Fall Elections 2022

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Do you want to join one of Scandinavia’s most active student unions? Now you have the chance! A position in the student union will provide you with many useful experiences, challenges and opportunities to work with something you are passionate about. You will get to know students across classes, as well as establish many new friendships.

A position in NHHS is developing, educational and not least social. Theoretical knowledge from school is admittedly important, but practical experience from NHHS is extremely valuable later in life. There is a wide range of positions that can be applied for, and it is easy to find something you are interested in.

Whether you are attending your first year at NHH or are an experienced NHHS member eho wants to have fun or are passionate about influencing the subjects at NHH, there is a position that is right for you! All we expect is that you want to learn something new and spend some time at the student union.

You can submit yourself both as an individual candidate or as a “blokk”.  The deadline for submitting your candidacy is Sunday 16.10

You can submit your candidacy by clicking on “Submit your candidacy”. Your and possibly your “Blokk”s picture to pu.valg@nhhs.no. If you do not submit your picture, you will not be presented with the other candidates. 

Submitting as a “Blokk” means that you and a group go together and apply at the different positions in some of the boards that are up for election.

If you are in doubt about a position suitable for you, you may want to consult with someone who has held the position

It will only be possible to give your vote digitally during this year’s election. On Canvas (under topics) you can vote from 17:00 Wednesday 19.10 to 12:00 Friday 21.10. More information on the voting process will be given as the election approaches

Sunday, October 16, 2022

12:00 Deadline for submitting your candidacy

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

08:00 The candidates are announced and can start online profiling

17:00 Election poll

Friday, October 21, 2022

12:00 The election ends.

The results will be published at www.nhhs.no

Available Positions


Are you up for a challenge? Does it sound tempting to lead Norway’s best and most active student association? Do you wish to develop an organization in constant growth? Would you like to take on responsibility, lead others and talk in front of large groups of people? If you answered yes to some of you should run as president of our student union. 

As the leader of NHHS, your days will be filled with different activities and challenges. No two days are alike, and you will never know what tomorrow will bring. You have the responsibility to coordinate and motivate the rest of the members of the Executive board. Together, you have the leading, controlling, coordinating and administrative function in the student union. In addition you are responsible for leading a grand and wide-ranging union. 

You will be the one with the most information about what is happening in NHHS. You are also in charge of the continuity and progress in the student union. As the president, you will also function as the

spokesperson for NHHS. As the president you can influence through meetings with the rectorate, the board and the rest of the school administration. In addition you will attend meetings with the subcommittees, interestgroups and committees in the student union. During the pandemic you will also be a part of the expanded emergency management. In other words, you are everywhere in the daily life of the student union, and will get the chance to set the agenda on important issues. The juridical responsibility for the union is also in your position. This means that your signature is legally binding for the student union. 

Perhaps the best thing about being the president of the Executive Board is all the great people you get to meet and cooperate with. You will get to know many great people both inside and outside of the student union. If you run as president of NHHS, we can guarantee that 2021 will be one of the greatest years of your life. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the position.

Head of Academic Affairs

In the role as Head of Academic Affairs in NHHS you are given an unique opportunity to shape the direction of the education at NHH. You are the student unions representative in several boards and groups, where decions about your own and the other students education is made. You will also be leader of Studentutvalget ved NHH (SUN), a sub-commite with aprox. 40 members. 

In your position you will have the main responsibility for coordinating the activity from the students directed at NHHs educational and administrative boards and groups. You have contact with representatives from the NHH board and the rectorate, and you are often invited to participate at conferences, committees and in other settings where the students voice needs to be heard.

You will be member of the academic committee (Utdanningsutvalget) and the Learning Environment Committee (Læringsmiljøutvalget). Besides from these commitees there are several others you can be member of. 

You will also have the function as deputy president of the student union, leading the board if the president should be absent.

Head of Information

Being a member of the Executive Board is challenging, but also incredibly exciting and educational. As Head of Information in the Executive Board, I can promise you a year you will never forget! Your area of responsibility is wide. This entails a pleasing variation, but it is also one of the biggest challenges in the position. The Head of Information shall ensure good information flow in the student union both internally and externally. You are the head of all NHHS’ information channels, and your task is to ensure that they 

are used in the best possible way. NHHS as a brand is your responsibility. This involves coordinating the profiling of the student union to students at the school, external players and future students. Among other things, you must ensure that the student union appears professional and holistic. In addition, together with the President of the Executive Board, you are NHHS’ contact person to the press. This means that it is usually you Dagens Næringsliv, Dagbladet or Bergens Tidende call when they want statements from the

student union. You follow the news closely, and you always have an overview of the coverage NHHS and NHH receive in the media. You are the natural contact person for the Communication Department at NHH, and here you get the opportunity to work with people who are very skilled in their field. In addition, together with it.gruppen, you are a natural contact person for the IT department at NHH. 

