Welcome week 2021!


Our highest priority is to arrange a safe and sound welcome week for all participants. We have a dialogue with the emergency management at NHH, Bergen Municipality, the police in Bergen and other study institutions in the country. The welcome week will be a safe arena for getting to know new friends, experiencing the student organization’s extreme commitment and getting to know Bergen as a student city.

Rapid Antigen Testing

*** All international students that don’t have a Norwegian ID-number must fill in 00000 in “Personal ID number (Last 5 digits)” ***

During Welcome Week 2021 we will use Covid certificates on all our events. We offer free rapid antigen testing between 9 AM and 4 PM in Lehmkuhlhallen every day and strongly encourage everyone to use this offer, regardless of vaccine status!

Step-by-step testing:
– Book appointment through https://testcenter.internationalsos.com/vam?company_id=987654
– Meet at the test station at the agreed time, remember QR code and valid ID
– The test is taken in each nostril in the outer nasal wall
– After 15-20 minutes you will receive an SMS in case of negative result. If the result is positive you will be contacted by International SOS and informed about further prosess
– After confirmation of a negative test, the result will be registered and you can collect a wristband that proves that you have a negative test at FKU-point between 10 AM and 2 PM. On Monday August 16th you will receive your wristbands at the same time as you meet your mentors.

NB! You can only have one booking live at a time. This means that you must book for each test, and test no. 2 can be booked after you have received an SMS from SOS International stating that “Your sample has been analyzed”.

Guide for booking testing can be found here or below.

Welcome to NHHS and Welcome Week 2021!

Dear new student – welcome to the best Welcome Week in Norway!

This week marks the start of your time at NHH, and we hope you want to join! Welcome Week will consist of a number of events that are arranged for you to get to know your fellow students, the city, the school, the student association and all the fun we have to offer further in the course of study. Every day is filled with fun activities, and you will have mentors who guide you throughout the week. The week is created to give you a good start to your study time. Maybe you get to know your new best friend or your future spouse; from experience, nothing can be ruled out.

During the week you have the opportunity to participate in a number of different events. We arrange pub-to-pub, stand-up show, hiking and much more. Welcome Week is guaranteed to be an eventful and fun week, and there is something for everyone, both with and without alcohol.

We look forward to meeting you!

Keep me up to date!

1 – Join the Facebook-group Exchange students at NHH Fall 2021

2 – Watch nhhs.no/en for regular updates up to, and during Welcome Week

3 – Follow nhhstudentforening on Instagram for daily updates during Welcome Week

4 – Press “going” on the Facebook-event “Førstekullsuken 2021 // Welcome Week 2021

Mentor groups

All new students who join Welcome Week are assigned a mentor group. The group will consist of mentees and dedicated mentors. The mentors’ task is to make sure that you feel comfortable, and they will go in easily recognizable white t-shirts throughout the week. They will also arrange a mentor pre-game before the events, give you a tour of the school and provide a lot of useful information about student life at NHH. Use your mentors actively – they are sitting on a goldmine of knowledge about NHH and NHHS.

Zero tolerance

The environment at NHH and in NHHS shall be experienced as safe for all the school’s students. That is why we have zero tolerance for drugs and harassment. In the event of violations, the consequences will be exclusion from NHHS and a police report. If you need help or experience a breach of this, you can click on NHH’s website for notification routines. Feel free to also contact president of the Executive Board at leder@nhhs.no or call 932 12 786.

Monday August 16th

Information meeting

On Monday we will have a digital information meeting 09:30 on Zoom. Here you will get information about everything you need to know about Welcome Week and the student association. Link to meeting here.

We look forward to meeting you!


Tuesday August 17th


Are you tired of the Covid-19 and feel a need to get out the frustration? Do not be afraid, because during Welcome Week you get the opportunity to go crazy with paintball guns and full equipment! Together we will travel to Fana Paintball for endless play and fun. A fun and different way to get to know your new students!

The event requires a separate ticket and does not crash with the regular program in the evening.


Bergen has an infinite number of nightclubs around. This evening it’s time to get to know some of them through our regular event “Pub-to-Pub”. Groups in NHHS are ready to greet you, and there are already rumors of fantastic prizes for the mentor group that collects the most points on the various stops! 

Wednesday August 18th

Sea Rafting

Bergen is an absolutely beautiful student city, but we experience it mostly from land. Wednesday during this year’s Welcome Week you have the opportunity to do something about it! Find the life jacket and join the sea rafting. We will pick you up at Bryggen before we take a real sightseeing along Bergen’s beautiful coast. Simply a unique opportunity!

