The Control Committee (KU) is one of NHHS’s governing bodies and is tasked with supervision, conducting control work, and serving as an advisory body for the student association. The mandates of the committee are to ensure that NHHS complies with its articles of association and decisions made. The Control Committee is required to present reports at the Association Meetings (FM) and is crucial for achieving effective internal control within the student association. All members of the Control Committee hold an independent access right that applies to all matters in the student association that the committee deems necessary to investigate.

As a member of the Control Committee, one cannot hold other positions of trust within the student association, but it is advantageous to have a good understanding of the student association’s operations and structure. Personal qualities such as independence and objectivity are important prerequisites for the Control Committee to fulfill its role in a trustworthy manner.

Name: Jørund Storrusten
Phone.: 950 16 447

Member, external
Name: Stine Sisselsdotter Stolpestad
Phone.: 984 73 803

Member, internal 
Name: Per Olav Hagen Hallingstad
Phone.: 949 87 824

Member, external
Name: Håvard Rørtveit
Phone.: 940 55 676

Member, internal 
Name: Amund Hannevik
Phone.: 974 91 550

Member, external
Name: Liv Kari Bakka Solås
Phone.: 930 78 650

The Control Committee’s protocol can be found here.

The Control Committee has a one (1) week deadline for submitting issues. If you wish to submit a matter for consideration, this can be done via email to

Møte #131.08.21
Møte #2UKE 37
Møte #3UKE 39
Møte #4UKE 41
Møte #5UKE 43
Møte #6UKE 45
Møte #7UKE 47