The NHH-Symposium is hiring for the third time!

Dear future sympsjonaries,

First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this! Joining the NHH Symposium is the best choice I have made at NHH. As a part of the Symp family, I have been challenged, I have developed myself and not least: I have made many new, good friends. Now I hope to give you the same experience.

The NHH Symposium is Northern Europe’s largest student-run business conference and in March 2021 we are arranging the 20th NHH Symposium. Together we are going to attract over three hundred participants from business, politics, and academia to NHH, to tell them what we are passionate about. We will challenge, inspire and come up with solutions to what we believe to be the greatest challenges of the future.

Now the Symp family is expanding again and we seek sympsjonaries for several exciting positions, of different sizes. Whether you have a passion for community engagement, are an organizer, are creative, love to dance in a toga, or are simply super-eager to join – I hope YOU apply for the NHH Symposium. No prior knowledge is required, only a desire to help. I promise: you won’t regret it.

Sincerely, Sigrid Barstad Sanner

Sigrid Barstad Sanner


In the Event Division, we make sure the conference becomes an adventurous journey with details and impressions Norwegian business never will forget. This is where the mixture of bottomless creativity and refined logistics belongs, and if these are values you appreciate, we welcome you with open arms.

With more than 170 symptionaries, the Event Division will grow to become the largest in the organization. Through nine diverse groups, our responsibility is to facilitate the conference from beginning to end. In the conference hall, the Production team, Technical and Live Video will work on groundbreaking solutions. Outside the conference hall, the Reception, Dekor & Lounge, Transport, Catering and SympHotel will work intensively to give the participants the best overall conference experience as possible.

Apply now, and you will seize the opportunity to achieve a key role in designing the physical form of the conference. Everything from stage solution to banquet. Your ideas will be distinctive, making the NHH Symposium a professional, impressive and sexy conference.

Head of Events
Jakob Braathen

Assistant head of Events
Aksel Devold

Kontaktperson til ML frokost, lunsj, cafegang, bankett

Kristin Hagerupsen Hansen


Do you have an inner Eyvind Hellstrøm, and can spend hours perfecting a dish? Are you a bad cook, but an experienced restaurant guest with excellent taste buds? Do you believe that a good meal or wine can make the evening considerably better? In that case, the catering is the place for you!

Catering is responsible for planning and carrying out all catering during the conference. The NHH symposium is known for delivering great quality content, and the catering group will ensure that the participants get culinary experiences they will not forget.

We want you who like challenges, responsibility and to have a lot going on. We are looking for four middle managers; breakfast, lunch, café and banquet.

As a catering middle manager, you will not only make your own mark on the conference through the food. We will also end up as the NHH Symposium’s largest group, and you will take part in the hiring process of a whole bunch of waiters. If you are ready for new challenges, to develop your leadership skills, get to know new people and experience lots of fun along the way, then middle manager catering is the position for you!


Hanna Vetle Olsen

First impression is everything! As MM Reception you will together with me, and the group we are going to hire, be the first to meet the NHH participants when they arrive. It is up to us to give the participants the warmest and most impressive welcome in the history of the conference!

The reception and infodesk are the heart of the conference, and are two very visible parts of the conference. How these will be designed is completely up to us, so I hope you are creative and ambitious!

Your main responsibility will be to manage the infodesk, and together with our handpicked group, you will without hesitation answer all the participants’ questions. This requires leadership responsibility, as well as good control about everything that happens during the conference, which make the job demanding and exciting. Perhaps it will be you that must explain to Børge Brende when the banquet starts?

Are you detailed and organized, in addition to being an outgoing and friendly person? Then we are looking for you to become MM reception! 


Jacob Sortland Fougner

Are you structured, always in control, organized and enjoy the thrill of driving nice cars? Then you might just be the new middle manager transport for the NHH-Symposium. As my middle manager, you will help me organize the transport in the smoothest way possible!

We will work together towards exciting deals, hire chauffeurs and make a rock-solid transport section. I am looking for a systematic and solution-oriented person. You will get to test your leadership skills, your ability to organize logistic operations, and last but not least; you will have a ton of fun in the process! Are you my new middle manager?

