Sumo has four restaurants located at Vestre Torggate 3, Damsgårsveien 39, Åsane senter 42 (Arken) and Laguneveien 7. Sumo is a playful and asian fusion concept focusing on quality and details.

Student benefit
25 % discount on takeaway and eat-in – year-round*.

Bergen sentrum – 55 90 19 60
Åsane – 55 19 10 00
Solheimsviken – 55 70 51 31
Lagunen – 90 80 70 60

Send codeword SUMO NHH2324 to 2030 and download the app.
(The discount is automatically applied during checkout.)
Availible on App Store and Google Play.


* 25 % on takeaway (does not applyto delivieres) & 25 % of eat-in atSumo Solheimsviken & Sumo Lagunen (Sumo i Bergen sentrum and Sumo in Åsane sun-thu before 16.00). Remember student-ID!

Discount does not apply to drinks or other promotions.

For enquiries regarding the partnership, contact NHHS Markedsgruppen on Facebook or send amail to

There will be many long hours for the students at NHH, and often you may need a little extra food in your stomach to go the distance.

Peppes Pizza is the largest pizza restaurant chain in Scandinavia with approx. 2000 employees. Peppes is represented from Hammerfest in the north to Kristiansand in the south, and is the market leader in both the restaurant and delivery segment, and has built up a solid brand status over over 40 years. Informal atmosphere, pleasant surroundings and a varied and tempting menu are the cornerstones of Peppes. In addition to the traditional and immortal bestsellers, Peppes launches new and exciting products every year.

Student benefits
20% discount on all food and non-alcoholic beverages in restaurant and on takeaway or delivery *, upon presentation of a valid NHH student ID and cash payment.
Subcommittees and interest groups in NHHS also receive a 20% discount. Ordering must be done on customer number according to the agreement and orders from subcommittees can be made on credit.

Phone: 22 22 55 55

* Discount on delivery only applies to delivery of at least two large pizzas.

If you have questions related to the agreement, contact the NHHS Market Group on Facebook or send an email to

Students at NHH Receives:
20% discount on food in restaurants, except Escalon Fløyen. Fixed price for beer, NOK 69.

Phone: Bergen: (+47) 55 32 90 99 | Oslo (+47) 21 95 12 50
Online: escalon.noIf you have any questions related to the benefit, contact NHHS Markedsgruppen on Facebook or send an email to

Escalon started up in 1998 as a single tapas-restaurant. Since then they have expanded and they now have restaurants in both Bergen and Oslo. All their restaurants have preserved the unformal and friendly atmosphere, which has been their trademark since the start. Escalon serves you great food at a reasonable price, in a relaxing environment. We hope that all our guests has a great experience with us, either you are here for a glass of wine, or if you bring along all your friends for a grandiose tapasfestivitas.

If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please contact or send us a message on Facebook, at NHHS Markedsgruppen.

As a student as NHH you get benefits at Skau!

30-40% off on drinks in the bar

NHH-student are eligible to register for a green “Skau-kort”, which grants cheaper prices in the bar, by using the following link:

Priority queue

From Mondays to Fridays NHH-students can use the priority queue. Only when showing student ID and until 01.00.

Hyre Bedrift

As an NHH student, you get a discount of 300 NOK on your first rental costing over 600 NOK for your first booking through Hyre!

Hyre is a car-sharing service that makes it incredibly easy to rent a car when you need one. With the app, you can easily borrow a car starting from 85 NOK per hour. We at Hyre are deeply passionate about technology and share a vision of a future where nobody needs to own their own car in the cities.

It’s free to create a user account; you only pay when you rent a car. The cars can be unlocked with your mobile phone, 24/7, and expenses are automatically calculated when you finish your journey. Additionally, you get the best liability and comprehensive insurance from If during your trip.

To take advantage of this offer, use the promotional code “nhhs300.”

Here’s how to rent a car with Hyre:

  1. Download the app: Your mobile phone is the car key, so to rent a car with Hyre, you need to have the app installed on your phone. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Log in with BankID: Once you’ve downloaded the app, create a user account by logging in with BankID.
  3. Find the car you want to rent: Rent a car immediately or reserve a car for future use. In the parking garage at Ullevål Stadium, there are several electric cars ready for rent. You can find the cars on the first floor from the entrance near Thon Hotel.
  4. Unlock the car with your phone: Your mobile phone is your car key, so you don’t have to wait in line or for someone to give you the key.

NHHS and Ferdia have signed an agreement. The purpose is to gather all transport orders (car transport, minibus and bus) in one portal to ensure:

Environmentally friendly and sustainable transport
Kick-back on all orders
Predictable and low prices
Good service and communication
Implementation of ShareBus
Develop future mobility concepts

Important pages:
Get offers in the right place:
– Mini bus and bus = 
– Sharebus = 
– party buses = 
– Car Rental =

Ferdia is a technology and networking company for the transport industry and delivers value to customers through various bus and transport services. Ferdia cooperates with local bus companies, which has a positive impact on the environment and price. Inspired by network and sharing economics, they are changing the way you experience and trade modern transportation.

