck on the election!



Sven Manden (22), 4th year of study:

I want to carry forward the progress MEBA has made so far and take MEBA, together with everyone else, to new heights. I want to support MEBA achieving this ambition by continuing the integration of international students with Norwegian students, increase collaborations with other committees and groups to promote this integration, and most importantly focus on the welfare of the (international) students. MEBA is an important organisation for international student, and I would like to steer the organisation towards more growth and prosperity.

Deputy Leader

Krystof Ponce (25), 5th year of study:

I would like to join NHHHS as MEBA Treasurer because I wish to enhance the international master’s student experience at NHH by supporting their academic, professional, and social interests.

Together NHHS and MEBA, can act as a medium to transfer best business school practices and collaborate with partners at NHH to have them successfully implemented.

Having already studied at NHH for part of my bachelor’s degree, I understand it is overwhelming and sometimes challenging to integrate with the Norwegian culture. I aim to support MEBA’s goal to increase the scope and reach of collaborative events between Norwegian and international student groups.

Students from all over the world come to NHH to receive an excellent education with a global perspective. Many students are open and keen on having international careers. I believe MEBA and NHHS are in an excellent position to support the personal and career development of students at NHH.

Head of Academic Affairs

Melanie Vella (22), 5th year of study:

As a motivated MSc student at NHH, I am excited to be registering my candidacy for the position of the Head of Academic Affairs at MEBA. I am interested in this position as I would like to contribute towards the improvement of the master programmes at NHH and to facilitate communication between master students and the Section for Academic Affairs. Additionally, I would like to work towards getting more useful seminars in English for all students at NHH.

I believe that through attending seminars students get a more holistic educational experience and can have discussions in a more collaborative environment. Moreover, I would also like to have the opportunity to assist new and current students by organising the Academic Hour, which I found very useful at the start of my studies at NHH. I hope to get the opportunity to represent students in academic affairs and to work towards the improvement of student life at NHH.

Head of Communication

Leopold Reinisch (25), 1st year of study:

I am very passionate about student collaboration and exchange among students and as Head of the Communication department I would love to advertise all the different events/aspects that MEBA is offering to NHH students. In addition, I think engaging with student directly and helping them with questions that arise during their application or study period is something that would help me grow from a personal point of view. Not only is it one of the most rewarding aspects of student life but as Head of Communication I am looking forward to sharing all different aspects of MEBA in order to maximize the success, be it about the projects or some social events. Finally, becoming Head of Communication would grant me the possibility to enhance my skills in a highly interesting, ever developing field which I would be very much looking forward to.

Head of Communication

Marcus Markgren (24), 4th year of study:

I have seen first hand how hard it can be for international students to get into the “norwegian community” at NHH and would love to get involved in trying to solve this issue. Furthermore, I am a social individual that not only likes to interact with new people but also finds it fulfilling to help others. Additionally, I have a lot of experience from customer service related work, where I have been communicating both in written- and spoken language. Therefore I think that I can bring a lot of value as the Head of Communications.

Head of Social Affairs

Elena Comes (24), 4th year of study:

As a new master student, the MEBA group and the planned social affairs have helped me a lot to integrate into a new community and country. The buddy program, having a meet and greet, and an introduction evening in the first two months were great opportunities to get to know people who are all in the same boat. Becoming a part of the MEBA council would be the natural next step. Especially the Head of Social Affairs seemed intriguing because of the amazing things planned for the MEBA and NHH community. I hope to continue the incredible work of the previous Head of Social Affairs and to offer a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all current and new international master students.

Head of Projects

Muhammad Ibtehaj Hassan (26), 4th year of study:

Head of Projects is amongst the most significant positions at MEBA that requires the incumbent to possess two fundamental skillsets: leadership and communication. Prior to my masters at NHH, my experience as an entrepreneur revolves around challenging the status quo and motivating my team to overdeliver. I was involved in long- and short-term projects that required managing stakeholders with conflicting interest. As Head of Projects, my aim is to achieve three fundamental objectives.

