At NHH you will find over 100 different interest groups. You can meet the groups not listed here during the stand week, which is arranged in one of the first weeks of the autumn semester. We distinguish between interest groups and subcommittees, where the interest groups are groups that are economically and legally independent NHHS, and are loosely linked to the student association


AIESEC offers voluntary and paid internships in up to 126 different countries. With over 86,000 members, AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization with partners on all continents.

NHH was one of the seven universities that started the organization, and has actively engaged students at NHH since 1948. The members gain useful experiences through promotion, advice and sales. We have a large network, and offer a platform for the development of future leaders. Throughout the year, members participate in several national and international conferences, where leadership skills and teamwork are at the center.

AIESEC NHH currently consists of a total of 25 members, and the members work within three work areas. Outgoing Exchange, where members arrange for students at NHH to have the opportunity to travel on unique and tailored internships, ranging from 6 weeks to 18 months. Incoming Exchange, where members contact companies in Bergen and assist them in recruiting international talent. The market group contributes with promotion at NHH and high school in the Bergen area.

CEMS Club Bergen

The goal of the CEMS club Bergen is to create the best experiences for NHH students as well as for visiting students!

CEMS students are truly world citizens – dynamic, multicultural, open-minded and with high professional standards. Our club supports sustainability through and social contributions and educational events, so we know how to have fun while doing something good. We greatly appreciate gatherings, “rotational dinners” and a unique atmosphere of multinational gathering and support.

Students who take the master’s program (MSc) at NHH are eligible to apply for admission to the CEMS MIM program. CEMS is an alliance of 31 world-class academic institutions, 75 leading, multinational companies and 6 NGOs. Only one school from each country has been awarded a partnership in the alliance and NHH joined the network in 1992.


DGV is a group associated with the Executive Music. DGV stands for “Dirksjonsmusikkens Gamle Venner” and is a group established in 1968 by and for friends of Direksjonsmusikken’s members.

DGV’s main task is to assist with labor, good company at exercises, parties, tours and in other formal and informal settings. The group therefore has no ordinary recordings, but is a group open to those who, like Dirmus, like beer and horn music. And otherwise had to be powered waffle makers.


Econa’s student group at NHH offers a wide range of academic and social events worth noting.

As a member of Econa, you also have the opportunity to get in touch with professionals in your local community by attending events at your local department. In addition to events at your place of study and at your local department, Econa offers a number of membership offers.


The main focus of the finance group is to disseminate finance-related information to students at NHH, regardless of what prior knowledge one possesses. The number of members has risen steadily since its establishment, and today more than 800 NHH students are members of the Finance Group.

Every semester, Finansgruppen arranges at least two financial lectures, and the speakers are taken from the business community’s top shelf. In addition to lectures, two very popular excursions are arranged every year, Oslo (September) and New York (January). As a member of Finansgruppen, you have the opportunity to participate in all our lectures, as well as the opportunity to participate in our excursions.

The financial group’s daily operations and activities are maintained by a board of nine people. The board is appointed at Finansgruppen’s general meeting in February and sits for one year at a time.

Global Economic Perspectives

Global Economic Perspectives (GEP) has a vision to create an expansive, multicultural network of responsible and conscious future leaders who are executors of positive change.

GEP strives to raise awareness of social, political and economic challenges among members of the student body. Through debates and conferences, GEP wants to create a focus on forming a forum for dialogue and knowledge sharing.

Investeringsklubben NHH

The investment club NHHS is a student-run investment company organized as an AS. IKNHHS is administered by Børsklubben, and manages approximately NOK 1,800,000.

Everything is run on a voluntary basis and costs are covered by IKNHHS ‘sponsors. The purpose is to increase the interest and knowledge of finance among the students. Since 2006, the investment company has shown very good results.

Students who take the master’s program (MSc) at NHH are eligible to apply for admission to the CEMS MIM program. CEMS is an alliance of 31 world-class academic institutions, 75 leading, multinational companies and 6 NGOs. Only one school from each country has been awarded a partnership in the alliance and NHH joined the network in 1992.

Lurken skilag

Lurken ski team was founded in 1989, and is an interest group for students at NHH who love skiing, the outdoors, pleasant cabin trips, and those who like to have a good party on the slopes. There are no requirements for skills, and our goal is to spread skiing joy for all tour participants and stud.nhh.

Every year we arrange an autumn trip that can include most of the activities and we have browse. cycled rallarvegen, been on glacier hikes and hikes in the mountains. In the winter, we arrange an annual alpine trip, ski festival in Voss as well as larger and smaller summit trips around our elongated country. We look forward to taking YOU on a trip!