Sharebus was developed by technology and network company Ferdia and is inspired by the effects between sharing economy, interconnection, experiences and environment. The concept is based on the idea that you can be picked up in your area by proposing a separate route, a new stopover or buying a ticket on an existing route. In this way, the public manages the provision of transport itself and we avoid empty rides and low utilization of the buses. Customers buy the number of seats they need, and if enough registered (so-called “GoPoint”) the route is confirmed.

Competitive Advantage: Environment and Quality
Digitization and networks enable efficient transport for the benefit of the environment and customers, and create an ecosystem with only winners. An ecosystem consisting of a network of leading bus companies and quality conscious customers. Ferdia has one portal for all requests across the country. Wherever you go, you meet a company that is hand-picked based on quality, environment, reputation and professionalism. With experienced drivers, modern vehicles and the industry’s best digital tools, we can offer a flexible, safe and efficient service.

Ferdia works with customers who want to strengthen position / competitive advantage through efficient transport for their employees or customers, and who are triggered by environmental benefits and seamless innovative digital solutions. Together with the customers, they challenge public and private players to focus more on the environment and delivery so that we contribute to a better and safer society for you and me.

Read more about the services at

Dagens Næringsliv is Norway’s most important supplier of news, stories and opinions about business, the economy and society.

Student Benefit
Finansforbundet sponsors free access for all students to Dagens Næringsliv. To gain access, you must create an account on while connected to Eduroam. After an account has been created, you can access all the newspaper’s articles online no matter where you are.

For questions about the agreement, contact the NHHS Market Group on Facebook or send an e-mail to

Stud.nhh receives:
– Standard eye examination: 490,- (normal price 640,-)
– Complete glasses (frames and lenses): 20 % discount
– Sunglasses: 15 % discount
– Contact Lenses: 15 % discount (only when buying a 6 month subscription)

Address: Vaskerelven 30, 5014 Bergen
Telephone: 55 36 98 00

NHH-students are asked to bring their student ID when making a purchase or reservation from Interoptik AS.

Questions can be directed to or to NHHS Markedsgruppen on Facebook.

Bubble football is a brand new and fun activity that can be played by everyone! This activity offers a lot of speed, bounce and fun – while you get a good workout! Bubble football is a football game where you are inside bouncy, inflatable bubbles that cover the player from the waist up.

Student Benefits

NHH students get a 20% discount on booking bubble football. This involves a full hour of:

8 bubbles (can order more)
Rental of hall
Photographer if desired

In addition, you will be free to use changing rooms, showers and saunas before, during and after the session. When renting bubbles outside Bergen Bubble Football’s sports hall, NHH students are offered a 10% discount.

If you have questions related to the agreement, contact the NHHS Market Group on Facebook or send an email to

Now every group at NHH, eg. sports teams, has the possibility to order eco-friendly clothes of the best quality by our shared portal!

The more clothes ordered, of the same type, the bigger the savings are!

After every recruitment-week there will be a deadline for when you have to place the order, such as the whole shipment can be shipped in the same container.

Order here by Wednesday September 7. 2022:

Password: nhhs2022

We have some great news! Starting today, students at NHH have finally secured an agreement with Vaskeriet! By using the discount code “NHHSTUDENT” in the TicketCo app, the first 50 NHH students can get their entrance ticket for FREE! This offer is ONLY VALID FOR ENTRANCE BEFORE 11 PM, and you MUST present a valid NHH student ID at the entrance to be allowed to use the ticket purchased with the discount code.

Do you and your team/group want to go to Vaskeriet one evening? Send an email to at least one week in advance with the number of attendees and the date for the opportunity to receive a unique discount code (free ticket) for that specific evening! (Entrance before 11 PM and the requirement for a student ID also apply here).

Members of NHHS have the following deals:

Cartel’s Latin American Kitchen & Bar, Vestre Torggate

  • 25% on Salsa restaurant Monday – Thursday. Does not include weekends and holidays
  • Deals cannot be combined with other campaigns or offers

Members of the NHHS have the following deals at Dalia

  • 25% on all Dalia kebabs
  • 25% discount on take away Monday – Sunday, not avaliable during holidays
  • Deals cannot be combined with other deals or offers

NHH students receive free photography and appraisal services from EIE Eiendomsmegling.

NHHS students can arrange a consultation with EIE completely free of charge. For sales, this applies only if you choose EIE as your seller.

Contact Eivind Kalve if you have any questions!

Phone number: 98151191


“Okkult” is Norway’s new eyewear brand! At Okkult, you can get custom-designed, high-quality eyeglasses at fixed prices – whether they are prescription glasses, sunglasses, or blue light glasses. As an NHHS member, you’ll enjoy a generous 25% discount on all eyeglasses at by using the discount code NHH25. If you’d like to try the glasses at home before making a purchase, they also offer free home trials. Embrace the summer with eyewear of Norwegian design!