NHH-Symposiet is recruiting for the forth time

Dear future symptionaries,

First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this! Joining the NHH Symposium is the best choice I have made at NHH. As a part of the Symp family, I have been challenged, I have developed myself and not least: I have made many new, good friends. Now I hope to give you the same experience.

The NHH Symposium is Northern Europe’s largest student-run business conference and in March 2021 we are arranging the 20th NHH Symposium. Together we are going to attract over three hundred participants from business, politics, and academia to NHH, to tell them what we are passionate about. We will challenge, inspire and come up with solutions to what we believe to be the greatest challenges of the future.

Now the Symp family is expanding again and we seek sympsjonaries for several exciting positions, of different sizes. Whether you have a passion for community engagement, are an organizer, are creative, love to dance in a toga, or are simply super-eager to join – I hope YOU apply for the NHH Symposium. No prior knowledge is required, only a desire to help. I promise: you won’t regret it.

Sincerely, Sigrid Barstad Sanner

Sigrid Barstad Sanner

Event Division

In the Event Division, we make sure the conference becomes an adventurous journey with details and impressions the Norwegian and international business will never forget. This is where the mixture of bottomless creativity and refined logistics belongs, and if these are values you appreciate, we welcome you with open arms.

With more than 170 sympsionaries, the Event Division will grow to become the greatest in the organization. Through eight diverse groups, our responsibility is to facilitate the conference from beginning to end. In the conference hall, the Production team, Technical and Live Video will work on groundbreaking solutions. Outside the conference hall, the Reception, Lounge & Dekor, Transport, Catering and SympHotel will work intensively to give the participants the best overall conference experience as possible.

Head of events
Jakob Braathen

Assisting Head of Events
Aksel Devold

Contactperson Employee sound:

Stian Viksøy Nøkleby

Do clumsy professors attaching microphones annoy you? Do you find bad sound frustrating? Can you keep your head above water when things get hectic? Then you are just the one we are looking for!

Our primary task is to ensure that every speaker is heard, and we are now looking for colleagues. The job varies between state of the art audio equipment rigging to attaching microphones to speakers. No experience is required; we are looking for hard working, engaged, colleagues!

Looking forward to it!

Contact person:

Tobias Nyborg



Do you want to set the spotlight on Tangen? Do you want to set your mark on the NHH-symposium? Are you comfortable with practical tasks to be solved by teamwork? Then you are the person we are looking for.

We in the light-group will be setting the lights in the aula. Our tasks will be to rig all lights and equipment before, during and after the conference. In addition, we will be controlling the lights during the conference. We are looking for both inexperienced and experienced people. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself with new tasks.

Looking forward to it!

Contact Person:

Fredrik Madsen



Do you want to help transform the auditorium? Do you like working practically in a team? Then the stage group is perfect for you!

Our task is to set up and rig down the conference’s stage solution. This task will suit you if you like to cooperate in solving practical tasks. After long days at the home office, this is a great opportunity to spend your energy building something important! There is no requirement for experience within stage rigging.

We look forward to seeing you at the interview!

Contact Person Live Video:

Marcus Hasselberg Ness



Do you have a filmmaker in you, and want to show your creative side to a larger audience? Then this is the position for you! Here you will learn to use professional equipment during a live video production. You will also be able to use your creative side to find good angles to create unforgettable moments.

The job here is mainly in filming the symposium itself. You will receive training in the use of the equipment in advance, and there is therefore no requirement for previous experience. I am looking for creative people with an interest in camera and film, who want to help make SYMP21 unforgettable!

Contact person lunsj: Peder Tangen, 46696941, pedertang1@gmail.com

Contact Person banquet: Kristoffer Raa, 45264464, raakristoffer@gmail.com

Contact Person breakfast: Sofie Aanonsen, 98417233, sofie.aanonsen@gmail.com

Contact Person kafégang: Jenny Mathiesen, 92215088, jenny.mathiesen@hotmail.com

Do you want to participate in creating food experiences that our conference participants will never forget? Then the waiter’s job is perfect for you! 

The Catering section is responsible for all the delicious food and drinks served during the conference – and here there will be something to do for everyone. Everything from making an inviting cafe passage, where the participants can energize before new lectures, to serving at an incredible banquet. Being a waiter requires no experience. The most vital thing is that you are polite, positive and, most importantly, eager to give great service.

