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The semester is underway. During week 3, around 50 interest groups, subcommittees and sports teams invite to admission.

We at NHH are so lucky to have Norway’s best student association (NHHS). It consists of an incredible number of groups that span so many fields that it is impossible to list. In order for you to be able to find out which interest groups and subcommittees are suitable for you, you have the opportunity to meet the groups that will recruit.

Due to the corona situation and capacity limitations at the event, we have to be extra careful. The measures that will be presented in the near future will be crucial. We will use the Recruitment Portal actively, and here you will find information about the various groups, links to Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as the date and registration for admission.

This program will ensure that you get a better overview and give you a taste of the bustling joy, the infectious commitment and fantastic unity in NHHS! We will help you through the jungle of different groups to exactly the part of NHHS that matches your interests or that you are simply curious about. NHHS can offer something for everyone, so be sure to get all the information on nhhs.no, Instagram and Facebook!

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