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How do I apply for a reimbursement?2020-07-14T01:21:12+02:00

In order to get approved and reimbursed an expense you make in NHHS, you should first and foremost clarify with the head of finance for your subcommittee that this is a purchase that is covered by their budget.

In practical terms, all you have to do is fill out the reimbursement form, and then send this as a complete PDF together with all receipts and attachments to utlegg@nhhs.no. Here we will make sure the form has been filled in correctly, and that the quality of the documentation is sufficient. Read our disbursement guide here to save both yourself and us time. You will receive a confirmation that the reimbursement form has been received, and we will then send it to an electronic approval by both the head of finance for the subcommittee and an employee of the Accounting Group (Regnskapsgruppen). If the reimbursement is approved, it is sent for payment.

What is considered acceptable documentation?2020-07-14T01:35:15+02:00

In order for us to be able to reimburse an expense you make for NHHS, the documentation must be sufficient for our auditor to approve it (cf. the Accounting Regulations § 5-1-1). If you want money back for a purchase, the receipt must be included as a confirmation for the outlay. We must have a specification of what was purchased, a date stamp that shows when it was purchased, sum, VAT processing, and information about where the purchase was made. If the purchase confirmation is not from a company that provides a proper receipt, you must in addition to proof of service documentation also attach a bank statement confirming payment. The more documentation you provide, the less likely you are to get the form returned.

The purpose of the documentation is to confirm that the cost is genuine, that it can be linked to NHHS’s operations, that it occurs during the period in which we post it, and that the correct VAT treatment is performed.

How do I reset my password?2020-07-14T01:38:15+02:00

To reset your password, please proceed as with any other Google-account. Your username is “studentnumber@nhhs.no” (e.g. S123456@nhhs.no)


When will I be billed for costs related to VK bookings?2020-07-14T15:29:51+02:00

The invoice will be sent to the person who booked VK before the end of the month following the month of the event.

When do I receive the reimbursement for expenses?2020-07-14T15:32:02+02:00

Depending on when the expense form is sent, reimbursement times may vary from 14 to 18 days if the reimbursement is approved. From time of approval we estimate roughly 14 days.

How do I buy a ticket for Welcome Week?2024-01-03T16:40:03+01:00

Tickets for events hosted by the Student Assosciation at NHH (NHHS) will be sold in the Orbi app, including the Welcome Week. It is therefore recommended to keep the app throughout your time at NHH.

How to create an Orbi account:

  • Download the app “Orbi” from App Store/Google Play
  • Create an account and choose “Norges Handelshøyskole” as your organization.

How to purchase a ticket for the Welcome Week: Under “Events” in the Orbi app, you will find “Welcome week 2024”. Purchasing this ticket is necessary in order to attend all events taking place during the Welcome Week. When signing up, fill in your age, address in Bergen, name and phone number of a contact person (e.g. a parent or someone you trust) and your allergies.

Questions regarding tickets can be directed to arrangement@nhhs.no 

What is Daghavende?2023-07-21T13:04:42+02:00

During the Welcome Week (FKU), there will be several members from the Welcome Week committee on duty 24 hours a day, and this is called the “Daghavende” system. The Daghavende is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and safely, whether it’s on campus or at other locations where events for new students are organized by NHHS.

You can easily recognize the Daghavende as they will be wearing dark blue t-shirts with “DAGHAVENDE” written in large white letters on both the back and the front. They will always have the Daghavende phone with them, which is staffed around the clock. If you have any questions or something you need to report, let the Daghavende know, and you can reach them at the phone number 451 86 050. This number is also printed on all FKU wristbands.

How do I join groups in NHHS?2023-07-21T13:08:43+02:00

There are many subcommittees, interest groups, and sports teams in NHHS, and they all happily accept new members every year. The week after FKU, the Recruitment Week will be organized, where you will have the opportunity to get to know all the groups and receive information about the recruitment process for each of them. More details about this will be provided during FKU and on nhhs.no!

You can find all the groups recruiting in the recruitment portal at http://sok.nhhs.no.

Where can I find login for Canvas and Studentweb?2023-07-21T13:11:18+02:00

NHH will send out an email containing your student number, PIN code, and a link to Studentweb in the beginning of August.

For more information, look here.

Where should I live?2023-07-21T13:14:09+02:00

The students at NHH reside throughout Bergen. Many students choose to live in the areas surrounding the school and enjoy it, while others prefer to live in the city center or other locations. You must decide what is essential for you when choosing a place to live, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind where NHH is located on the map.

Hatleberg is the student housing closest to the school and is a popular option for NHH students. Living there also allows you to easily get to know other students.

How do I get to NHH?2023-07-21T13:15:40+02:00

For bus schedules and routes, you can search on skyss.no or download the Skyss app.

The bus stop closest to NHH is called “Handelshøyskolen.”

Where can I find more information about Welcome Week?2023-07-21T13:19:05+02:00

On nhhs.no, you will find everything you need to know. We also have other information channels that are useful to use:

  • Facebook group: “Students starting at NHH autumn 2023”
  • NHHS’s Instagram: nhhstudentforening

You can also ask your buddy, your faddere (mentors), or contact NHHS on Facebook.

During FKU, we will also have a dedicated stand called FKU-punkt, where you can come by and get information. Read more about it here.

Do I have to attend every part of the Welcome Week?2023-07-21T13:23:47+02:00

Not at all. There are plenty of activities to choose from, and many might find it a bit overwhelming.

It’s good to know that all the activities happening during the orientation week, organized by the student association (NHHS), are optional to participate in.

Your mentors will inform you about the events taking place and will organize pre-parties and gatherings before them. Many students choose to take a day off or join the open activities for a day or two. Feel free to take advantage of this option if it appeals to you!

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