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The candidates for the Spring Election 2023 are ready! From Monday 13th of March 17:15 until Wednesday 15th of March at 12:00 you can vote on Canvas! The candidates are published and you can promote from Monday 08:00.

This year there will be both a digital and live election poll, questions can be asked through this form denne lenka.

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It will only be possible to vote digitally this year. In Canvas you can answer a form between 17:15 on Monday and 12:00 on Wednesday.

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Female Representative

Silje Uthaug

After almost two years at NHH, I have seen all the great things NHH has to offer. Nevertheless, I have also experienced that the school has potential for improvement. As a female representative, I will contribute to developing the school in the right direction and make the students’ everyday life the best possible. To achieve this, I will work on these matters:

1. Focus on the students – My most important task will be to focus on the students. This involves, among other things, improving campus development, the academic content and the psychosocial environment.

2. New strategy for NHH – In recent years, we have seen a changing society. If NHH continues to be a leader in its field, it must develop in line with the community and finds new ways to renew itself.

3. Communication between the student representatives and the students – As a student representative, my task is to represent the students and their opinions. It will therefore be extra essential for me to meet the students and hear their views while at the same time updating them on ongoing matters on the board.

Ingrid Helen Heimark

Hi, I’m Ingrid and currently on my 4th year as a student at NHH. During this time I have had the opportunity to be the students’ representative vis-à-vis lecturers, the rector’s office and student administration through the Student Committee and as Head of academic affairs in the Executive board. Now, I want to continue my commitment to student welfare as the student’s representative at the NHH-board. As the student’s voice on the board, I want to have a special focus on three issues:

1. A good and safe learning environment for all students through: a. Provide good reading and work spaces b. Clarification and improvement of welfare services c. Promote the student association’s activity as an important part of student life at NHH

2. NHH must be an up-to-date business school by: a. Having flexible and student active teaching methods b. Teaching relevant topics for tomorrow’s business c. Sustainability in all stages of decision making and follow up on NHHs strategy

3. Be a clear and representative voice for all students.

Ingrid Follaug

Dear fellow students, I am running as a student representative for the NHH Board! After three active years in the student association, I have gained valuable experience and insight into the issues that are important to students. There is no doubt that NHH is a very good place to be a student, but there is also much that can be improved. I am strongly motivated to advocate for students’ opinions to NHH! I want to:

1. More opportunities to include practical work experience as part of the study program. At the master’s level, there are opportunities for study credits through internships and the Innovation School, among others. I want to create more of these opportunities and introduce similar offerings at the bachelor’s level.

2. Better access to digital materials as a supplement to physical teaching. Students want a daily life where they have the opportunity to engage and do “something more” outside of their studies. NHH must allow students the opportunity to do this.

3. Advocate for student opinions in the establishment of the new bachelor’s program. I want to work to ensure that both lines are attractive to us students. I hope you will vote for me!

Anne-Marie Botterud

Dear fellow student, My name is Anne-Marie and I am running for the position as a student member of the NHH Board in order to ensure that NHH becomes a more attractive and future-oriented school. I want to ensure that our voices are heard in key decision-making processes and believe I can effectively advocate for our interests and make a positive impact on behalf of the student body. Throughout my time at NHH, I’ve participated in several student groups, including my current role as president of the NHHS Case Club. These experiences have taught me the value of a robust platform for professional growth and development. As a part of the NHH Board, I especially want to work towards the following goals: – Tightening the connection between the students and the faculty. – Work towards digitalization with emphasis on making lectures based on monologues and one-way communication recorded. – Strengthen the NHH brand, nationally and internationally in order to climb up on international rankings.

Mannlig representant

Simen Tveit Holen

As a student at NHH for four years and as an employee at NHH for two years, I have learned a lot about both NHHS and NHH. I want to contribute to develop the relationship between NHH and NHHS further. These are the matters I aim to improve as a potential student representative:

1. Mental health care at NHH Several surveys have shown challenges regarding students and mental health. I want NHH to offer a local health service on campus, such as a full-time psychologist.