Together with the Head of Elections in Profileringsutvalget, you are also responsible for the two annual elections in the student union. You and the Head of Elections work together as a team to make a fair, orderly and effective election in the spring and fall, an incredibly important task for democracy in the student union. In addition to this, you are responsible for the General Assembly and the Recruitment Week together with Profileringsutvalget. Administratively, you are responsible for following up the subcommittees Profileringsutvalget, it.gruppen, K7 Minutter, K7 Bulletin, Foto NHHS og Grafisk NHHS. The groups have incredibly competent and engaging members, and it is fun and educational to be allowed to facilitate for these groups to exploit their potential to the full. 

If you have a genuine commitment for communication, profiling and IT, and are willing to invest one year of your life in the NHHS-adventure, you are definitely on the right track if you consider making elections as Head of Information in the Executive Board. Do you want to be up to date on everything that happens at school, follow the news picture closely and have clear opinions on how NHHS should appear internally and externally? Then this is without a doubt the position for you! 

Please contact me at info@nhhs.no if you want more information about the position!

Head of Corporate Relations

The position as Head of Corporate Relations in the Executive Board offers both incredible experiences and exciting challenges. Through a year as Head of Corporate Relations you will get many new acquaintances in NHHS and in the business world, while also having a lot of fun. 

As Head of Corporate relations, you are responsible for taking care of the current business partners the student union has, as well as looking for new opportunities. Along the way you will gain knowledge and experience that you do not learn on the school bench. Sales skills, negotiation and presentation techniques are just some of the things you will have the opportunity to become really good at. As Head of Corporate Relations, it is also important to have ice in the stomach and take challenges on the straight arm. Is the company you are in contact with the right partner for NHHS? It is your job to provide our student union with attractive, good and long-term cooperation that defies the business cycle and other challenges in today’s market. 

You will also have the authority and responsibility to approve sponsorship activities in the student union subcommittee. Working with the subcommittees is both instructive and exciting. In addition to this, you, together with Markesgruppen, will have the coordinating responsibility for sponsorship work in general at NHHS. 

As Head of Corporate Relations in the Executive Board you get a unique opportunity to negotiate and work with major and exciting players in the business community, an opportunity few people get. Do you take the challenge?

Head of External Affairs

Head of External Affairs is the person responsible for representing NHHS outside of campus. This means that it is the Head of External Affairs responsibility to represent the opinions of NHH-students towards the institutions we interact with. Amongst other things, this includes the main responsibility for maintaining a good relationship to the other educational institutions in Bergen and the rest of the country, and the people that are representatives for the respective organs. Internally in NHHS Head of External Affairs is the leader of the Committee for Student Politics, (SPU) and contact person for NHHI and

Økonomiformidlingen. SPU works to promote the interests of NHHS and the political stances of the student union, and to increase both political interest and activity amongst the students by hosting events and debates. 

To be Head of External Affairs is really fun and you will learn a lot. You are an ambassador for all the great engagement from the NHH-students and can communicate this passion to the rest of the world.

Head of Projects

Head of Projects is the newest position in the Executive Board, and was created in 2008 when there was an increasing need for strategic management of the different projects in the student union. 

As Head of Projects you will be responsible hiring and leading committees that will arrange events like The NHH Ball, Welcome Week, the 17th of May breakfast and Førstekullsuken. In addition you will be able to make the position your own by creating new events or other projects aimed to develop and strengthen our student union. 

As Head of Projects you need to be organized, and enjoy working in an hectic environment. Your days will be busy, but the experiences and good memories you will get makes it all worth it

Head of Internal Affairs

Good morning dear reader! Do you know everything there is to know about NHHS? Can you place the ”Hydromet” on the map and know what ”Steinlageret was before NHH stole it away? Do you find it quite natural that this ”Thea” who is responsible for everything, is actually 10 stressed men in their 40’s? Then the Head of Internal affairs is for you. As responsible for everything happening inside the building, you need a good portion of benevolence, patience and problem solving. 

The head of Internal affairs have to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to unfold, but also make sure that those who are organizing today do not get in the way of those who want to create something tomorrow. With a coordinating role, it is your job to make sure everything goes well, with good help from your groups. With a supporting role for KKU, TG and VK you are in the middle of most of the activities in NHHS, and without good help you can never get anything done. 

