Welcome to NHHS

Welcome as a new student at NHH and by that also a new member of NHHS – the Student Association of the Norwegian School of Economics!

During this introductory phase, it’s natural that you, as a new student, have many questions. For example, you might be wondering what the difference between NHH and NHHS is? Something to note already is that both the school and the student association love abbreviations, so these are just two of many! NHH means the Norwegian School of Economics, while NHHS means the Student Association of the Norwegian School of Economics! Your first week at NHH is the Welcome Week. This will be a week filled with various events for new bachelor students, master students, and international students, as well as open activities that will be alcohol-free. Tickets for the Welcome Week can be purchased through the app “Orbi.”

You will find more information about the Welcome Week at nhhs.no, through this link: 


Additionally, we encourage you to join the Facebook group “Vi som begynner på NHH høsten 2023” (Those of us starting at NHH the autumn of 2023) and to follow nhhstudentforening and ic_nhhs on Instagram, where regular updates will be posted.

Read more about NHHS and what we have to offer in the magazine below!

We are looking forward to a fantastic Welcome Week!

Best regards,

The Welcome Week Committee 2023