The subcommittees at NHH are groups that are financially and legally dependent on NHHS, and are linked to the operation of the student association. Below you will find information about them.


Backline arranges concerts, festivals and parties at NHH. We also help other subcommittees and interest groups with booking of both Norwegian and international artists. Previous bookings include KAKKMADDAFAKKA, CLMD, Fagernes Yatch Klubb, Coucheron, Young Dreams, Lars Vaular and many more.

In addition, we maintain the booking competence at the school between each WEEK, and are the link between the student association and the music industry. We are a nice and music-interested group that regularly goes to concerts together. We are located in the school’s best office in the heart of Fløien. For more info and updates check our facebook profile.

Foto: Julija Firsova, Foto NHHS


Photo NHHS is, as the name implies, the student association’s official photo group and covers most events under the auspices of NHHS, both on and off NHH. The assignments can be everything parties and concerts for sporting events and conferences.

In addition, we deliver photos to the school newspaper K7 Bulletin. In Photo NHHS, whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, you will have the opportunity to learn and play with some of the very best equipment available on the market. The photography takes place both indoors and outdoors, in the studio, as well as on social photo trips with the rest of the subcommittee’s photographers. Foto NHHS also has a close collaboration, both socially and through the school newspaper, with Grafisk NHHS and K7 Bulletin at the Media Center.

Photo NHHS works exclusively for the student association. We also have studio photography every semester where CV photos are taken, as well as group photos for the school’s subcommittee. Photo NHHS courses also UKEN, Bergen Challenge and Symposiet’s photo groups.

Grafisk NHHS

Graphic NHHS designs posters, logos, school newspapers and other graphic material for groups in NHHS. You will find us at the Media Center (MS) together with K7 Bulletin and Foto NHHS. We are a creative and international group consisting of both beginners and experienced.

If you want help with graphic design for your group, you can book us through NHHS ‘booking portal.

If you have other questions, you can contact our manager at


In the dark tunnel of school, character and career pursuits, there is a radiant light. This light shows you not only some of the best things about being a student, but also some of the best things about being human. The candle is called Kramboden. Kramboden is NHHS ‘student cabin, and is operated by the Cabin Committee.

It is special both because for 75 years it has been responsible for some of the most memorable parties that no one remembers, and because it helps to support the unique unity among the students at NHH. Most students have their first meeting with Kramboden during the First Coal Seminar, a gathering that shows that this cabin is stud.nhh’s own fantastic, funny playpen.

Kramboden is idyllically located on Frotveit in the area called Bontveit and is located south of Bergen. The cabin committee is responsible for the administration of the cabin, while org.sek distributes keys during office hours 09.30-13.30 Mon-Fri. The cabin has a capacity for about 80-100 people, depending on how nice you want to have it, but it is also nice to travel with smaller groups. For Subcommittees, accommodation is free, while the rental price for stud.NHH is NOK 50 per night.

International Committee

The International Committee has the gratifying task of ensuring that the exchange students at NHH feel comfortable and integrated into the social life of the school. We do this, among other things, by arranging a sponsor week twice a year.

In addition, we arrange theme parties, cabin trips and many social events throughout the semester. We also make sure to keep the exchange students continuously informed about other social and academic activities at the school. Each semester is rounded off with a formal closing dinner of the stay’s highlights.


it.gruppen NHHS is an internal service body in NHHS. We were founded in 1996 by four members, and have since grown into a large group that currently has 30 to 40 members. Our main task is to operate and manage the student association’s IT resources internally in the best possible way. It is also an overriding goal for the IT group to promote IT knowledge.

Internally, we are divided into three sections: the Web section, the development section and the system and server section. The web section develops websites, both for the IT group itself and for other subcommittee and interest groups in NHHS. The development section is engaged in programming, and also takes on projects at the request of other groups in NHHS. System and server work with continuous maintenance and improvement of the IT systems in NHHS.

K7 Bulletin

K7 Bulletin, also known as Bulle, is an independent student newspaper for the entire student Bergen. As both a current and former Bergen student, it is of course mandatory to read Bulle! According to the articles of association, the K7 Bulletin shall “publish student newspapers for student Bergen” and “print matters of general interest to students in Bergen”.

