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Gullroten – The honorary award of the student association

In NHHS, there are many persons who put lots of time and effort into making our student association as amazing as it is. We have an incredible student engagement, and some enthusiasts in our student union stand out. These are the students we want to honor with the Student Association’s Honorary Award, Gullroten.

The price gets handed out at the constitution day breakfast at NHH the 17th of May, to make special honor of those who have made an extra effort for the student union over a longer period.

All members of NHHS can nominate the candidates they think deserve the award, and nominations can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within Sunday 5th of May. The nomination must include a good explanation of why the person you wish to nominate deserve this honor, and in what way you think the nominee has excelled particularly positive over a longer period of time.


  • The award will be given to a maximum of three persons per year.

  • All members of NHHS will have the opportunity to nominate candidates they believe deserve the award.

  • Nominations are not published

  • The price will not be handed out to sitting members of the Executive Board, UKEstyret, NHH-symposion, Bergen Challenge or the Board of Representatives.

  • The Executive Board will decide on who will receive the award, based on nominations and own knowledge of the nominees.

  • The award will be handed out once a year, on the Constitution Day Breakfast, if there are any worthy candidates.

  • The award winners will receive a copy of the Gullroten Medal, a free ticket to the Constitution Day Breakfast and everlasting glory.


We look forward to receiving your nominations.



The Executive Board of 2019