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Winners of Gullroten – The honorary award of the student association

We wish to congratulate Anders Dovran. Christian Ziesler and Anders Gundersen as the winners of Gullroten!

Every year on the 17th of May breakfast at NHH the Executive Board hands out the honorary award of the student association. In NHHS, there are many persons who put lots of time and effort into making our student association as amazing as it is. We have an incredible student engagement, and some enthusiasts in our student union stand out. These are the students we want to honor withthis prize. 


Anders Dovran

Exerpt from the nomination:
There are three key aspects that makes Anders an obvious candidate; Knowledge, willingness to work, and personality. In short, Anders is the gladest, nicest and most noble people we have in the student Union. NHHS need people that not only gets the job done in a good way, but in addition to this manages to convey how much experience and joy one can experience in the job!

Christian Ziesler

Exerpt from the nomination:
Through his experience in The Business committee and the Executive Board, Christian has built an immense amount of experience. Where many retires after such an effort for the student union, Christian has continued with undiminished strenght. He has helped the NHH-symposium and participated in designing the Women finance day. At NHH we learn about scarce resources, but Christian is rather the opposite. He is a resource that keeps on givin, and the student union should cross their fingers and hope that this continues the coming years.

Anders Gundersen

Exerpt from the nomination:
Anders has been eager to learn since day one. He is always the first to meet at rigging, and the last to leave. He is always present, and the event is always pulsating. He always takes the heavy lifting. Not just because he can, but also to make the work of others simpler. Anders has always been an initiator that makes sure that the Technical Group delievers a far better product than what is expected of a student of economics.