Kontaktperson til ML Dekor & Lounge

Tuva Hammerlund Fangel

Do you realise now that you have spent the last of your salary to decorate your new apartment, buy ornaments or expensive furniture that you could not really afford?

Have you planned down to the smallest detail what your dream house will look like when you get older; from color on moldings, to curtains in the bedroom? Do not despair! This is your opportunity to make these dreams reality when we, during the NHH- Symposium, will make the school look its very best.

Three creative middle managers with a passion for interior and a desire to influence the conference will be hired. How we want to influence is up to us and the possibilities are countless. Together we will find out how we want the conference area to look like, when it comes to everything from candles to pillows. No idea is too grand, and all dreams have the potential to come true.

We are going to work closely together as a group, as well as with others within and outside our section. You will each be responsible for either the lounge, decorations or an anniversary exhibition. After a while you will also get the opportunity to hire more people to help you.

Do you want to show the school from its best side, put your leadership skills to the test and be a part of the Sympfamily? I am looking forward to it! Apply for middle manager Decor & Lounge!

Kontaktperson til de ML Booking, ML SYMPhotell og ML Kjellerleker

Sondre Bjordal

Does unorganized Excel sheets make you crazy? Are you the one who could read timetables already at kindergarten? Then I need you!

As the Responsible for Booking you’ll be responsible for all the guests that stays in our hotel, as well as making sure everything practical around their stay is perfect. You’ll be then responsible for making sure everything is in place for the NHH-Symposiums guests at the hotel. You will also be given the opportunity to co-work with the Market Section, as well as working independently. Not least, you will be able to make an extraordinary experience for our guests, which includes some of the biggest names in the business world!

So you have an eye for details as well as people? Apply as Head of Hotel Booking! 

Kontaktperson til de ML Booking, ML SYMPhotell og ML Kjellerleker

Sondre Bjordal

To run a hotel is not easy. You can just ask Petter Stordalen about it! Therefore, I’m in search of a Middle Manager for our fantastic hotel. Do you treat your student accomodation as your most precious home? Could you receive a surprise visit from your parents without hiding your mess? Then you’re the person I’m looking for!

As the Middle Manager for SympHotell you’ll be the ink to my pen – indispensable if one part misses. You’ll be working as my long term memory when everything falls apart for me, and not the least, my most important sparring partner. The work includes everything from meeting the hotel management, to coordinating with other groups at the NHH-Symposium, as well as having the creative freedom to form a hotel experience for a lifetime for our guests.

Do you feel the calling for executing your thoughts in real life? Apply as Middle Manager SympHotell!

Kontaktperson til de ML Booking, ML SYMPhotell og ML Kjellerleker

Sondre Bjordal

Do you have a special place in your heart for the basement-groups at NHH, hotels and have not applied for SYMPhotel yet? If so, I suggest you apply for this role!

Your responsibility will be to coordinate the NHH basement groups’ setup at the hotel. Rooms are to be decorated, and times will be coordinated. Further on we will work together to make NHH’s basement groups take over SYMPhotell 21! Your role will include meetings with the hotel, and you are the link between the basement groups and the hotel.

I’m looking for a neat and efficient person with a speciality in organizing as well as knowledge regarding NHHs basement groups. Stress may occur, so a person that handles stress well is wanted. It’s a brilliant opportunity to play an instrumental part for one of the biggest student-run conferences in the northern part of Europe. 

Kontaktperson til ML lyd, lys og scene

Sigve Bøe Knutsen
+47 913 73 268

Are you solution oriented and enjoy working in teams? Do you also have some experience in sound engineering? Then you should apply for the Middle Manager Sound-position.

As the Middle Manager of Sound you’ll have the responsibility to plan and carry through the sound technical part of the conference. You’ll also get the opportunity to hire a group of sound technicians to your team. For that reason, it’s important that you’re able to motivate and guide your team, while having an overview of the tasks at hand. Also, keeping your cool in challenging situations is important. 

Kontaktperson til ML lyd, lys og scene

Sigve Bøe Knutsen
+47 913 73 268

Do you want to light up the NHH symposium 2021? Are you creative and structured, and do you appreciate a great light show? Do you want work in a team and learn what’s happening in the scenes of a large conference? Then you should apply for the Middle Manager Light-position.

