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Mentor programme



«Mentorordningen NHHS» is a student organization that consists of mentors (not to be confused with your mentors during Welcome Week) that are here to help you, as a new student here at NHH. The mentors can act as counselors regarding the Student organization at NHH, the city of Bergen and the student life in general.

What student organizations can international students apply to? Where do I find information about the Welcome Week? What is KS? Who can I talk to if I wish to apply for an internship in Norway or elsewhere? We will do our best to guide you and to answer your questions in the best way possible.

All new students will be contacted by their mentor during the summer break. Even if you are not a new student you can still use this online service.

This service can also be an option if you prefer to stay anonymous. Then your email-address will stay hidden for the receiver, but you will still receive the answer to your email.

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