The Controll Committee

The Control Committee (KU) is one of the governing bodies of NHHS. The mandate of the body is to oversee, run control work and be an advisory body for the student association. The committee is to make sure that NHHS is following its own bylaws and decisions that are made, and are crucial for achieving a functioning self-check in the student association. KU is broadly composed of the leader and two members who are active students at NHH, as well as two external members.

The responsibilities of the Control Committee include:

  • Consider whether NHHS follows its own bylaws and decisions
  • Submit reports, and have an advisory function, to the General Assembly
  • Appeals for disciplinary cases
  • Recommendations on distrust cases

Name: Stine Sisselsdotter Stolpestad
Phone: 984 73 803

Member, intern 
Name: Karen Mauritzen
Phone: 468 66 232

Member, intern 
Name: Helene Hunter
Phone: 991 53 592

Member, ekstern
Name: Håvard Rørtveit
Phone: 940 55 676

Member, ekstern
Name: Joachim Aae
Phone: 416 11 790

Member, ekstern 
Name: Silje Onsiøen
Phone: 951 53 715