In this position you’ll get the opportunity to work with anything from elegant decorative lights to spectacular lights during shows and concerts. Working closely with the rest of the technical crew and the Live Video-group, you’ll be responsible for the light technical solutions during the conference. In this position, you must be creative, be a team player and be willing to make a real effort during the preparations to the conference. 

Kontaktperson til ML lyd, lys og scene

Sigve Bøe Knutsen
+47 913 73 268

Do you long to return to Aula with large walls and a large stage? Do you have an eye for solutions and would like to work with something practical? Do you also like working in a team and help others work towards a common objective. Then you should apply for the Middle Manager Stage-position!

 As the Middle Manager of Stage you’ll get responsibility for the conference’s stage solution. You’ll have a group of stage technicians on your team, whom you’ll hire yourself. Leading up to the conference you’ll work with the middle managers of Sound and Light and myself to create the optimal stage solution. During the last days of preparation, the effort of you and your team will transform the Aula into the greatest conference hall in Northern Europe. Prepare yourself for visible results!

Kontaktperson til ML Live Video + sympsjonær

Olav Tafjord

Are you a creative person and think spending time studying sometimes becomes a bit heavy? Are you also a type of leader who is concerned with quality and good results? Then this is the position for you! Here you get to explore your creative side through a managerial responsibility for a live video production. You are at the same time responsible for ensuring that all employees below you know what to do and feel secure in their job.

As ML, you will work closely with the group leader to organize the practical part of the live production of SYMP21. Before the symposium, much of the job lies in making officials confident in their work, at the same time as you and the group leader must nail down a good plan for how the NHH symposium 2021 will be presented in the best possible way. You will also get to know the auditorium and the other groups that work here.

I am looking for someone who is interested in technology and who would like to have some experience around live video production from the past. This position is suitable for people who love responsibility and love organization.

Kontaktperson til ML Live Video + sympsjonær

Olav Tafjord

Do you have a filmmaker in you, and want to show your creative side to a larger audience? Then this is the position for you! Here you will learn to use professional equipment during a live video production. You will also be able to use your creative side to find good angles to create unforgettable moments.

The job here is mainly in filming the symposium itself. You will receive training in the use of the equipment in advance, and there is therefore no requirement for previous experience. I am looking for creative people with an interest in camera and film, who want to help make SYMP21 unforgettable!


Adrian Ekroll Kjøsnes

Do you understand what needs to be done to make a busy and important speaker relax during a busy conference? Then you should apply for the position as middle manager Greenroom! 

As middle manager Greenroom your responsibility will be to make sure the speakers have the perfect place to relax. These are busy people that made time in their schedule to come to us, and we want to give them the best possible preparation for their on-stage keynote. Therefore, if you have an eye for details, and understand what needs to be done to make the perfect oasis for our most important guests? Then apply for middle manager Greenroom!


Adrian Ekroll Kjøsnes

What is Oprah without Oprah? What is a body without a head? What is a conference without a show host? It would not work! If you can fill this hole, apply now! 

A sharp tongue, a connection with the audience and transitions that rocks, this and much more, are qualities we look for in a great show host. A show host will make sure the program is moving forward and create a flow throughout the show and make sure it is the best possible experience. You will work closely with and for the speakers to create as good a conference as humanly possible. Until the conference you will work with a script and practice being on stage. We need two people that will fill this job together, you can either apply alone or as a duo. All applicants will receive more information regarding an audition.


Adrian Ekroll Kjøsnes

Do you know the difference between concealer, foundation, sun powder and eyeliner? Then we need you! 

As the make-up executive you will have full responsibility for making sure everyone that walks out on stage is ready to impress. You will hire and manage the make-up artists, budget needed equipment and most importantly, you will hear all the gossip from all the speakers. Does this tempt you, apply today.


Adrian Ekroll Kjøsnes

Are you neat, detailed and always in control of your environments? Do you enjoy working in teams and see yourself monitoring what happens behind the scenes in a large conference? Then the stage manager role is tailored for you.