The event requires a separate ticket and will probably crash with the regular program in the evening.

UKEN at home

For over 40 years, UKEN has colored Bergen green for the first three weeks of March, and this is exactly what you will now get a taste of! Enjoy new and old UKEN hits from start to finish and paint the whole night green!


Thursday August 19th

Tree-top adventure park

After an intense start to the week, you may have a need to get some fresh air. We suggest that you join your fellow students for a tree-top adventure park! Here you can throw yourself from tree to tree like the monkey Julius or take the zip-line as if you were Superman! The climbing park has trails for everyone regardless of prior knowledge, so here you just have to join!

The event requires a separate ticket and is going to crash with the ordinary program in the evening (stand-up show).

Stand-up show

Is there anybody who does not like to laugh? We have not spared the gunpowder and can guarantee a good atmosphere the whole evening!

Friday August 20th

Hiking with NHHI Friluft

Bergen is known for having easy access to the seven mountains surrounding the city. On Friday, NHHI Friluft will take you on a great hike so that you can enjoy some fresh air and the outdoors.

Saturday August 21st

FKU Board Game Championship

FKU Board Game Championship is a championship where you can play poker and other board games. Do you have what it takes to call yourself a school poker master? 

Sunday August 22nd

Alternative bus guiding

Many NHH-students have little or no knowledge of Bergen before they start their studies. Are you one of those who need an introduction to Bergen city? The Svæveru’choir gives you a very special journey with only one guarantee: You will not see Bryggen, Fløyen, Fisketorget or Edvard Grieg’s home on this guided bus tour! On the contrary. Did you know that Ole Bull was born in a pharmacy? That every Sunday nudists from all over the country gather here in Bergen to train for the European Championships in nude croquet in Munich? That there is a secret subway in Bergen that only the Hanseatic people’s followers are allowed to use, but that we know how to sneak in?

We have put together a unique team of the basement’s most highly trained tour guides. We promise you that you will laugh, be shocked and better known in Bergen than Davy Wathne (a well known man from Bergen).

The event is free, but requires a ticket.


Every day during the Welcome Week, there will be several people from the Welcome Week Committee on duty 24 hours a day, this is called the “Daghavende”. “Daghavende” is responsible for ensuring that what happens is done correctly and responsibly, whether it is at school or elsewhere where there are events for new students under the auspices of NHHS.

“Daghavende” is dressed easily recognizable with a dark blue t-shirt with “DAGHAVENDE” in large white letters on both back and chest. They will at all times wear the “Daghavende”-phone, which is staffed 24 hours a day. If you have questions or something you want to inform us about, let the “Daghavende” know. “Daghavende” can be reached by phone at 451 86 050. The number is also on all FKU wristlets.

NHH – Kjøp og Salg

The Facebook page “NHH – Kjøp og Salg” (NHH – Buy and Sell) is a closed page for students affiliated with NHH. Here you can buy and sell school books, concert tickets, furniture, find an apartment and lots more. The purchase and sale of alcohol and tobacco is not permitted on this site.

NHH – Glemt og mistet

Have you forgotten something in the hall or after a party? Do not despair – your fellow students may have found your things! Join the Facebook group “NHH – Glemt og mistet” (NHH – Lost and found) and post if you have lost something, or if you find something others have lost.


“Mentorordningen NHHS” is a scheme that aims to inform and assist, as well as create security for new students who wonder what awaits them at the start of their studies, during the Welcome Week, and throughout the semester.

“Mentorordningen” is managed by NHH students with different experience who can answer all the questions you as a new student may have. During the summer, all new students will be contacted by their mentor (not the same as the ones you are going to spend Welcome Week with), who from then and throughout the year will be available to answer questions about whatever it may be. If you have questions about NHHS, subjects or just want to talk to a student with more experience about NHH – do not hesitate to get in touch!

This year we will also use Snapmentor, which you will definitely get to know in several of your subjects. Here you can go in and ask questions anonymously. You may also find answers to your questions in the knowledge bank. All students will receive an email from “Mentorordningen” with a link to Snapmentor, and here you log in with your Feide user.

If you have not been contacted by a mentor or have questions already now, just send an email to mentorordning@nhhs.no, and we will help you!

Feel free to like NHHS Mentorordningen on Facebook to stay up to date on useful links, FAQs, tips and tricks etc.