The newspaper is also obliged to follow the Vær Varsom poster, which means that we follow general journalistic principles. The newspaper is published six times a semester, usually every other week. The editorial staff consists of a responsible editor, a news editor, a magazine editor and a sports and finance editor. Together with about twenty journalists, marketing manager and general manager, these make up the subcommittee K7 Bulletin.

K7 Bulletin is also one of the subcommittees that generates the highest income for the student association, primarily through advertisements. The K7 Bulletin has a circulation of 3,500 and is distributed both at NHH and at most educational institutions in Bergen. In addition, we have a sweeping great website you can visit at

K7 Minutter

Have you been to a concert in the Aula, seen video reports from NHH, major lectures in the Aula, survived an FM or maybe seen a show or two? Then the chances are high that you have seen some of K7 minutes’ productions. We are there to give you the best live pictures on the screens in the Aula and make reports about what is happening in the student association.

K7 minutes is the student association’s own video group. We are a humorous group that engages in various forms of video and live production, while we are always ready for parties and fun. Our business is mainly divided into two main parts: the AV system in the Auditorium and the editorial office.

AV system: This is our video rig in the Aula at NHH. Through our standard setup of four cameras, two on a tripod on the shelf, one to two handhelds and sometimes a camera crane, we work to give you the best possible experience of the concert, show or whatever it may be in the Auditorium. Everything is cut directly and shown on the screens for everyone who was not so lucky to get a place right in front of the stage. At times, we also stream (show) what is happening in the Auditorium in the Club, Campus or in some selected auditorium.

The editorial staff: We make productions that are posted on our website. These can be reports from incidents at school, interviews with young and old personalities or our own productions. We work in editorial groups of eight members who together will produce four cases in two weeks. As a member, you are asked to create two to three cases per semester. We also produce promos and short films for other groups in the student association.

Everyone in the student association can also rent the equipment we have at our disposal if they want to make something themselves, both camera, lights and racks are available and can be booked via It is also possible to book time on our PCs for editing work, as long as it is in the NHHS context.

Klubb og Kulturutvalget

The club and culture committee’s main task is to ensure the welfare of NHHS’s members. Much of the work goes into running our beloved nightclub, the Club, and making sure that this continues to be a social meeting place across litters and interests.

Just imagine how a start to your study time at NHH would be without the 1st litter week and social events such as parties and concerts in the evening. What would the student association be if we did not have the basement premises? In other words, KKU has a large part of the responsibility for ensuring that we can still boast of having perhaps the best student environment in the Nordic region.

We have an offer for all the school’s students, and want to be the first choice when stud.NHH needs a relaxation from the reading room and academic work.


The market group has four functions; a training function that will ensure that all subcommittees and interest groups know how to proceed in order to acquire a partner. A quality assurance function that is to ensure that agreements entered into are correct in accordance with laws and regulations, in addition to being complied with and followed up.

An innovation function where the market group must always think new when it comes to promoting and recruiting partners. And finally, a coordinating function that will ensure that NHHS has a professional face on the outside and a structured marketing apparatus on the inside. The marketing group will work to give the student association financial freedom of action and access to resources, in addition to giving student.nhh good student benefits.


The MEBA Council represents the interests of the international students in the six internationally focused Master of Science programs at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). The council is responsible for over 150 international degree students in the realms of academic affairs, social events and corporate relations.

In addition, the Council works on increasing the visibility of NHH internationally and is part of the International Student Union of Norway.

The MEBA Council Board 2016 is a group of students from all over the world eager to work with the NHH community on the internationalization of our institution. Our main goals are the following:

Establishing a list of best practices within European business schools and collaborate with NHH faculty on the adoption of them

Increasing collaboration with other committees and groups on shared events to promote integration between Norwegian and international students

Providing networking opportunities and career guidance to students in Norway and abroad

Increasing the welfare of our fellow international students

Promoting the NHH-brand abroad using international events, such as TEDx

We are firmly convinced that all students of NHH can benefit from a higher international recognition of the university abroad. This can be achieved in many ways, among which integration of international students at NHH plays a crucial role.


NHH Aid is the students’ humanitarian subcommittee at the Norwegian School of Management. The subcommittee always has active volunteers who help raise money for UNICEF’s project, Schools for Africa.