There is no doubt that behind the scenes of a large conference, someone needs to have total control over what is going to happen. The stage manager is one of the most important roles in making sure that everything goes as planned. You have full control over what happens on stage at all times and must ensure that everything runs smoothly both before and during the conference itself.


Negin Kafili

Are you always in control, like to hold responsibility and are always ready with whatever is needed in any situation? Then I would love to have you on my team as Middle Leader Host!

The NHH Symposium brings in some of the most prominent people in the world as speakers, and they get raving about the contact with students they get through the personal hosts the NHH Symposium offers. Our hosts shall be organizational and quick, but of course with the biggest student charm. As Middle Leader Host you will help me lead this group! It will be your responsibility that the hosts do what they are supposed to do and are ready to offer the speakers whatever they need at all times.


For the NHH-Symposium, the Sympsjonaries are the most important resource. The conference will not be accomplishable without the work of over 350 voluntary students. The HR-division will make sure that all these students is being taking care of in the best possible way, so that the motivation and the joy connected to the work maintain.

In total the unit will expand to something between 20 and 30 Sympsjonaries with responsibility for such as internal communication, secretariat, parties, sympsjonariescafé, general everyday enjoyment and last, but not least, Symposion. For those who have not experienced Symposion, you can look forward to a spectacular show in the aula filled with “redwine drinking” fellow students dressed in toga!

If YOU want to contribute to make sure to give all of the Sympsjonaries an amazing and giving time in the organization, the HR-division is perfect for you!

Head of HR
Amalie Skolt

Assistant head of HR
Amanda Jennings


Amanda Jennings

Do you like to cook, explore new dishes and create culinary tastes? If so, Groupleader Sympsjonaries café is the perfect position for you! 

As GL Sympsjonariescafé you will get the opportunity to have your own kitchen and develop the menu you wish to serve in your café. You will get to hire your own group of people that together with you are going to make sure that every single Sympsjonaries are getting the energy they need in the days before and during the conference. If you are good to lead and inspire, and like to enjoy others with amazing dishes, then GL Sympsjonariescafé is the position for you! 

Kontaktinfo GL Persos 

Sofie Nyfløt

Are you a social, outgoing person, with a desire to take part in the responsibility of making sure that the symptionaries enjoy being a part of Symp? Do you also possess the qualities of a good leader? As middle manager for persos, you will take a large part in the planning of the social events prior to the conference. Together, the two of us will have responsibility for the group that will spread joy and happiness amongst all of the symptionaries. If you are committed, and a peoples person, middle manager persos is the perfect position for you!

Kontaktinfo GL Persos 

Sofie Nyfløt

Do you want to be a vital part of what I dare say is the organization’s most fun and inspiring group of people? As a member of persos, you will inspire, engage and be part of all the fun that is arranged for the symptionaries. A successful conference depends on a tight-knit group of symptionaries, which is why persos’ role in the organization is very important. Together, we will plan and execute parties and other social gatherings, spread good vibes and last, but not least; arrange the Symposion of the Century! Are you sociable, inclusive and resourceful? If so, I would like you to be part of our persos team! 


Communication section represents the creative side of the Symposium and we are already promoting the conference on various platforms. Moving forward we will continue to develop our home page, create a graphic profile, and produce campaigns, videos and other content that we will spread to the world. Together we will think creatively, promote, and more until the end of the conference. Join us!

Head of Communication
Eirik Aarthun

Assistant head of Communication
Lydia Mikele


Eirik Aarthun

Som Gruppeleder Foto vil du ha ansvar for å ansette og lede et team med dyktige fotografer. Du og ditt team skal ta bilder til alt fra trykksaker, bannere, pressebilder og internfester! Det er ikke uten grunn vi har hørt så mange ganger at et bilde sier mer enn 1000 ord – bilder er et utrolig viktig virkemiddel, også for NHH-Symposiet.                                                

Det blir masse rom for kreativitet og egne forslag, og sammen med et team fotografer skal dere skal ta bilder som får NHH-Symposiet til å skinne og utstråle kreativitet og profesjonalitet. Jeg ser etter deg med stå på-vilje, kreativitet og en interesse for feltet. Det er også en fordel at du har noe erfaring med billedtakning fra tidligere, men det er heller ikke et must.