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The Labor Party’s students NHHS are the Labor Party’s student team at NHH. The group will work for a world of freedom, equality and solidarity. The group’s main political areas are welfare, the environment and business. It is desired that members hold membership in either the Labor Party, AUF or LO. Everyone is welcome!

NHHS Artem

NHHS Artem is an open interest group for art-interested students at NHH. Through a wide range of art-related events, NHHS Artem wants to introduce stud.NHH for the best and most exciting Bergen has to offer of cultural events. There is no requirement for prior knowledge! They are a social group that likes to discuss, paint and analyze art.

NHHS Case Club

NHHS Case Club is a new offer for NHH students who are interested in learning about case solutions and case competitions at an international level. The main goal of the organization is to make NHH a recognized case school at the international case competitions, and to become Norway’s best learning arena for cases.

The vision or long-term goal is to win the Champion’s Trophy, a New Zealand case competition you are only invited to if you have won an international case competition the year before. This is done through mass training on a case basis, participation in several case competitions each semester, coaching from experienced case solvers at the school, seminars with partners from the business community, and development of internal case material.

We are looking for members who love intellectual challenges, and who get excited by the idea of standing in front of large gatherings and presenting, regardless of whether it is in Norwegian or English. If you are also a team player and genuinely interested in helping to cultivate a case culture at school, then you are in the right place!

NHHS Ekspedisjon

NHHS Expedition is a group formed by and for students at the Norwegian School of Management. Our common interest in embarking on expeditions and climbing high mountains is the driving force behind the group.

Since the group was founded in 2003, we have sent out expeditions to Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Mt. Blanc, Denali, Horton River, and Greenland. NHHS Expedition aims to stimulate and facilitate that the students at NHH can live out the dream of embarking on expeditions. Feel free to visit us on our website, or on our facebook page.

NHHS Energi

Their goal is to increase interest in the energy sector among students at NHH, as well as to build a bridge between NHH and the energy sector in Norway, Europe and the rest of the world. To achieve these goals, they arrange conferences, where they address current and exciting topics in the energy field. The group also goes on company visits, with the aim of building competence in the sector and establishing contact with the business community.

NHHS Fintech

NHHS FinTech was born in 2018 with the aim to inspire, educate and accelerate entrepreneurial-minded students willing to gain an insight into financial technology environment. We are here to promote new technologies, awareness and knowledge about the newest trends among students, as well as to provide a safe learning environment.

Our goal is to promote and support emerging technologies in the fields of finance, business and economics. NHHS FinTech is intended to be a platform to develop ideas, build teams and exchange experience among students.

We organize keynotes and workshops with guest speakers from Norwegian and international FinTech environment as well as peer-to-peer training for programming and robotics throughout the academic year. Our members have a priority for event registrations and can participate in our social events as well as internal project groups focused on knowledge exchange.

Our members are ambitious students, curious about future and open for new perspectives. And so is our strategy! NHHS FinTech is not primarily about technology. First of all, it is about people.

NHHS Frueklubben

NHHS Frueklubben was started in 2014 and consists of a pleasant group of girls who meet twice a month. We roll out arranging girls’ evenings with various activities during the semester where only creativity sets limits. Feel free to contact us on facebook

Navigatørene NHH

Navigatørene NHH is the Christian student group in NHHS, and part of Navigatørene Norge. We meet every other Thursday at 19.00 in the Staff Canteen at NHH. In addition, Bible groups, prayer meetings, worship, social happenings, cabin trips, trips abroad, and much more are arranged.

They want to be a meeting place for topics on issues of faith, doubt, life and finances. The navigators NHH is a group of students full of good friendships, and you are most welcome. You can find more information on facebook.

Network of Innovation Management and Strategy NHHS

NIMS, Network of Innovation Management and Strategy, was born in 2015 with the aim of being a cross-boundary organization that connects aspiring students of top tier business schools in the field of innovation and strategy. We are currently established in four academic institutions, namely NHH, Bocconi, CBS and WU.

Our teams across Europe organize conferences, workshops, keynotes, panel discussions and get-togethers with innovation-driven companies. By doing so, we are not only interacting with our local NIMS team, but also seizing the opportunity to work with our peers across borders. Our yearly highlight are the Discovery Days, an occasion for all NIMS branches to gather and to network with partner companies. Our mission at NHH is creating a network of academics, students and professionals in the field of innovation and new business development. We are devoted to fostering a diverse professional and personal network to succeed in an increasingly complex business world.

