In order for us to be able to reimburse an expense you make for NHHS, the documentation must be sufficient for our auditor to approve it (cf. the Accounting Regulations § 5-1-1). If you want money back for a purchase, the receipt must be included as a confirmation for the outlay. We must have a specification of what was purchased, a date stamp that shows when it was purchased, sum, VAT processing, and information about where the purchase was made. If the purchase confirmation is not from a company that provides a proper receipt, you must in addition to proof of service documentation also attach a bank statement confirming payment. The more documentation you provide, the less likely you are to get the form returned.

The purpose of the documentation is to confirm that the cost is genuine, that it can be linked to NHHS’s operations, that it occurs during the period in which we post it, and that the correct VAT treatment is performed.