2. More emphasis on technology subjects in the bachelor’s degree I want NHH to improve the current bachelor’s degree with at least one mandatory technology subject, as well as a portfolio of electives within technology. This will make NHH students more attractive and competitive in a constantly changing business life.

3. Recording lectures and focusing on the opinions of the students I want the voice of the students to be heard to a greater extent when NHH makes important decisions, e.g. when it comes to recording lectures.

Sigurd Bakka Samdal

Hello! As your representative on the board of NHH I will ensure that NHH’s main task, to educate the economists of the future, again is the priority. To do this, I need your ideas, but these are some of mine: Better communication from NHH We students have often received either poor or delayed information about major changes happening at NHH. We deserve more information, perhaps we can start with a monthly meeting or get-together with Thøgersen? More respect for our time. Students’ job is to study. Unfortunately, we do not receive any compensation for working long hours. Course approvals, mandatory hours, and exams should be distributed evenly throughout the semester. Studentfocused campus For group work, we need space adapted for groups; for studying, we need studyhalls, and perhaps most importantly, we need good communal areas. Campus needs to be adapted to us students, and the type of work NHH gives us. I want to know what you think about NHH, so please come to my stand and tell me how you want NHH to be in the future. Happy election.

Sander Hyun Pettersen Malsten

As an engaged and experienced student at NHH, I am motivated to run for the position of student representative on the NHH board. My previous experience in various roles within the student union has given me valuable insights and skills that will be useful in the board’s work. I am committed to working towards improving the student experience and strengthening the collaboration between students and the administration. My key issues include advocating for more digital learning opportunities to accommodate students’ need for flexibility, and promoting courses across universities to increase the diversity of available knowledge sources. I will also work towards better follow-up from the administration, to ensure that students’ needs and wishes are heard and taken seriously. I am convinced that my experience and dedication will make me a valuable addition to the NHH board. I look forward to contributing to shaping the future of NHH and creating an even better study experience for all students.

Klubb- og kulturutvalget

Blokk:  BAR WARS

A long time ago, in a bar far, far away… BAR WARS! We aim to bring a lot of joy to “Kjelleren” in the coming year. How will we achieve this, you ask? By continuing strong traditions set by previous KKU boards, Bar Wars will ensure a good atmosphere all year round. As part of this, we will work hard to ensure a healthy economy, improve an already efficient “utkommandering”-system, and continue to attract students to “Kjelleren”. Furthermore, in close collaboration with Barometer, we will plan and execute an amazing anniversary this coming fall. This will not only be an experience for old and new KKU members, but also for the rest of the students. Are you ready for an amazing year? Vote Bar Wars for the KKU board!


Sander Kjendbakke

During my two years at NHH, I have grown very fond of the student association. I have especially found my place in “Kjelleren”, where I have experienced tremendous joy through an inclusive environment with friends from near and far. As a leader, I want to spread the joy of “Kjelleren” to the rest of the NHH students. My main focus as a leader will be to increase the visibility of “Klubbens” offerings and adapt them to the wants and needs of the students. Furthermore, I have great faith that I, together with the rest of the board, can further streamline the operation of KKU.

Key issues

Increase visibility of “Klubbens” offerings

Adapt “Klubbens” and “Campus” offerings to the wants and needs of the students.

Head of Finances:

Ninni Kildal Collett

Our second home is celebrating its 60th anniversary! For all these years, «Kjelleren» has been a hub for us students at NHH, serving not only as Bergen’s largest bar, but also as our meeting place. Here, we unwind from our studies, meet friends and create memories that last a lifetime. As Head of Financial Affairs, I am committed to ensuring efficient use of resources, reducing unnecessary costs, and maintaining a strong economic structure. I believe that effective financial management requires planning, curiosity, and humility.Ordering alcohol should be easy, and invoicing and budgeting should be done continuously. In short, my goal as Head of Financial Affairs is to facilitate the success of the school’s most important gathering place.