Every year, more than one million kroner is collected for education for children and young people in Malawi. Everything that is collected goes in full to the project.

In addition to all volunteer contributors, a total of 30 committed students are responsible for planning, implementing, profiling and financing the projects and events of NHH Aid. The subcommittee consists of six group leaders and twenty-four members of the grand board. The Executive Board is divided into the groups finance, information, market, project and event.

Throughout the year, the subcommittee is responsible for a number of events and projects. The annual Aid project is sold every autumn, and should be something that students enjoy. Career day Career with meaning is arranged at the beginning of each year, and is the result of a collaboration between the Business Committee and NHH Aid. The goal is to introduce the student body to non-profit organizations, which can be potential future employers. Every autumn, a group of fresh first-class lists is hired to arrange the Action Week. This is a week full of activities and fundraisers, and ends with the Aula show Internaften. The action week accounts for the majority of AIDS ‘income. In addition, Valentines Day and a gay bear race are arranged.

Every year we get dozens of new students in the subcommittee with new ideas and new courage. NHH Aid will be a driving force in finding new and innovative ways to raise money, and at the same time be responsible for social activities at the school. NHH Aid wants to encourage attitude awareness and commitment among students.

Career with Opinion – information on registering for organizations can be found here.

UN internship – UN internship – application deadline 6 March, for more information see here.


The Norwegian School of Management’s Sports Association, NHHI, currently consists of over 1400 members divided into 57 teams and 31 different sports. In NHHI you will find everything from traditional sports you are well acquainted with such as football and handball, to more untraditional sports such as killing and baseball.

Many of our teams have admissions at the start of the semester, while some are open to everyone all year round.

Do you want to be serious about sports alongside your studies? Do you want to try a new sport? Or do you just want to find a gang that is interested in the same sport as you? At NHHI we have something for everyone. If you do not find the offer that suits you, it is also entirely possible to create your own team.

Feel free to check out or follow us on instagram @nhhidrettsforening for more information!

NHHS Consulting

NHHS Consulting is an independent consulting company run by NHH’s top students. We are hired by NHHS for internal projects and drive value creation towards the business community in the form of tailor-made projects, staffing of consultants and training – aimed at SMEs and Startups.

We are also a typical subcontractor of projects led by the consulting industry’s top houses. NHHS Consulting has an impressive CV of partners from leading organizations in the industry, and is proud to have had EY and QVARTZ behind it over the past decade. In 2019, we also secured a new collaboration with VIS. NHHS Consulting is in great growth and increased value creation and scaling of the business as a whole is in great focus.


The Business Committee is one of the largest subcommittees in the student association at NHH. The Business Committee was started in 1966 and has as its main task to be a link between the student body at NHH and the business community.

Through various activities and services, we want to make it easy for students at NHH to meet their potential employers and get an overview of possible job opportunities that exist after studying at NHH. Through our work, we become a natural partner for companies in their recruitment of NHH students.

The Business Committee currently consists of 60 committed members and a large alumni network. Our board consists of 8 positions that are set annually through elections at the student association. The remaining members are members of various internal subcommittees and are often active throughout their studies at NHH. The members have an important role in the projects and events that take place under the auspices of the Business Committee. In our work, we are committed to maintaining high professional quality and delivering services that simplify companies’ recruitment process.

As a link between the student body at NHH and the business community, we offer a wide range of profiling opportunities aimed at students at NHH. We offer arranging company presentations, participation in Career Days and arranging other activities, including courses and workshops. We are also helpful with profiling through jobseeker portals, newsletters and advertising.


The profiling committee was started in the spring semester of 2009 and then consisted of 6 members. Since then, we have grown big, and now have about 40 active members who do their part to ensure that student democracy interests as many people as possible in the student association.

Our main tasks are to promote student democracy in NHHS, build NHHS as a brand name and to work actively for recruitment to the student association.

We do this through responsibility for several varied tasks and events such as:

Association meeting, the highest body in the student association

Spring and autumn elections

The recruitment week as well as Standsaften and Møt Aulaen

Info Monitors

Editor’s responsibility for

Profiling of NHHS internally and externally

In addition, PU makes information material such as:

FM inks

Attachment to FM

Welcome to the NHHS Magazine

recruitment magazine

FIA newspaper

Do you want to show something on the info screens? Send a picture in format 1920×1080 to


The project group (PG) is a newly started subcommittee in NHHS. The group is a creative outlet for NHH students, with the goal of creating student welfare through various events and activities. Since new and innovative projects are more than welcome here – and since there is really no clear definition of what the group should do or be – no year in the Project Group will be exactly the same.