1. Nurture a diverse platform where individuals are empowered to transform their idea into reality.
2. Focus on capability building by leveraging support from fellow team members.
3. Ensure transparency and accountability.

Being a globetrotter, I have interacted with people across different cultures. With a rich history of interaction, I know how to overcome cross-cultural barriers and create a more inclusive environment for students. With such a diverse experience under my belt, I am convinced that I possess the right mix of skill sets that are essential to succeed as Head of Projects.

Project Group

Head of Financial Affairs

Eira Sofie Tvedten (23), 1st year of study:

I have a short but committed career in NHHS. During the short time I have been at NHH, I have been overwhelmed by what the student association has to offer. This is why I run for Head of Financial Affairs in the Project Group. I wish to contribute to a greater variety of open arrangements where everyone can feel welcome. The Project Group is to ensure a good student environment with fun, safe and engaging activities where students can meet.

In NHHS, I am currently engaged as stage-manager for the UKEN revue. I was also in the project group for NHH Aid this fall, and last but not least, I am a proud member of the Project Group.

As Head of Financial Affairs, I wish to continue the financial work in the Project Group by building on the good routines for budgeting and daily operations. Furthermore, I wish to strengthen the collaboration between the other sub-committees in order to utilize all the good resources present in NHHS.

Good election!

Studentpolitisk Utvalg

Head of Welfare-Policy

Håkon Fjellstad (20), 2nd year of study:

The head of welfare-policy for SPU should be a person who is motivated, able to lead a team, and most importantly, one who can get well-made student policies passed that improves your day-to-day life. I’ve always been captivated with helping those around me, and politics has been a possibility to do just this. That’s why I’m running for this position, so that I can use student politics to help you. As a previous leader of the youth council in my home district and deputy representative in the county youth council, I have the experience needed to lead this team, and believe that I am the right person for the job.

As head of welfare-policy I will fight, both through and outside the “Velferdsting”, for you to have a good time as student. Now that reopening is a fact, I will work for you to be able to get where you want with inexpensive public transport, that you can participate in well-funded student organizations and for good health services where you find yourself.

Have a good election!

Student Committee

Head of Master

Rolf Andreas Gjevre (27), 4th year of study:

As a fresh student at the Norwegian School of Economics I was intrigued and interested in what the student organization could offer. My time at NHH will be relatively short, however I still want to engage myself in the student organization, not just on behalf of myself, but also on the behalf of other students.

This mindset is something I had close to heart during my bachelor’s degree at BI Norwegian Business School when I served as a class representative in the student committee. The work was challenging at times, but extremely motivating at the same time because I got to front students’ interest in a somewhat conservative industry that is known for sticking to the “old way” of doing things. Luckily, I was selected to be a part of the student committee here at NHH.

As head of master academics, I wish to continue this as a connector between the master students and the administrative organ at NHH. I believe a conversation that is closely linked between students and the academic organ will ultimately serve every one’s best interest.

Head of Bachelor

Kaia Baumann Semb (20), 2nd year of study:

I am applying to the position as head of the bachelor’s program because I want to contribute to NHH remaining the best place to study economics in Norway. The teaching methods at NHH have room for improvement, and as head of the bachelor’s program I will promote measures that can contribute to even better education for you as a student. I especially want to focus on more pedagogy in the education and more student-active learning.



Stine Sjøhaug (24), 4th year of study:

My motivation for running as the leader for økonomiformildingen is that it emerges as a very exciting and educational position that I can be challenged on! I see this as a golden opportunity to develop myself and try myself in a leadership role. I believe that I can fit well in such a position, and contribute to driving Økonomiformidlingen to further development! Based on the information about what the leadership position entails, the position seemed very rewarding! After only a few weeks as an advisor, I quickly noticed how rewarding Økonomiformidlingen is and wanted to contribute even more to Økonomiformidlingen


Group: MalawGI

“​​We are six dedicated students who worked closely together during Aksjonsuken 2021. Together we are running for election with a common goal and desire to further develop and continue the important work of NHH AID.