Key issues:

Maximizing the use of resources

Reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary expenses

Maintaining and improving the financial structure of KKU

Bar Responsible:

Marielle Bueso

Shortly after starting at NHH, I found a great sense of security in the student organization and a sense of belonging in KKU. KKU provides the student association with good social offerings that I want to help maintain and improve. I want to be a part of the continued improvement of NHHS. As the bar manager, I want to offer students a good selection of drinks and maintain the effective communication and ordering system that has been developed over the past year. I plan to achieve this by having good control over the drink inventory and maintaining good communication with our supplier Hansa, KS, and other subcommittees and interest groups. Most importantly, I will focus on the ordering process in the KKU bar group.

Head of Personnel:

Maximilian L.G. Wassiluk

As the head of social affairs, my objective is to further streamline the utkom-initiative and enhance the shift schedules, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute. It is also crucial to me that first-year students have a positive experience with “kjelleren” since the utkom-initiative might be their first exposure to some of the many social events this school has to offer. Moreover, I am committed to making shifts an enjoyable and sociable experience by guaranteeing adequate staffing levels. Within KKU, I will create an informative and user-friendly shift schedule that enables the easy exchange of shifts when required.

Key Issues:

Ensure first-year students have a pleasant experience while working the utkom-shift.

Maintain an organized shift schedule and promote effective communication with students, encouraging everyone to participate and enjoy their shifts.

Head of the Basement

Mads Moe

As the Head of technical affairs, I want to contribute to preserving «Kjelleren» as an important meeting place for students. I will do this by ensuring the quality of the technical equipment, as well as repairing and replacing equipment that is not functioning properly. Additionally, I see technical training as important, especially for new members. Finally, I will try to continue the previous Head of technical affairs’ work to remove/replace the light wall behind the bar in «Klubben», and then set up a suitable alternative.

Key issues:

Take care of maintenance and repair of the technical equipment in «Kjelleren», e.g. by improving lighting details Work further to complete the wardrobe system in «Kjelleren»

Announce a tender for removing the light wall, and further attempt to set up an alternative

Contribute to the process of improving the «Campus Lounge», including supporting «TG» in the process of a new sound system.

Head of PR

Ella Hall-Henriksen

Together with the rest of the board, I wish to strengthen the enthusiasm for Kjelleren among the students. To achieve this, my task is to promote all of the social events Klubben has to offer on social media, posters and stands. I want everyone who pays a visit to experience a fun and inclusive environment! Did you know that Klubben is open from 4pm-8pm ever day? Now that you know, come and visit!

Key issues:

Facilitate Klubben as a meeting place for students

Ensure that pub quiz becomes the highlight of the week

Ensure that information about events reach as many students as possible

Studentlekene Bergen Challenge

Blokk:  Wirkola

Going for the win!

After several years of expectations the student games in Bergen (SLBC) were finally arranged again in 2022, and we got to take part in the largest student sports-festival in Norway. Naturally this made us eager for more, which is why we are delighted to seek election to pass on and further develop the joy we were lucky enough to experience to even more students!

Did you know that Bjørn Wirkola was not only the worlds best ski-jumper, but also top-scorer, as well as league and cup champion with Rosenborg? Wirkola wishes to create a broad spectrum of offered sports, and emphasize the diversity of the organization. One of the greatest parts of student-sports is that there is something for everyone. If you participate to perform and win, just for fun in a completely new sport, or anything in between – there shall be a place for you during SLBC. We are ready to set ambitious goals for SLBC and the further development of the event. It shall be Norway’s largest and best student-sports festival, and we will work hard to ensure this.


Kristian Sørlien

After I encountered SLBC the first time, I immediately knew I had found my place, and I got the honor of working with many amazing people on an important project. If I am entrusted with the leadership of this great project I will keep working to ensure that SLBC is a safe and rewarding arena for all volunteers and participants. Additionally I will work to secure the future of the project both financially and in terms of recruitment. Alongside the rest of the board and the organization I will work hard to further develop SLBC, and ensure that more students get to experience the joy of the student-sports and the cultural events that SLBC offers. I wish to lead an organization in which everyone feels welcome, and that together creates Norway’s biggest and best Student games!

