The Executive Board (KS) is the board of NHHS and the day-to-day management, and coordinates and administers the various initiatives and activities in the student association. They coordinate and facilitate the incredible diversity of activities that NHHS consists of. If there is something you are wondering about, there is a high probability that one of the board members can answer you.

Dinogen Uruthiran

477 12 284

Anders Fosse Hereide

Head of Academic Affairs
413 40 614

Mina Johnsen Linnestad

Head of Financial Affairs
948 91 329

Malene Kristine Meidell Alsaker

Head of Information
992 10 111

Josefine Marie Thunold Furu

Head of Corporate Relations
904 04 464

Kristian Hope

Head of Internal Affairs
957 62 101

Eira Sofie Tvedten

Head of Projects
909 13 709

Knut Visdal

Head of External Affairs
953 62 039

You can follow this link to see when we are in office and when we are unavaliable: Link here