With over 60 waiters on the team, becoming part of the Catering section is one of the NHH Symposium’s largest groups. You will meet many new people and have some awsome days ahead of you! Apply for a position as a waiter now – we look forward to meeting you at the interview.

Contact person receptionist:

Serina Grøttå

980 73 449


Julie Masdal

909 58 395


Are you social, service minded and like to be in control? If you also give an amazing first impression, you are exactly the person we are looking for!

As a receptionist you will have responsibility for the reception, the wardrobe and the information desk. The reception is the first thing the guests will meet during the NHH-Symposium, while the information desk will be a place where the guests can ask questions about the conference.

The reception is the heart of the NHH-Symposium, and requires that you always have a smile on your face and a “go the extra mile” attitude. If you also want to have fun and make sure this year’s Symposium runs smoothly, you are the person we are looking for

Contact person SYMPhotell:

Balder Düring



Are you a social and happy person that enjoys being in control? Symphotell will be the home for up to 100 participants at the conference, and as a part of the booking group it will be your responsibility to organize rooming etc. In this role you will encounter challenges as well as responsibility. Your main role will be to organize who’s staying in what room as well as contributing to make the guests stay as smooth as possible. If you find this role interesting, please apply. Hope to see you there!

Contact person Host:

Kaspar Coates



Negin Kafili



Would you be interested in experiencing the core of the NHH-Symposium? Our great speakers need a personal assistant throughout their stay, and we are looking for more hosts! 

The NHH-Symposium gathers some of the world’s leading speakers, and they are always thrilled about the contact they establish with the students, especially through the personal hosts the Symposium offers. The hosts will be organized and sharp, but of course with great student charm. You will be the first person the speakers meet and make sure they have a memorable experience throughout the conference. This is a job where you will follow the speakers closely and get to know our time´s most central leaders. Are you up for the challenge? Apply as a host today!

Contact person DEKOR & LOUNGE:

Rebecca Nedal



Do you consider yourself creative and handy? If yes, the decor and lounge section might be the right job for you!

To give the participants of the Symposium the best experience possible, we wish to create a relaxing and welcoming zone where they can mingle in between presentations. As a lounge employee, you will contribute to the assembly and decoration of the lounges in the conference area. You will work closely with other groups to ensure that the lounges become the perfect gathering place!

If you wish to contribute to the decoration of the different lounges we intend to set up on campus, apply for the position as a lounge employee!

Contact person DECOR & LOUNGE:

Andrea Blikås Sæle



Do you have an eye for detail and a desire to contribute so that the NHH Symposium 2020 will look as completed and presentable as possible? If yes, it’s you that we’re looking for!

Along with the rest of Decor & Lounge, we’re going to decorate NHH for the conference, which includes tasks that vary from table decorations to the assembly of press walls. You will be working in teams, and we therefore seek talented, committed and cooperative students that like to be creative. Grasp the opportunity to influence the appearance of the conference area and apply for the position as a decorator now!

Contact person Production – make up

Anna Parnefält Størksen



Are you the one to let your friends know when they are walking around with unblended foundation? Do you want to help everyone destined for the Symp-stage to look good? If you also know how to apply concealer and work a powder brush, then we need you!

You have to look good to feel good and in turn sound good. As a make-up artist, you will have the responsibility to make sure that everyone who walks out on stage looks smashing. You will work closely with the other sympsjonærs, and most importantly you will hear all the gossip from all the speakers. If this sounds tempting, apply today! 

Contact person Grennroom:

 Julie von Krogh

95 700 225


Greenroom is the living room for all speakers before and after they go on stage. Do you like to create a nice and relaxed atmosphere, and make sure that people around you are well, then you may be the one I’m looking for!

Together, we will ensure that the speakers have a pleasant experience, ensure that they have access to a workstation, serve some food and drinks – and otherwise do what we can to get to know our future employers. Apply Greenroom today!

Contact person Transportation:

Johannes Henriksen Elgaaen



Would you like to pick up Nicolai Tangen at Flesland, and maybe discuss the weather or the future of the global economy on the way to NHH? Or drive other influential people from all over the world during SYMP? Then you could be the person we are looking for!

We are now looking for 15 drivers who will act as chauffeur for the speakers during the conference days. We look for skilled, service minded and social drivers, preferably over 20 years, but that is not an absolute requirement. As a driver, it is important that you are reliable, accurate and polite. Last but certainly not least, of course, driving license class B is a requirement.