Head of Finance:

Hedda Eide Lauritzen

SLBC has been an important part of my journey in the student association so far. During SLBC 2022, the role as a controller gave me financial insight into the planning and execution of an event. The responsibility I had made me want to get even more involved. The Student Games is an event that provides both athletic, cultural, and social enjoyment for students. Since SLBC 2022 has given me a lot of joy, I am very motivated to contribute so other students can have the same experience. If I am elected, my most important tasks will be in planning and good financial management throughout. Good planning will be critical for a successful event, and therefore, it is very important that the budgeting process is conducted thoroughly.

Head of Sports:

Johanne Helle

Being a part of NHHS and SLBC has given me many great experiences and most importantly, many good friends. During SLBC 2022, I got to be a part of a large and inclusive community, and now I want to be involved right from the start to create a fantastic event! As the head of sports, I want to continue to develop a wide selection of sports so that as many people as possible can find something they want to participate in. I also want to contribute so that the section has good resources and opportunities to create professional and successful events. Finally, it should be fun to be both a participant and a supporter at SLBC. Therefore, I will work to create events that give a sense of joy to everyone who participates and cheers!

Head of Culture:

Leonard Marius Nicolai Bonnet Vestrheim

​​Through my various engagements in NHHS, I have realized how much I enjoy creating events for students. I love NHHS, I love SLBC, and after thoroughly enjoying my time in the Culture section during the last SLBC, I want to take a leap towards 2024 and create the best sports festival ever. I will work to further develop the well-established events by creating an amazing Aulashow. Additionally, I will ensure that the basecamp becomes the perfect meeting place for athletes and supporters, and of course, create an unforgettable banquet. Furthermore, I want to create space for innovation in the cultural section. By offering more low treshold events, and a brand new and larger event, we can make SLBC the ultimate sportsfestival!

Head of Logistics

Marie Aasen

I was given the pleasure of experiencing SLBC 2022 as an athlete, and this made me want more. As someone who has been doing sports my entire life, I can proudly say that this is a project that lays close to my heart. Now I wish to be able to be a part of the next SLBC. As head of logistics I want to work further for a project with a sustainable focus. My goal is also to make the accommodation offer as cheap and broad as possible. I plan on doing this by keeping good contact with the previous board, with clear information and decisions, and to not be afraid to stand my ground with our opinions. I truly believe that logistics is an important part to implement in a good project. Therefore I wish to build up and maintain good structure and communication within my team.

Head of HR

Hanne Abrahamsen Jensen

The unity and enthusiasm surrounding SLBC were amazing last year. Therefore, it is with great pleasure and motivation that I am diving into NHHS and SLBC. Few things are as beautiful as how sports bring people together and create a sense of community. I want to be a part of creating this community right from the start! I aim to organize the recruitment rounds in an effective and organized manner, followed by proper training and support. Moreover, the focus will be on internal social events to include everyone who is a part of SLBC so that we can create an inclusive event. SLBC should be for everyone!

Head of PR

Sindre Gisholt

As the GL Banquet role in SLBC 2022, I had my first encounter with NHHS, and it provided me with invaluable experiences. I had the pleasure of organizing a banquet for 2600 people. Leveraging my experiences from sports and student associations, I aim to recruit as many students as possible for SLBC 2024! To attract as many students as possible to Bergen in the fall of 2024, I plan to start early by building strong relationships with ambassadors from various student sports associations. Furthermore, we live in a world where the importance of digital promotion is growing exponentially, and I believe that targeted digital promotion will be essential for the success of the PR section. I am excited to bring students from all over Norway together for a massive student sports festival in Norway’s best student city!

Head of Marketing

Lars Broch Bjørgaas

Since I started at NHH this fall, I have quickly come to appreciate the value of being active in the student association. My engagement in NHHS has given me the opportunity to participate in many fun activities, as well as gain knowledge about the student association and a valuable network both on and off campus. I now want to ensure that the Student Games Bergen Challenge 2024 have strong partners behind them who want to contribute to making the event a success. In addition, it should be rewarding for everyone from group leaders to volunteers to be involved in organizing. I will therefore ensure a clear mapping of tasks for everyone, so that each member takes ownership of the project.