Your tasks are varied and involve, for example, garbage disposal, chair stacking, painting, hating, complaining, relaying and mediation. If you read this and think ”this is something for me!”, the position as Head of internal affairs might be for you! Good luck!

Head of Financial Affairs

As Head of Financial Affairs in the Executive Board you have a great responsibility. NHHS is actually a quite large company. And here you should have an overview and control over all the financial transactions and everything that affects the student union’s economy. It is also your responsibility to make sure that the books are kept within all laws and regulations, this means that you need to work with the accounting group, controller, internal auditor, external auditor and all the other heads of financial affairs in the sub committees. 

Your role in the Executive Board is to keep control over the money bag! You need to apply the economical view in the cases the Executive Board and the Board of Representatives deals with. At the same time you need to make sure of a reasonable development for the student union. Some of your work tasks beyond the regular board duties is to prepare year- and half year settlements and make budgets for the sub committees.


DEAR FELLOW STUDENT! Congratulations! You are on the right track. This can be your first step towards the funniest and most challenging thing you can spend your time at NHHS – UKEN!

UKEN is by far the largest sub-committee at NHH and ultimately consists of around 1,000 members, fUKENtionaries, from both NHH and other study centers in Bergen. This helps make UKEN Norway’s second largest student festival. Over the course of 17 days, over 30,000 visitors will stop by NHH to experience what UKEN has to offer. The program has previously consisted of everything from world record attempts and days for children and the elderly, to concerts and revues. The UKErevue has several times won prizes during the national championship in student revue. The UKErevue is rich in tradition with a professional production in the city of Bergen. It is the Board of UKEN that gets to choose exactly what the program for UKEN 24 will be filled with, which records will be broken, what the theme of the UKErevy 24 will be and who will be on the many stages for UKEN. If you join UKEN’s family, I can promise you many new acquaintances and lifelong memories. Proof of this is all the former members of UKEN, fUKENtionaries, who return to every single UKEN; precisely to experience the unique feeling UKEN has given, and still gives them.
Making UKEN 24 is going to be the most fun you’ve ever done in your entire life!
UKEgreetings from the Board of UKEN 22

Head of UKEN

As Head of UKEN you have two tasks:

1: Enjoy yourself most of all during UKEN.
2: Take responsibility when things go badly and hand out praise when everything goes well.

If you think you can manage these two things, there should be no doubt, then you are running for Head of UKEN!

As Head of UKEN, you will manage the largest sub-committee at NHH. Together with 1,000 other fUKENtionaries, you will create a festival with 30,000 visitors and a double-digit number of millions in turnover. When the UKEN kicks off in March 2024, you can enjoy a completely professional festival that YOU have led to the finish line!
You’ll never work harder, you’ll never have so much anxiety, and you’ll never do a job so worthwhile!

Head of Revue

The first UKErevue was set up in Bergen as early as 1946. In other words, as Head of Revue, you manage nothing less than an old cultural heritage!

As Head of Revue for UKEN, you are responsible for a section of 70-90 members, who often have in common that they have special expertise in sound, lighting, music, costume design, dance or the like. This makes the role somewhat unique, as you like to lead a group of people who know much more than you in their field, and humility is a healthy entry into the position. The revision section is often also a group that puts in an unimaginable number of hours in the auditorium, and then it is important to be able to motivate!

You choose whether you are more or less involved in the creative process, but you are responsible for the organizational implementation of the revue process. The unity that is created in the revue section in the hall at NHH is something very special!

Head of PR

Do you want to ensure that UKEN 24 becomes the most visited UKEN ever? Then you should apply as Head of PR!
The Head of PR must ensure that everyone is aware that it is THE UKEN. The school and the city of Bergen must be painted green, and the joy of UKEN must be distributed to everyone; as it has been done since the 80s. Whether through social media, campaigns, ticket releases, stunts or other crazy inventions, everyone must understand that UKEN 24 will be the highlight of the year!
As Head of PR, you will be responsible for all of UKEN’s external communications. Therefore, you have to be both structured and a bit creative. If you like to please others, and feel a tingling in your stomach when you hear the word “sold out”, there is only one thing to do:

Head of Finance

“You can learn economics in London, Copenhagen and even BI, but it is only at NHH that you get to try it out in practice” once said a wise UKEpamp.

As Head of Finance at UKEN, this is more true than for perhaps any other position. Among other things, you have overall responsibility for budgeting, accounting, reporting and payment handling in connection with UKEN.