We focus on the students’ varying interests, and make sure that everyone is welcome and feels the project group’s spirit watches over one.

The project group aims to provide NHHS with fantastic parties and events, cultural activities and an enriched everyday life. Our vision is to maximize students’ time here at NHH. In the Project Group, you will build up project understanding, and together with others create happy events for fellow students. We focus on the social, and are a pleasant group with drive.


The accounting group is the finance department in the student organization, consisting of approximately 25 active members. Our work involves financial management in a highly active student organization, and we use systems and routines that are used in business.

Our primary task is to have control over all financial activity, as well as more specific tasks such as invoicing, salary payments, documentation in the accounting system, remittance and assistance when financial information is needed. In addition, the Accounting Group contributes with functions such as controller and internal auditor.

Questions about financial activity can be directed to different parts of the group according to what may apply.

Guide for CFOs at NHHS:

Invoice: Works on sending out invoices and checks outstanding items.

Salary: Everything that has to do with salary and driving allowance paid by NHHS is directed to the payroll department.

Payments: Payments are made primarily once a week and questions about this are directed to either the person responsible for the current group in RG, or the leader in RG.

Guides: Questions regarding guides are directed to the person responsible for the current group in RG.

Bank reconciliation: Checks and corrections are checked once every two months. Questions about corrections are directed to the bank reconciliation manager.

Controllers: Questions regarding the transfer of welfare from one semester to another (accrual).

Other inquiries can be directed to the manager

Studentpolitisk Utvalg NHHS

Student Policy Committee NHHS (SPU NHHS) is a party-politically independent group in NHHS and works to promote students at NHH’s political opinions on student policy issues. We are around 35 members and throughout the year we have both external and internal events.

Our vision is that being a member of the Student Policy Committee should be both fun and educational. The Student Policy Committee has three different committees and these are; political committee, event committee and social committee.

Political Committee

Political committee works with and prepares the political issues on behalf of stud.NHH. The members of the committee are the students’ vote against the Welfare Parliament in Western Norway, where we, together with representatives from all schools that are members of SAMMEN, set the political agenda for all schools. The committee is responsible for the GPFG’s core business of giving stud.NHH a voice in matters concerning the general welfare of our students.

social Committee

The social committee in the GPFG is responsible for the social structure and cohesion of the committee. This entails a general responsibility to create a good atmosphere in the office, but also to arrange pleasant activities for the committee members. The committee has previously arranged Christmas dinners, kickoffs, trips abroad and countless cake Thursday days in the office. The social cohesion in the GPFG is important for preparing good policy, and sos.kom takes responsibility for this.

The Organizing Committee

The Events Committee is one of the creative parts of the GPFG. We in arr came jobs to create events that will show that politics are both heavy debates on important issues, but also light-hearted and entertaining presentations and discussions. We work to get important social actors to NHH and Bergen. Previously, we have arranged “Debate: Violation show” where we opened up for debate and standup about freedom of expression and violation in society. We have also arranged a debate about video lectures at NHH and youth party leader debate which was broadcast live on TV2. We will always listen to the students’ opinions in order to create events that can set the agenda for discussions among the students at NHH. In addition to this, we arrange “Beer and politics” every semester where we invite you to a good lecture and fun.

Studentutvalget ved NHH

We in the Student Committee at NHH are a group of committed students from all cohorts, who work actively to improve the students’ everyday study. The student committee is the students’ voice against the college’s management.

All members of the Student Committee sit on various boards and committees at the college. We work on a daily basis with deans, department heads and principals to plan both long-term strategies and minor matters. We also have our own working groups where we look at questions such as how we can improve students’ mental health, increase the degree of digitization, and raise the focus on pedagogy.

Each litter at NHH has its own litter representatives from the Student Committee. They have a special responsibility to follow up the litter’s teaching plan. This involves, among other things, conducting mid-term evaluations, and then giving feedback to the lecturers. In addition, they are the contact person for the students in their cohort, and follow up on the inquiries they receive from their fellow students. At master’s level, we also carry out master mingling every semester, which is a good arena for finding a master’s partner.