Blokk: LavTerskel

We are seeing increasing engagement around BBL and Stafkom. The commitment is huge and the running environment is growing at NHH. We in LavTerskel want to escalate this further. We are motivated to strengthen the value Stafkom has for the student community and to organize BBL.

One of the most important things for us is to keep the threshold for attending the weekly training sessions low. We want to maintain good training attendance and lower the threshold for further participation, while maintaining the high training yield. We will also continue Merinobakkeløpet, with the aim of even more companies on the starting line. In addition, the successful Bergensstaffeten will be arranged as a highlight already in the autumn. Here we will facilitate and promote as many participants as possible, also from other educational institutions. We want to use the relay to create friendship and solidarity across schools, we aim to keep the threshold for signing up low also here.

We at LavTerskel are extremely motivated to further develop one of the school’s most important social arenas, which is open to everyone. Through an increased focus on promotion and information flow, we will lower the threshold for participating even further. Both the test run, Bergensbaneløpet and training are best with high participation! Last but not least, we shall be the first over the mountain and take the victory ahead of BI next year as well. Please vote LavTerskel and come to training!


Adrian Flote

Bergensbaneløpet is the most amazing student event you find. My motivation to contribute to a new year with BBL is huge, as BBL and stafkom training are the funniest and including things you can participate in as an NHH student! Even before I started at NHH, I heard that I have to participate at both BBL and stafkom training. I myself remember my first training with stafkom when I started at NHH, and I was welcomed with open arms. I am highly motivated to be able to pass this experience to students at NHH, in addition to contributing to the future of Bergensbaneløpet. The trainings and BBL are excellent arenas for togetherness, friendship and the development of love for running. I am now a part of the 22/23 Relay Committee as financial manager, which has been amazing! It is therefore with great pleasure and honor to be able to stand for election as a leader together with this wonderful group who want to make both the BBL and the stafkom training sessions exactly what they are: Spring´s Craziest Adventure!

Head of Finance

Guro Alvestad Hoff

Ever since participating in my first interval session in Fjellveien I have been so called “Stafkom-blessed”. The open and inclusive environment has given me many good friends, nice conversations around Eidsvågen and last but not least the highlight of the year in participating in Bergensbaneløpet. The role as financial manager suits me well since it covers two interests of mine, namely finance and running. Although it is important to keep the finances in order, the most important thing for me is to continue and develop the Stafkom environment. Where there is room for everyone, regardless of level and ambitions. Stafkom has given me a lot, and it is with great pleasure that i stand for election with the amazing group LavTerskel


Nikolai Jensen

StafKom is a fantastic group that I believe both brings together and delights students at NHH, while also providing a platform for healthy activities. I attended my first training session with BBL during my first week at NHH, and experienced the good, open BBL culture with big smiles and interested fellow students. This is something I wish to continue and makes my main motivation for a year in the board. As marketing in StafKom, I will contribute to providing companies with the opportunity to be highly visible among the students at NHH, while also preserving the interests of StafKom and maintaining a good platform for new friends and good training. During my year as marketing, I aim to make StafKom even more attractive for both students and businesses, but the most important thing will still be to organize a new relay over the mountains. BBL is really Spring´s Craziest Adventure.

Track Manager

Truls Filseth Augdal

After taking advantage of what Stafkom has to offer in terms of events, training, and Oreo cookies, I consider it natural to give back as well. With the experience I gained from being a bike pacer during BBL2022, I want to take the next step as a track manager. As a track manager, I will ensure that the athletes know where to run and feel safe, both before and during the race, so that they have the best possible experience during BBL2024. Furthermore, I want to continue the good training culture and inclusive environment around Stafkom by ensuring that all new and returning runners feel welcome, regardless of their ambitions and level.