In addition, you work a lot with the preparation of financial routines in the UKEorganisation, as well as risk and sales analyses. UKEN turns over many millions of kroner – there is hardly a similar experience to take away from your studies!

Head of External Affairs

Do you want to be UKEN’s foremost ambassador towards the business world?
As Head of External Affairs, you lead the work with UKEN’s cooperation agreements with the Norwegian business community. Both the conclusion, negotiations and follow-up of everything from smaller supplier agreements to the largest main collaboration agreements go through your section.

UKEN has collaborations with companies that go back as far as 20 years. This is not only due to many clever former Head of Affairs, but also to the fact that UKEN delivers a product that is completely unique. You will continue to manage this product, and get an early insight into “life after death” – the business world.

Head of Information

Would you like to get a unique insight into the organization of UKEN, while also getting to lead your own section?
As Head of Information, you get the opportunity to do just this, by being both head of the Info Section and deputy head of UKEN. In addition, you get to adorn yourself with the title of general secretary. As Head of Information, you will be given various tasks, and are responsible for recruitment rounds, internal information flow, social events for the fUKENtionaries, and much more!

You get to work with different problems and challenges – learning a great deal about project management. In the information section, there are some groups that work technically and others that have more practically oriented tasks, which means that you meet a wide range of interesting challenges.
The info section is also the entire UKEN’s gathering point, and consisted of 150 fUKENtionaries in UKEN 22. Together with these fUKENtionaries, you will ensure that UKEN gets cool websites, magical photographs, delicate design, unforgettable parties and much, much more!

Head of Sales

Imagine being the manager of Bergen’s largest pub! That’s because you are the Head of Sales at UKEN.

Not only that, you are also the leader of UKEN’s largest section, which in UKEN 22 numbered well over 400 fUKENtionaries. You manage all of UKEN’s bar operations, food sales, logistics, as well as security and security. In addition, you work with supplier agreements for food and beverages, for example what kind of wine should UKEvinen 24 be?

Your section provides the party in the auditorium and in the basement during UKEN, and what a party it is! During UKEN 22, over 40,000 pints were consumed, cheers!

Head of Events

UKEN is a cultural festival and the events section decides what kind of culture the festival will be filled with. This section books artists, maps and carries out technical arrangements, creates shows and events, organizes sports days, children’s and seniors’ days and much more.
It requires a lot of work, but if you are interested in music and culture, like to plan and like to arrange things, there is no better position in NHHS.
Ever since the 80s, UKEN has provided joy and engagement for both fUKENtionaries and visitors. Are you the Head of Events who wants to take UKEN to new heights?

President of the Business Committee

As President of the Business Committee you are enrolled in one of the biggest and most exciting positions in the entire student association. You have the overall responsibility for everything that happens in the committee, and spend most of your time planning and managing, alongside some strategic assessment, in close collaboration with The Board. You are the face of the Business Committee to NHHS, the school, businesses, and the media, and you will handle exciting challenges at every level. This entails a lot of interesting meetings, and you gain great insight and influence in the student association overall.

Head of Human Resources

As HR Manager in the Business Committee, you will be responsible for the personnel administrative tasks of the student association largest and most active committee. The HR manager is responsible for ongoing follow-up of the members, as well as determining internal responsibilities. Furthermore, you are responsible for arranging internal events in the Business Committee, including the annual trip abroad, cabin trips and other social events. For this position you should be conscientious, creative, cooperative and committed.

Head of ICT

As the Head of IT at NU, you are primarily responsible for the Business Committee’s IT strategy. Your responsibility is therefore to update, renew and improve NU’s IT front. As Head of IT you work mainly with NU’s website and its further development. Good dialogue with the external developers of the website is a key part of the position. You are also responsible for ensuring that the members of NU have the necessary knowledge about the various programs used by the committee. The position requires steady work throughout the year. In addition, you get to be part of a fantastic board in NHHS, where you work closely with all the board members. You get useful experience that also goes beyond the IT tasks. The position allows for creative freedom and the opportunity to take initiative beyond the usual work tasks.

Leader of the Career Fairs

As the Leader of the Career Fairs, you get a challenging and rewarding role on the board of the Business Committee. Primarily, your area of ​​responsibility will be to set a board for the Career Fairs and work together towards the Career Fairs 2020. This role is exciting because you help create an important arena for students and the country’s most attractive companies to meet. Furthermore, the role offers insight into how both the Business Committee and NHHS work. If you like leadership responsibility, teamwork and become motivated by working towards a common goal, this position is for you!


Would you look at that!

NHHS’ most fun group is up for yet another election. Hytteutvalget is responsible for Kramboden, NHHS’ very own cabin, just outside Bergen City center. The cabin became ours in 1938, thus making it an integral part and the backbone of the student organization. The cabin is used for partying and social gatherings between teams, UKEN etc. and it is Hytteutvalget’s task to facilitate to make sure everything runs smooth. Every year we host Førstekullsseminar, dugnadsuke and a Christmas party with our beloved alumni. If you like cabins, parties and hosting parties, then this is definitely the place for you. There are 5 positions, where none of them requires any prior knowledge, other than motivation and joy for cabins.


As leader of Hytteutvalget you are responsible for the cabin and its members. This includes coordinating meetings, delegate tasks and contribute where it is needed.

Head of Economics/CFO

As head of economics, you are naturally responsible for the economy of the cabin. This includes setting up simple budgets and simple accounting. You will also have close dialogue with Kjernestyret and their head of economics.

Head of Booking

You are responsible for bookings and making sure that there are no dobble bookings. Most of the job is over e-mail, which is a good thing. This ensures that you can spend more time at Kramboden

Head of Information

It is your job to make sure that our beloved cabin is in everyone’s minds 24/7. You are responsible for promoting different happenings, answering questions students and handling the immense press pressure. You will also have the main responsibility over our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Head of Purchase

To make sure that Kramboden is a nice place to be for our guests, it is important that certain necessities is in place. This is where you come in. You have the main responsibility, in consultation with the head of economics, for purchasing whatever is needed. If you love shopping, this is definitely the job for you.



The leader is responsible for the organisation and also to make sure that NHH Aid develops in a satisfying way. Furthermore, the leader is the face outward and holds the dialogue with Aids project partner UNICEF. You also have to participate at “Foreningsmøte” and “Strategisk forum”. In addition, you are the head of recruitment to the UNICEF/NHH Aid-internship.

Head of Financial Affairs and deputy leader

Head of Financial Affairs/deputy leader has the responsibility for all funds collected by NHH Aid and its events and that these funds go directly to UNICEF. He/she has to track the spendings of the organization, and is responsible for budgets, accounts and all assets. In addition he/she is responsible for storage, the office and the membership database.

Head of Corporate

Relations Head of Corporate Relations has the responsibility of maintaining contact with the business partners of NHH Aid. Together with your own team you will work on maintaining existing deals with the main partners. You will also work actively to enter into new agreements with potential business partners.

Head of Information

The Head of Information works with the info / profiling team to promote NHH Aid’s work using as many channels as possible, both at the school and elsewhere. This includes the responsibility for the website www.nhhaid.no, NHH Aid’s Facebook page and Instagram.

Head of Projects

Head of Projects is responsible for the subcommittee’s projects. The Project-team are therefore responsible for creative projects, for example producing Christmas calendars, cookbooks, boardgames or CDs. In 2019 the Project-team planned and arranged a charity-concert, to great success, and we hope that NHH Aid can continue to arrange charity-concerts in the future

Head of events

Head of events is responsible for the planning and execution of all events directed by NHH Aid. This includes arranging charity fundraisers, conferences, competitions, debates, and so on. An important part of the role is creating a good framework for Aksjonsuken.


The leader’s areas of responsibilities are outlined in NHHS’ general instructions. In addition to this, the leader has the main responsibility for setting and implementing Økonomiformidlingen’s strategy. Hence, the leader is focusing on long-term improvement, as well as running the organization on a day-to-day business.

Head of the Bachelor’s program

As Head of the Bachelor’s program, you are responsible for coordinating and implementing initiatives that deal with the undergraduate program at NHH. Together with the Head of Academic Affairs and the Head of the Master’s Program, the Head of the Bachelor’s Program is a representative in the Academic Committee of NHH. The Head of the Bachelor’s Program is responsible for following up the class representatives and has the main responsibility of coordinating work related to the mid-term evaluation and handing out the “Bronsesvamp” each semester.

Head of the Master’s Program

As Head of the Master’s Program, you are responsible for coordinating and implementing initiatives concerning the master’s programs at NHH. The Head of the Master’s Program is the leader of the Master Group, composed of active members of the Student Committee at master level. Together with the Head of Academic Affairs and the Head of the Bachelor’s Program, the Head of the Master’s Program is a representative in the Academic Committee of NHH. The Head of the Master’s Program is responsible for handing out the Master’s Students Award for Excellence in Teaching annually at the Master’s Students Graduation Ceremony.