The student committee also awards the teaching prize The Bronze Mushroom this semester and the prize for Student Assistant of the Year in the spring. The bronze sponge is a prestigious award that assumes that the lecturer has created commitment around the subject, is innovative in his form of teaching, manages to show the relevance of the subject related to business, in addition to having good general pedagogical skills.

In addition to working actively with the administration, we have many pleasant social events during the semester, such as parties, cabin trips and taco evenings.

If you want to contact us about inquiries regarding your everyday study or about us in the Student Committee, you can find us on Facebook or contact the board directly.


The Relay Committee (Stafkom) is responsible for arranging the BergeNSBaneløpet. BergeNSBaneløpet is an annual relay that is arranged every spring semester on the route Oslo-Bergen or Bergen-Oslo. This year’s relay will be the 44th in a series of memorable relays for students at NHH.

The relay is arranged in collaboration with BI Nydalen. The race has great support among the students and is an event where both the sporting and the social are in focus. Throughout the year, Stafkom arranges running training twice a week, both as training for the relay, but also as a sports offer for the students. The training is open to everyone, and the training program consists of intervals on Tuesdays and quiet long runs on Thursdays. After training, there is a distribution of juice, biscuits and bananas, and we arrange free supper with, among other things, good bread, cold cuts, buns and chocolate milk once a month. The race and training have high support among students at NHH, where the social is emphasized at least as much as the sport.

Training times: Tuesday and Thursday from 18:15 (*) – attendance at the student entrance.

* During the exam period, the training times are changed to 19:15 so that the students can make the most of the day.

Are you wondering anything more about Stafkom or BBL? Send an email to

Teknisk Gruppe

Do you have a luminous commitment to cultural events? Do you feel the rhythm in your body when the music comes on? Do you want to see what happens “behind the scenes” at concerts and auditoriums? Then Teknisk Gruppe (TG) is for you!

Technical Group (TG) is the subcommittee in NHHS that deals with sound and light. In TG there are about 25 active members. We have our own basement room and our own band. We help to create events under the auspices of NHHS, such as concerts, auditoriums, debates and revues. We are also responsible for lending and general operation of NHHS ‘technical sound and lighting equipment. The equipment we have is of a high standard – on a par with what you find elsewhere in cultural life.

In TG you get the opportunity to learn about either sound or light, and to join in setting up concerts, shows and conferences. In addition, you get a super group of friends! Experience is not required, as you will receive the necessary training from us. The most important thing is that you have a stand-on-will and a brilliant mood! With equipment at a professional level, the opportunities for learning and development are very good. If you either have an interest in sound or light, want to learn something new during your time at NHH, or simply want to help create shows and concerts at school, TG is the place for you.

Our basement room is located on Campus and is used for breaks from the hall, lunch, Wednesday meetings and NHHS parties. TG bands perform at various auditorium shows such as Internaften and Ufagsaften. We are a social group that emphasizes a good environment. We participate in larger events in NHHS, and also arrange our own social events, such as cabin trips and Christmas dinners. In the autumn of 2016, we celebrate our 30th anniversary.

If this sounds like something for you, you can send an email to for more information or to register your interest. Check out our facebook page and instagram to see more of what we do.

For bookings, the deadline is Wednesday before Wednesday before events. Then contact the manager.


The finance agency wants to offer free financial advice for private individuals primarily in the Bergen area, but can also help those who live further away via e-mail or telephone. We work purposefully to create economic awareness by establishing ourselves as a professional and visible player in the region.

In addition to our counseling service, we want to conduct preventive work by improving young people’s attitudes to personal finances through, for example, lectures in upper secondary school. We also want to convey our message through the media and therefore write regular columns with private financial reading. The staff of the financial communication consists of about 20 committed students who together have taken on a challenging task: to help people out of financial disability. At the same time, we also want to be a low-threshold service so that people who have less extensive questions about personal finances can also get in touch. Our advisors gain valuable experience in conveying messages in a simple and understandable way while at the same time acquiring knowledge about private financial issues. The financial communication is well received by both public and private actors who all believe that the organization is facing a bright future.