Head of Training

Torstein Bolstad Blikra

Throughout my time in Stafkom and the cross-country group, I’ve learned to appreciate the open sessions. Everyone is welcome, and it’s a great area for meeting new people or chatting with the regulars. There’s a great Norwegian sports vision which I find suitable for the Relay committee. It’s all about gathering a lot of people into sports, keeping them there and hopefully help them become better. LavTerskel wish to pass on Stafkom’s great and inclusive culture. Together we can help each other become better runners while having a great time. As Head of Training, I wish to create a plan that suits runners across different levels. My group wants to focus on both personal and collective performances. We would like to welcome everyone in August, and we’ll do our best to make you come back for more sessions during the fall!

Head of Internal

Marthe Tøsse Aandal

Since my first session with Stafkom in the fall of 2021, I have greatly enjoyed the weekly practices, both as a training arena and a social meeting place. Last year’s Bergenbaneløp was also a great highlight! I quickly realized that there is a love for running at NHH. As a head of internal affairs, I have a desire to show even more students the good environment, and ensure that everyone feels welcome at every practice, regardless of their level and ambitions. The practices with Stafkom should be an excellent arena to get to know fellow students, across classes. I have enjoyed the Stafkom-environment since day one and have a strong desire to build on it in the upcoming year with the rest of the students in LavTerskel (LowThreshold). Through love for running and good friendship, I believe that we can beat BI, once again.

Head of Banquet

Kristine Iversen

I have to admit that I had never heard of either Stafkom or Bergensbaneløpet when I started at NHH. But after attending my first practice, where I met a lot of great people, it was easy to make running a bigger priority, even in rainy Bergen. I have had a great time meeting a lot of nice people both during practices, but also at other events arranged by Stafkom. To be able to participate at last year’s BBL was a great experience, and I strongly encourage all my fellow students to join this event. As responsible for the banquet I will ensure that every participant of Bergensbaneløpet 2024 gets the celebration that they deserve. This includes of course the ones with, and without red tights..


Head of Finance

Kjersti Espedal

My name is Kjersti Espedal and I and I am excited to put forward my candidacy for the position of Head of Finance for the Business Committee. I am deeply enthusiastic about the chance to make a valuable contribution to the profitability of the Business Committee, which is vital for NHHS to sustain its position as the most active and well-administered student association in Norway. I believe that my experience as leader of ESG-days will make me suited for a position of this level of responsibility and that I can bring valuable experience to ensure good relationships between the Business Committee and the other financial functional groups in NHHS. In addition, I am highly motivated to facilitate the smooth functioning of the Business Committee and create a welcoming environment where every member, student and interacting student groups in NHHS feels valued, respected, and satisfied.

Head of Booking

Nora Cornelia Foss

My name is Nora and I am submitting my application for the Head of Booking position in the Business Committee. My ultimate objective is to establish an exceptional platform for students and businesses to connect, featuring a diverse range of industries. My primary motivation is the responsibility it follows and having an impact in NHHS. I will prioritize the needs of the students, ensuring that both companies and students have an exceptional experience during company presentations.

Head of Presentation

Johanne Vinje Muri

Hi, my name is Johanne and I am running for Head of Presentation in the Business Committee. I wish to continue the good cooperation between the Business Committe and the companies visiting NHH. I am highly motivated for the task, and I am looking forward to organize and facilitate the business presentations in order to optimize the experiences for both the students and the companies.

Head of Information

Rathushan Murugathasan

Hi! My name is Rathushan, and i would like to apply for the position as Head of Information in the Business Committee. I really want to contribute to, and try to have a positive impact on the flow of information between the students of NHH and the companies. I want to work towards making sure the students has easy access to information about all the opportunities available from the companies, and in the same time communicate the students wishes to the companies. I am really motivated for the task, and I believe that my previous engagements and experience in The Business Committee would be convenient.

Studentpolitisk Utvalg

Deputy Leader

Einar Fæste

For the student political committee, increasing awareness of and engagement for student politics should always be one of the main objectives. To accomplish this, the committee should continue inviting both national and local politicians to debate the current challenges facing students in Norway. As deputy head of the student political committee, I will work for greater awareness of the work of the committee. This can be accomplished by presenting our work on stands during breaks, and through an increased number of events, such as debates and talks.