Eirik Aarthun

A picture says more than a thousand words. As Group Leader Video you will have 25 of these every second. This opens a whole new world of opportunities and gives you the power to shape how people interpret the NHH Symposium. You will play a vital role in creating content for social media. You will have lots of creative freedom and will express yourself in ways never thought possible before.

I am looking for a person who has some knowledge within video editing. Apart from that, all I demand is that you have a smile on your face and have creativity on your mind. If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact us!


Eirik Aarthun

Do you have a heart for video production? Then you should apply for Middle Manager Video. You will produce videos for both the conference itself, as well as for social media in the time leading up to the conference. You will, together with your group leader, lead a team of video editors who will have a great amount of creative freedom, and you will express yourself in new ways. Does this sound interesting? Then you should apply for Middle Manager Video.

I am looking for a person who has some knowledge within video editing, but it is not a demand. All we demand is that you have a smile on your face and have creativity on your mind. If you have any questions regarding the position, do not hesitate to contact us!


Jon Mæle Liane

As a member of the web team, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining the NHH Symposium’s website. You will together with ML IT (web) and GL IKT make sure that the website functions around the hour. Some knowledge is advantageous, but not at all a demand. You will learn loads on the way.

Today’s website is built in WordPress – a user friendly platform which is easy to learn. As an IT consultant with responsibility for web, you will learn a lot about website development, integration towards social media and web design. Additionally, you will be able to perform other IT tasks, if you wish to.


Siri Straumfors

Grafisk er en viktig del av Symposiet – det er vi som former uttrykket til konferansen, både digitalt og fysisk! Hva hadde vel NHH-symposiet vært uten en fancy utforming og en moderne grafisk profil? 

Som grafiker vil du være med på å lage alt fra blekker, magasin og plakater, til bannere og innhold til SoMe. Du vil også ta del i å utforme den grafiske profilen som skal prege alt av infomateriell både før og under konferansen!

Det er selvfølgelig en fordel å ha kunnskap innenfor grafisk design og Adobe-programmer, men alt kan læres! Det viktigste er at du har en kreativ skaperglede og har lyst til å få utløp for denne.

Har du lyst til å sette ditt preg på Symposiet 2021?

Søk grafisk!


Christine Wilhelmsen Bugge

Are you interested in news and questions related to society? We are applying for journalists that will contribute to write about politics, economy, students and society. The freedom of journalism is broad and you will get the opportunity to write cases, posts or reports with the intention of spreading the word through media platforms and websites. As a journalist in Symp you will become a part of Symps large network and get the chance of connecting with interview objects. It does not matter whether you have previous experience related to journalistic writing or not. The only thing we are asking for is engagement and motivation. Is this you? Apply editorial!


Do you dear to aim for the stars? How grand do you dear to dream? Do you want to go down in history as the one who brought Barack Obama to NHH? Do you like to push limits? Do you have wet dreams about discussing business with Elon Musk? Maybe you just love a good challenge and want to set out on an adventure? Then the program section is a perfect fit for you! The NHH Symposium have a long history with attaining the most relevant and best speakers there are. They traditionally talk about the challenges they have faced, the challenges that they currently are facing, and the challenges of tomorrow; and how to meet them head on. We are going to get the smartest, best, and slickest speakers in the world, and sew this together into a fantastic experience. The best with the program section is that we can do exactly what we want inside the realms of reality. Every one in the section will get responsibility, challenges, and the opportunity to live out your dreams. We are going to make a tailored program that will fill everyone that don’t attend with regret. This is going to be an adventure of a life time, and I want you on the team!

Head of Programme
Fredrik Moracchioli Lura

Assistant head of Programme
Martha Schøyen Raaum


Susanne Thue


Firstly, I will need four outgoing and creative students that want to shape and create the TraineeCamp from scratch. The work will be dynamic and thereof it is an important attribute to be familiar with teamwork and what it requires. Finally, I will need a structured and conscientious student responsible for the function rooms and to be a welcoming host for the participants. If you become motivated by challenges and appreciate the finer things in life – then one of these positions will be perfect for you!