NHHS Opptur

NHHS Opptur was started in the autumn of 2011 and is a group consisting of around 30 happy girls. We look at hiking in the mountains as a different and enjoyable way to exercise, without running Stoltzen up for that reason. We combine hiking with joy and Quick Lunch, and rather leave the harder piece of exercise to others.

Hver søndag klokken 13.00 møtes vi til tur, og vår flinke turansvarlig sørger alltid for varierte og morsomme turer. Ellers har vi vors før studentgallaer, sosiale sammenkomster, middager med andre interessegrupper på skolen og mye annet gøy. Vi har opptak hver høst og søker jenter med glede og engasjement. Følg fjellvettregel nr. 7: Gå ikke alene – bli heller med oss på (NHHS OPP)TUR!

NHHS Selskapsdans

The spring of 2018 marked the start of NHHS Selskapsdans. The goal is to gather students at NHH who want to learn, keep up and / or teach different types of couple dancing. We focus on the ten standard and Latin dances, in addition to Salsa and Swing. In the future, we will have two types of events: closed trainings for group members, as well as open courses for all school students.

Skipsfart- og Transportgruppen

The Shipping and Transport Group (STG) was formed in 1966 and is an interest group run by and for students. STG’s main purpose is to increase interest in shipping and shipping-related subjects among students at NHH and other educational institutions

We work to do this by, among other things, regularly arranging popular lectures with speakers from the business community, company visits, excursions to Norway and abroad, as well as Shipping ABCs where a brief introduction is given to the shipping industry. In addition, a subcommittee of STG arranges a shipping conference every two years, called Bergen Shipping Conference.

NHHS Queers & Allies (Q&A)

NHHS Queers & Allies (Q&A) is an open group with the goal of creating a social environment and network for queer students at NHH. During the semester, we organize social events like pre-parties, hikes, movie nights, concerts, social drinks, and similar internal events for group members.

Membership is open for all who want to join, as long as you’re motivated and follow our internal privacy rules.

Would you like to join Q&A, join one of our internal events, or have other questions? Just contact Max at! Or you can have a chat with us at one of our open/public events that we try to arrange at least once per semester. These are for those who are not yet members but are interested in seeing what kind of activities our group does. You can of course bring along friends!

Follow us on Facebook for updates!

Are you thinking about joining? Register your interest here!

Start NHH

Start NHH wants to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among students at both NHH and other educational institutions in Bergen. By spreading knowledge and motivation, we hope to be able to show all the opportunities that exist and help people on the path to becoming an entrepreneur.

The organization has several varied events throughout the year, which include everything from light entertainment to activities with more professional weight. We invite well-known entrepreneurs and innovative companies to share their stories, hold an event that promotes female entrepreneurship, and offer students and companies help in the start-up phase. In addition, we arrange the business plan competition Venture Cup in Bergen.

Since the organization’s start-up in 2001, we have grown to become a diverse group of students from all levels at NHH. Our members have a burning commitment to innovation and work to increase interest in innovation and entrepreneurship among students in Bergen.

NHHS Vinum

Vinum is an interest group for students who like wine, want to learn more about wine and are looking for a social group. We offer a social platform with wine in the center. As a member of Vinum, you will be able to participate in a number of social and wine professional events.

Among other things, wine tasting, wine courses, trips abroad and general social gatherings. Wine involves far more than just alcohol and alcohol, wine is culture and history. Knowledge of wine is central to the sophisticated social life, whether you want to choose the right wine at a restaurant or get the best possible champagne for the money. In other words, Vinum offers very useful and otherwise expensive knowledge, within the financial framework of student life. You do not need any previous knowledge to join, only the will to learn and a good mood.

Unge Venstre NHH

Unge Venstre NHH has since 2013 been an open interest group for liberal students at the Norwegian School of Management. We promote a greener, more inclusive and forward-looking policy. With financial responsibility in focus, we work closely with Bergen Left and Liberal Students. We are also a local team in Vestland Unge Venstre. The group arranges debates, lectures and social events, both in collaboration with others and on its own initiative. Do you want to help increase the political involvement among stud.nhh? You are welcome!

Kjellergruppene ved NHH

Big Business Band

Big Business Band is the big band at NHH. BBB was established in 1984, and has about 20 active members. Common to us all is our interest in big band music and beer from Drammen.

We consider ourselves to be the musical center at the Norwegian School of Management and we are constantly working seriously to get better. That is why we have a professional instructor from the jazz community in Bergen to lead us. For dance, BBB is a fairly traditional big band, but with a strong element of a little more modern music than just “regular” swing. We like to play funk, rock and Latin – all with great commitment.

