The Executive Borad – Contact

The Executive Board (KS) is the board of NHHS and the day-to-day management, and coordinates and administers the various initiatives and activities in the student association. They coordinate and facilitate the incredible diversity of activities that NHHS consists of. If there is something you are wondering about, there is a high probability that one of the board members can answer you.

Marthe-Caroline Dahle

932 12 786

Finn Lucas Griggs

Head of Academic Affairs
932 12 717

Thomas Garås Gulli

Head of Information
982 69 000

Kine Marie Ramm

Head of Corporate Relations
932 12 731

Lise-May Sæle

Head of External Affairs
932 12 754

Balder Belsvik

Head of Projects
451 36 070

Thorvald Mosvold

Head of Internal Affairs
932 12 781

Sverre Skjauff

Head of Financial Affairs
932 12 764

Foto: Kristian Sweeney, Foto NHHS