With a wide spread of roles during Aksjonsuken and a versatile background within the group, we are well positioned to create a broad engagement throughout the year and facilitate a successful Aksjonsuke in 2022.

The covid-19 situation has led to major challenges related to education at a global level. Therefore, it is especially important to maintain Unicef´s efforts to ensure children’s education in Malawi.

For the coming period, we have three main goals:

  1. Create engagement throughout the year

Although Aksjonsuken is the highlight of NHH AID we want to create engagement throughout the year and become an even larger part of NHHS. We want to further develop NHH AID´s events and projects throughout the year. We want to do this to create greater engagement, reach more students and raise important money for Unicef.

  1. Take Karriere Med Mening and ESG-dagen to new heights

Karriere Med Mening and ESG-dagen are two of the ways we will ensure engagement and activity throughout the year. In collaboration with NU, we want to further develop and improve KMM and ESG-dagen, to take them to new heights.

  1. Facilitate more effective guidance of the next aksjonsukestyret

The covid-19 situation has led to a knowledge gap when it comes to the planning and implementation of Aksjonsuken 2021. Therefore, we want to use our acquired knowledge and experience from Aksjonsuken 2021 and streamline the planning of Aksjonsuken 2022.”


Hedvig Kiil Bøhmer (20), 1st year of study:

Throughout Aksjonsuken 2021, I quickly gained insight into NHH AID´s work, and am highly motivated to lead the work further. I have big ambitions, high work capacity and great execution power. In addition to management experience in aksjonsukestyret I have good experience from various positions and employment in AUF i Oslo and Temauken at Elvebakken vgs. With these experiences I am highly qualified and prepared for the task at hand with the rest of the skilled board.

As the leader I want to further develop NHH AID, by among other things, create a broad engagement throughout the year. The ambition is to reach even more students and create engagement and commitment outside of Aksjonsuken. To reach this ambition we have to think innovatively and further develop our events and projects. For example, will we further develop Karriere Med Mening and ESG-dagen.

After this autumn´s aksjonsuke we have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience. I would like to take this with me to Aksjonsuken 2022, both in the hiring process but also to ensure a more effective planning process.

Head of Finance and Organization

Silje Torjusson Uthaug (21), 1st year of study:

When I started NHH this fall I never knew that only in such short time I would take a part of NHHS’ probably most rewarding group and event. In only a few weeks I got to know NHH Aid and Aksjonsuken. Aksjonsuken gave me many lessons and experiences, and I became very familiar with the role as the Head of Finance and Organization. Not only did I get familiar with the role, but it also motivated me to continue my work in NHH Aid.

There are many reasons that I consider myself as a good fit for this position. I have a lot of experience with finance. Both in the role as Head of finance during Aksjonsuken, but also as a financial advisor in Økonomiformidlingen. Finance is a subject that I am very passionate about and where I have a lot to contribute with. I also enjoy making budget and keep accounts, along with good financial management.

I am also a very structured person that likes to have good overview over everything. I believe this is essential for a good structure and finance within NHH Aid. Further along I am very devoted to NHH Aid, but also to help others. I think that this, in addition to my knowledge and experiences, would make me a good fit as Head of Finance and Organization.

Head of Markets

Ingeborg Olrud Moen (20), 1st year of study:

I am running for head of markets in NHH Aid. Before and during ”Aksjonsuken” I faced challenges, success, long days and amazing moments. ”Aksjonsuken” gave me an insight as to what being head of markets holds. I never thought it would be as amazing as it turned out to be.

There are several reasons as to why I am applying for this position. The main reason is that I want to make a change for those who cannot. Reckognizing that the work we put in, is directly connected to helping disadvantaged children, is the biggest motivation. Furthermore, I am very interested in the tasks that comes with the role. It was educational and inspiring to have daily contact with PwC during ”Aksjonsuken”, as well as creating a new connection with nearly 70 companies. My previous experiences from work in ”KmK” and ”SNLA” were highly useful.