If this sounds like you, and you want to be part of the great Symp community, there is only one thing to do, APPLY NOW.

Corporate Relations

Hello and welcome to the Corporate Relations section! Our main function is to acquire partners who want to contribute financially to the conference, as well as assist with their broad expertise. We provide main partners for the conference and other partners, suppliers, product sponsors and benefit agreements. We have direct contact with key players in the business community, and are a varied section with an incredibly steep learning curve. In addition, we arrange the Student Symposium – a one day conference for the students.

Head of Corporate Relations
Cecilie Brakstad

Assisting Corporate Relations
Daniel Berlin

Introduction The Student Symposium

Contact person:

Thea Guldbrandsøy



The Student Symposium is the conference for the students and is arranged 10th of February 2021. We aim to be an arena that motivates NHH students to pursue an exciting career in the business world. Every other year we invite successful leaders and politicians to talk about topics that interest the students. This year we will arrange a digital conference and seek goal oriented people with a positive mind. Do you want insight behind the scenes and the work behind a large student conference? We are looking for symptionaries responsible for both attendees and workshops. We hope that you apply and want to be a part of the rest of the journey towards the Student Symposium 2021!

Contact person:

Thea Guldbrandsøy



Are you technically minded and good at expressing things in your own words? Are you a person that takes responsibility and enjoys keeping an overview? Then we are seeking you! We wish to employ two website responsibles that will ensure that the digital platform for the Student Symposium turns out the best way possible for the attendees. As a website responsible you are responsible for filling the website with key information about the speakers, the program and agenda, and making this information easily accessible.

Contact person:

Thea Guldbrandsøy



Do you have an eye for details? We seek two decor and studio responsibles that will contribute to the Student Symposium looking as professional as possible. Since the conference is detailed, you will get the chance to rig the studio where the conference will be streamed from. You will also be responsible for the first few things that the speakers meet when they arrive at the conference. Are you positive and motivated to arrange what will be the first digital Student Symposium, apply for decor and studio responsible!


For the NHH-Symposium, the Symptionaries are the most important resource. The conference will not be accomplishable without the work of over 350 voluntary students. The HR-division will make sure that all these students will be taken care of in the best possible way, so that the motivation and the joy related to the work is strengthened.

In total, the section will expand to 30 Sympsjonaries with responsibility for internal communication, secretariat, parties, sympsjonariescafé, general everyday enjoyment and last but not least, Symposion. For those who have not experienced Symposion, you can look forward to a spectacular show in the aula, red wine and fellow students dressed in toga!

Head of HR
Amalie Skolt

Assisting Head of HR
Amanda Jennings

The Communication division

The Communication division is Symp’s creative corner, and is already well on its way in fronting the conference in various ways. Now we will continue to design our website, run Symp’s accounts on social media, create a graphic profile and produce new campaigns, videos and cool content that we will spread to the outside world. We will think, create and promote until the conference is over – and much more. Join us!

Head of Communication
Eirik Aarthun

Assisting Head of Communication
Lydia Mikele


The program section is responsible for the topic of the conference, speakers and workshops. We aim to create a conference that will be thought-provoking, interesting and we will set the agenda for Norwegian business. We will put the students’ perspective on tomorrow’s agenda. We want the participants to be challenged, provoked, but not least inspired. What does the future hold? And how should one position oneself for this? The NHH Symposium 2021 gives you the answers!

Head of Program
Fredrik Moracchioli Lura

Assisting Head of Program
Martha Schøyen Raaum

Financial Affairs

Hi, and welcome to the NHH Symposium’s smallest group – Financial Affairs!

Our responsibility is to ensure that the NHH Symposium complies with norwegian accounting law and regulations at all times, and to make the budget for the project itself. Furthermore, we communicate with all the other groups within the organization regarding financial affairs. We are currently nine symptionaries, and we are not planning to hire any more students unless we see a need to do so. We are however looking very much forward to getting to know the rest of the Symp-family!

Head of Financial Affairs
Carsten Gilje

Assisting Head of Financial Affairs
Odin Dager Moe

The sales divisjon

The Sales division’s main responsibility is to get participants to the conference. We are the squad who are going to convince people to visit the NHH Symposium 2021. Our section is not hiring this round, but we are very much looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Head of Sales
Elias Sandnes

Assisting Head of sales
Karina Wessel