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Beginning the fall of 2015 Allkopi has taken over copying and printing services for NHHS after "Kopieringssentralen" was closed. To take advantage of this deal you must state clearly that you are from NHHS, and you must provide the correct name of the subcommittee / interest group you order for (not your own name!). This way we ensure that the billing is correct and that your order will be delivered to the right group. Send orders to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Allkopi is located by Munkebotn bus stop, in Sandviksveien 163. To make use of the deal you have to fill out this form and attach this form when you are making an order.

Other services

Here is a brief overview that shows main product categories Allkopi offers:
  • Document Services: Print of documents in black/white and color, which includes all types of finishing/binding.
  • Graphic Design: We have skilled typesetters and designers who can help when needed.
  • Printed material: Brochures. Booklets, folders, books, pamphlets, forms, letterheads, envelopes, brochures, direct mail, flyers, posters (in higher circulation) etc.
  • Building & Construction: Drawing Production (including scanning and vectorization).
  • Profile Products (Trade and Exhibition systems, posters, banners, flags, sails, foil products, pillows, blankets, carved letters and/or other etc.).
  • Decoration of premises: (photo on acrylic / plexiglass, aluminum, canvas, wallpaper, window foil blankets, doors etc.).
  • Web Solutions: AllkopiOnline, ByggNet, eDM, eBrochures etc.
  • Fairs and Events
  • Photo services (including image processing)
  • Scanning
  • Large Format print

Delivery time

The delivery time will be somewhat different in the different service categories:
  • Document Services: Normally 1-3 business days (depending on scope).
  • Graphical services (print): Normally 5-8 working days (depending on scope).
  • Profile products: Normally 2-5 business days (depending on scope).
  • Embellishment: Agreed consecutively between the parties (depending on its scope).
  • Photo Services: Agreed consecutively between the parties (depending on its scope).
Delivery times for each engagement arranged consecutively between the parties.


Distribution/delivery will take place within the regular delivery routes (morning and afternoon). Delivery fee will be kr. 65.00 pr. delivery. The products are delivered to NHHS in Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen. Upon delivery/shipment to other addresses, this will be charged at the current rates of distributor + 30% mark-up (packaging/packaging/labeling/expedition). Upon desire/need for urgent delivery beyond the above, then this will be charged with kr. 195, - pr. assignment.

Professional assistance

Upon desire/need for professional help with positioning/design/layout: Hourly rate for NHHS is kr. 590, - pr. hour
This price also applies to any required manual work.
All prices are excl. VAT. and shipping