I think my knowledge, experience and motivation will make me a suitable head of markets in NHH Aid. It is a great wish of mine to continue this work with these amazing people!

Head of Information

Christina Håland (21), 1st year of study:

I am running for candidate as information leader. I thrived very well as an information leader under the Aksjonsuken, and I want to further develop myself in this area as an information leader in NHH Aid.

During this autumn’s Aksjonsuke, I got a good insight into NHH Aid, and found it very interesting and rewarding. We had to cooperate and communicate well, and we learned a lot during that week. Aksjonsuken gave me a lot of good experiences, and gave me motivation to continue the work for NHH Aid.

NHH Aid’s purpose is my main motivation. Education for Malawi contributes to children’s education in Malawi. The education program is very important, and is something that motivates and engages me.

I am applying as an information leader, because I am interested in writing, photography, editing and social media. In this area, I gained good knowledge and experience during Akjsonsuken. I think it was fun to see the commitment we managed to create on social media!

With my motivation and my previous experiences I think I am suitable as an Information leader in NHH Aid. I hope I can continue the important work.

Head of Projects

Herman Olsen Bruvik (20), 1st year of study:

I’m applying as Head of Projects of NHH Aid for several reasons.

The main reason being that I want to contribute to a greater cause. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to have real impact on something as meaningful as helping a country like Malawi, in getting additional funds for educational purposes. Having been Head of Projects “prosjektansvarlig” for aksjonsukestyret, I have further developed my understanding of the importance of the subcommittee and its work, and I am very motivated to continue this work.

I have a big desire to contribute to engage the students of NHH in spreading the word on what Aid does while simultaneously generating revenue through creative projects.

Another reason for why I’m applying is that I am confident that being Head of Projects is something I will enjoy. Through my experience as “prosjektansvarlig” for aksjonsukestyret, I have learned how much I like to participate and lead a group in creative projects.

In addition, I’m applying because I want to continue to work alongside the motivated leaders of “aksjonsukestyret” who I consider to be good friends.

Head of Events

Magnus Brunsberg (19), 1st year of study:

It is with great pleasure that I am hereby announcing my candidacy as head of events in Aid. After a fantastic «aksjonsuke», it is now time to look forward. Plenty of experiences richer, I am looking forward to this year the best Aid-year ever! Through KMM, ESG, and other events, I will strive to shed light on Aid and its work.

Furthermore, I will do my best in laying a good foundation for the next «aksjonsukestyret». Sufficient coaching and facilitation are key to take «aksjonsuken» next fall to new heights.

Altogether, I am eagerly anticipating continuing to work on the great things past Head of Events has done before me, but with my touch. Lastly, I am looking forward to spreading the love of Aid after a long and challenging pandemic.

Bergen Challenge

Head of Logistics

Thomas Sveinhaug (24), 4th year of study:

When I look back on my career in NHHS, there is little doubt that SLBC18 is one of the big highlights. Having the opportunity to be involved from the start is a big responsibility and very fun. The last year has been difficult in many ways. Sports has experienced necessary restrictions that have led to limited activity in student sports. SLBC22 is a unique opportunity to gather students from all over the country for a sporting and cultural event. I am very motivated to help create the best student games ever!

It is necessary that the logistics are carefully planned and well organized to carry out a successful event. Participants, officials and equipment must be in the right place at the right time. As logistics manager, I will build on what worked during the previous event, while I will explore new solutions. This applies, among other things, to the kiosk offer, where a more adapted offer will be beneficial for participants, as well as give BC a larger source of income. In addition, I will look at the possibility of establishing good accommodation agreements for the participants.

In order for the logistics around the event to go smoothly, I depend on skilled employees. The logistics section will be experienced as a safe and supportive arena where emphasis will be placed on inclusion and belonging. A good social environment provides good conditions for a good working environment.