Simen Tveit Holen

Do you enjoy the spotlight? Are you dreaming of on-stage shenanigans in front of buttloads of people? Unfortunately this position is not for you :(

As a sympsjonær in Symposiets entertainment-section, that job won’t be yours. Your job is finding the ones who’s great at just that. We need a convention with super-entertainment, and I’m looking for 4 half-crazy Sympsjonærer ready to find the supreme leaders of the entertainment-jungle. I want enthusiastic, willing and humorous dudes og dudettes, ready to bring world-class talent to a world-class convention. 


Thomas Davis

 +47 466 97 883

I am on the lookout for my very own dream team of students who will help me build the NHH Symposium’s famous workshops. If you are someone that wants to realise your most outlandish and ambitious ideas of how to make the conference’s participants come away with something new and worthwhile, then these positions are for you!

Together we will develop these great ideas, and make sure that the execution lives up to our own expectations. The possibilities are endless!

I am on the lookout for one middle manager and two symptionaries who will help me make this happen through the sheer strength of their enthusiasm and creativity. Since the possibilities are truly endless, it is important that a potential middle manager is ready for frequent and tough discussions. I am looking for you with the tenacity of Greta Thunberg and the force of will of someone like Kjell Inge Røkke!

As symptionaries it is important that you bring with you a burning desire to make a difference to the conference. You will have to be someone who excels in teamwork, while also being very comfortable with a large degree of independence and personal responsibility. You will all be that creative spark that we need to make our best ideas come to life!

If you’re feeling a strong desire to be a part of shaping what will happen when the conference opens its doors next year, go and and apply!


Michael Sollund

+47 456 96 772

In the «Aktivisering» group we are going to ensure that Symposiet 2021 will be remembered for more than just sitting and listening to lectures. We are going to compose a conference and a program that supplements the lectures and our guests through creative performances where everything from classical debates to rapbattles are on the table.

We are looking for 2 outgoing, energetic and diligent students to make a part of the team! We can offer you educational and diversified tasks, creative freedom and a great time.

If you are interested in being a part of the program section and help construct a giving and entertaining conference, then apply now!


Tina Sunde Lyngholm
958 56 504

Do you love to do tricks with data like Messi tricks with balls? Are you one of those troubled souls who enjoyed every second of home exams in MET3 and MET4? Maybe you even chose BAN?

Okay, listen up! We at Studentstemme need two computer-savvy prostheses that can help us put together a survey that we will send out to the pretty country. After this, we need your beautiful minds and fingers to formulate this data in a fun and appropriate way. This will form the data basis for the students’ voice. The results of this hard work will of course be shown in full during the conference.

As an analyst in Studentstemme, it will be beneficial to have some prior knowledge, but the most important thing is that you are having fun as you make your mark at Symposiet 2021!

If this is a project you have the ability and courage to embark on, we hope to hear from you very soon!


Hi, and welcome to the NHH Symposiums smallest group – Financial Affairs!

Our responsibility is to ensure that the NHH Symposium complies with norwegian accounting law and regulations at all times, and to make the budget for the project itself. Furthermore, we communicate with all the other groups within the organization regarding financial affairs. We are currently eight symptionaries, and we are not planning to hire any more students unless we see a need to do so. We are however looking very much forward to getting to know the rest of the Symp-family!

Head of Finance
Carsten Gilje

Assistant head of Finance
Odin Dager Moe


The sales sections main responsibility is to get participants to the conference. We are the squad who is going to convince people to visit the NHH Symposium 2021. Our section is not hiring this round, but we are very much looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Head of Sales
Elias Sandnes

Assistant head of Sales
Karina Wessel

Corporate Affairs

Hello and welcome to the Corporate Relations section! Our main function is to acquire partners who want to contribute financially to the conference, as well as assist with their broad expertise. We provide main partners for the conference and other partners, suppliers, product sponsors and benefit agreements. We have direct contact with key players in the business community, and are a varied section with an incredibly steep learning curve. In addition, we arrange the Student Symposium – a one day conference for the students. Unfortunately, we do not hire anyone this round, but we look forward to getting to know the whole Symp family!

Head of Corporate Affairs
Cecilie Brakstad

Assistant head of Corporate Affairs
Daniel Berlin