In addition, we are a close-knit and social group, who have a lot of fun together. We are located at Kammerset, in the innermost part of Kjelleren, where rumors have it that the party will be held going longer than anywhere else at NHH …!


Executive music is a unique phenomenon at Norway’s highest school for trade and culture. And it is at the culture department at NHH that the group does its work. The management music conducts music of various kinds, as well as revues and other stage fun.

Several have started their cultural journey in Direksjonsmusikken’s playing ranks, i.a. Director General Anders Hoff, last seen in Raske Menn. The group is one of the school’s oldest, as the phenomenon celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2018. If you want to join the ranks of directors who have treated rhythm and tone in Executive Music, you should have at least one of the qualities: musicality, sense of rhythm or attention, all in spewed a lot of joviality.


eXtravadance spreads the joy of dancing!
eXtravadance is NHH’s own dance group, which at all times consists of around 20 dance girls with backgrounds in everything from classical ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, showdance, freestyle, latino m.m.

eXtravadance was formed in the year 2000, when the two founders, Heidi Reinholdt and Marit Halvorsen, wanted to form a group for dance-loving girls who wanted something more than just rocking the Club. Today’s extravadance girls can be found at Baby’s Corner, the pink room in the basement. Together with the choir and band, we give the stage that little bit extra when the interest groups in Kjelleren are responsible for the entertainment.


The girls’ choir Sangria at the Norwegian School of Management was founded in 1983, and has since then created life, a good atmosphere and joy in NHHS. The choir has its meeting place at Slowness; the orange room in the basement.

Sangria is a large and good group of friends as well as an enormously educational “school” in project work. The girls’ choir is one of the interest groups that makes Kjelleren and NHH something very special, both with musical and other entertaining elements and the space Slowness. Sangria is the perfect entertainment for Christmas dinners, anniversaries, other festivities and events, corporate dinners, birthdays, conferences and whatever else it may be! We sing our well-known potpourri, a collection of well-known melodies with new, self-composed and of course better lyrics. Each potpourri has a consistent theme, and we have something to suit every taste. The lyrics are full of humor, and we convey the song with a wide smile on our face and great empathy! Contact:


Svæveru ’is the men’s choir at the singing and music department at the Norwegian School of Management.

Ever since the choir’s foundation on a rainy Saturday in 1950, the Svæverale joy has blown through the corridors at NHH. The song is still in the center, and the choir is more dedicated in student association work than ever before.

The choir’s own room in the basement, Jalmar Laden’s Mausoleum, is in itself an inexhaustible source of good atmosphere, beautiful cantata music and flowing Hansapilsner.

Through our 65 years of entertainment experience, the Svæveru ’Choir has performed clever insights into Norwegian politics, society and business. We have entertained ministers, royals and other celebrities, but the greatest pleasure is singing for the business community and other good friends between the seven mountains. The Svæveru ’Choir is therefore perfect for any Christmas table, company dinners and other festivities. Many a Norwegian business leader has loudly concluded, with a Hansapils well planted in the right bank, that their company has succeeded better after being presented with Svæveru’s eminent cantata art.


UKEkoret Optimum

UKEkoret Optimum is the mixed choir at the Norwegian School of Management, and was founded in 1983 to bring UKEN to new heights. Optimum is a choir with a lot of optimism, and many lively and creative souls. You will find us in our corridor, OP, behind the green door in the basement.

Not only does the choir maintain a high musical level, but Optimum arranges songs, writes lyrics and sets up revues. In addition, the choir also has a number of songs the girls and boys sing separately.

One of the choir’s many traditions is Green Evening, a show with songs and sketches, which ends with a concert by our own “Optiband”. On stage, the Optimists show that they can play more instruments than the vocal cords, and Campus is filled time and time again. Every five years, an anniversary revue is also staged in the Aula. We also travel on choir weekends every six months and the unity with other student choirs in Bergen and the rest of Norway is stronger than ever.

Contact us! E-mail:, or find us on Facebook.

NHHS Vaktkorpset

NHHS Vaktkorpset (VK) is a student-run organization under the student association at the Norwegian School of Management. We provide guard and security services for a fee, mainly at student events at the school.

Many at the school quickly find out that VK has several sides. We can be playful, sporty, serious and in addition they have a page that we save until we are at a party.

Furthermore, VK is a well-connected group with its own basement room, “Sjarken”. We are a very genuine group, and spend a lot of time at small and large gatherings here. Throughout the year, fraternization, joint training, competitions and courses are arranged. The group also goes on an annual social trip to Eastern Europe.

Feel free to contact us at


All the Sports Groups can be found on NHHI’s website. The link to the page can be found here: