Fall Elections 2023

Join NHHS!

Do you want to join one of Scandinavia’s most active student unions? Now you have the chance! A position in the student union will provide you with many useful experiences, challenges and opportunities to work with something you are passionate about. You will get to know students across classes, as well as establish many new friendships.

A position in NHHS is developing, educational and not least social. Theoretical knowledge from school is admittedly important, but practical experience from NHHS is extremely valuable later in life. There is a wide range of positions that can be applied for, and it is easy to find something you are interested in.

Whether you are attending your first year at NHH or are an experienced NHHS member who wants to have fun or are passionate about influencing the subjects at NHH, there is a position that is right for you! All we expect is that you want to learn something new and spend some time at the student union.

You can submit yourself both as an individual candidate or as a “blokk”.  The deadline for submitting your candidacy is Sunday 8th of Ocotber 08:00. 

You can submit your candidacy by clicking on “Submit your candidacy”. Your and possibly your “Blokk”s picture to pu.valg@nhhs.no. If you do not submit your picture, you will not be presented with the other candidates. 

Submitting as a “Blokk” means that you and a group go together and apply at the different positions in some of the boards that are up for election.

If you are in doubt about a position suitable for you, you may want to consult with someone who has held the position

It will only be possible to give your vote digitally during this year’s election. On Canvas (under topics) you can vote from 17:15 Wednesday 11th of October until 12:00 Friday 13th of October. More information on the voting process will be given as the election approaches

Sunday, Ocotber 08 

08:00 Deadline for submitting your candidacy

Wednesday, October 11

08:00 The candidates are announced and can start online profiling

17:15 Election poll

Friday, October 13

12:00 The election ends.

The results will be published at www.nhhs.no

Rules for the election: here

Rules for the election poll: To be published when it approaches

By-laws for NHHS: here

Available Positions