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You can find the results from the 2023 Fall Election here.

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The candidates for the Autumn Election 2023 are ready, and the election is underway! From Wednesday, October 11th, when the election poll is done to Friday, October 13th, at 12:00 PM, you can vote on Canvas! The candidates have been published and can campaign from Wednesday, October 11th, at 8:00 AM.

This year, a two-part questioning will take place; the Core Board, SYMP Board, NU leader, and KD leader will be questioned in the Aula on Wednesday at 5:15 PM. You can submit questions by following this link. This can be done before and during the questioning.

Other candidates will be sent questions and asked to respond in writing during Wednesday; the answers will be posted here at 8:00 PM the same day. You can submit questions by following this link.

Good luck with your campaigns and the questioning!

It will only be possible to give your vote digitally during this year’s election. On Canvas (under topics) you can vote from when the election inquiry is done on Wednesday 11th of October until 12:00 Friday 13th of October.

Rules for the Election: here

Rules for the Election Inquiry: here.

By-laws for NHHS: here.


The Executive Board

Solo candidate, Head of Organization

Harald Straume

For more than four years now I’ve taken active part in the student association here at NHH. It has been a great pleasure to do everything from singing during UKEN to leading the control committee through rigorous inspection of protocols. I now feel like it’s time for me to properly give back to the organisation that has given me so much, which is why I’m so pleased to be running for head of organisation in the executive board.

Though it may be a great organisation, NHHS is also intricate riddled with old habits and may even come off as messy. The head of organisation is a new position in the executive board, and it was made in part to help patch up these issues. With my experience from this very organisation, I believe I can be a great asset in laying a foundation for future heads of organisations, I believe I can help make NHHS a more accessible organisation for everyone and I believe I can help further NHHS such that it becomes the organisation the students here deserve.

Blokk: WiiFiks

WiiFiks presents: 8 players ready to “level up”.

This group has not made it big in e-sports, but in the student association, we´re in our element! Our team consists of 8 different players who can offer a range of qualities to NHHS. Some excel in speed, others in acceleration and a few even have exceptionally good drifting abilities. NHHS has provided us with opportunities for challenges, exploration, new friendships and countless moments filled with laughter and joy. As a united team, we now wish to work for the world´s best student association, and together we will work to ensure that NHHS continues to be as great in the future as it is today.

When you think about Wii and Nintendo, NHHS may not the first association that comes to mind. However, our student association is like a big arena where you are given the opportunity to challenge yourself on various tracks. We now want to tackle what we see as the most important task, which is to coordinate and facilitate all student experiences of this arena. At the same time, we will work to implement “Fiks” and to ensure that this restructuring will be effective and smooth. Together, we will continue to work for a safe and active student association for all students at NHH. We want to be an Executive Board that is present when students needs us, and our ambition is simple: “We´ll Fiks it!”


Karoline Aasnæs

During my three years at NHH, I have experienced how NHHS both influences and improves the daily life of students. NHHS has provided me with countless moments of joy, learning, and growth, and it’s precisely these moments and experiences that have driven me to run for the President of Kjernestyret 2024.

Together with the rest of Wii Fiks, I aim to be a clear and strong voice for the students in discussions with the administration, conveying and advocating for their views. As the leader of Kjernestyret, along with stud.pol, one has a unique opportunity and influence over the administration, and I want to work so that everyone feels heard. Furthermore, I believe that every student who wishes to should be able to study at school. This isn’t the reality today, and I want to contribute to the excellent work KS and SUN are doing. Internally, KS is also facing an exciting period with the FIKS restructuring. It’s crucial to actively ensure this transition is as smooth as possible, and I will strive to ensure that this change benefits NHHS exclusively.

Head of Organization

Alexander Mckinney Wist

During my three years as a member of NHHS, I have been able to experience the student union from several angles. I have experienced the incredibly positive aspects of NHHS, and seen how much joy the student union can bring to people. These experiences motivate me to spend the next year working to make the student union even better.

NHHS is a well-functioning organization, but as with any other organization, there are always things that can be improved. With the new, streamlined position as Head of Organization, I can devote even more of my working time to the strategic development of NHHS, and spend time cleaning up internal systems, to make them easier to navigate.

As Head of Organization and Vice-President, I want to be a clear resource for everyone in the student union, regardless of whether it concerns by-laws, organizational structure or anything else. Most important of all, however, is my desire to make everyday student life for everyone at NHHS as safe and great as possible.

Head of Student Politics

Sivert Sundre Abrahamsen

From my first year at NHH, I have been working to ensure that NHH listens to the students. The work has largely revolved around issues such as recording lectures, the number of study spaces, and the new bachelor’s program. These are also important topics for the upcoming year. I see the role as the head of student politics with two main goals. On one hand, I will be a clear voice towards decision-makers both at NHH and with external stakeholders. In addition to the mentioned issues, I will work to expand the offerings and opportunities for students to ensure student welfare. The other part of the role will involve coordinating the work of SUN and SPU. These groups are the backbone of our student democracy as they represent students to internal and external channels of influence. Therefore, we must continue to work on becoming more visible and accessible to all, ensuring that the opinions we voice are representative of the student body. With great joy and dedication, I wish to be your representative, working for our interests as NHH students!

Det er med stor glede og engasjement at jeg ønsker å være deres tillitsvalgt, og arbeide for våre interesser som NHH-studenter!

Head of Financial Affairs

Lars Ludvig Helland

After starting school during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I have gradually become more involved in the student association with the goal of reaching the Executive Board as my desired destination. Since then, I have gained insight into the association’s financial processes through the positions I have held and have identified some areas I particularly want to focus on.

NHHS has several support and welfare schemes, but we still do not distribute the desired amount to the students. Therefore, I want to reevaluate these schemes to simplify them or possibly replace them.

Recently, there has been restructuring in the Executive Board through the working committee FiKS. This restructuring did not focus on the responsibilities of the head of financial affairs. I want to carefully review if there are opportunities to lighten the workload of the position.

Finally, I want to develop a long-term investment plan for the basement in collaboration with the head of operations.

Head of Corporate Relations & Communication

Kristiane Morewood Thoen

Throughout my two years at NHH, I have experienced receiving so much from NHHS, and now I feel it’s time to give back. I have been fortunate to participate in various parts of the student association, and through this, I have gained various knowledge and experiences that will be valuable as I now run for Head of Corporate Relations & Communication.

For the student association to function smoothly, we are entirely dependent on a stable and secure financial situation that also allows for freedom and new opportunities. Our main corporate relations are crucial for us to achieve this, and therefore, maintaining good relations with our main corporate relations must be at the forefront.

In the new Executive Board composition, the responsibility for corporate relations will also be combined with the responsibility for communication. I want to continue good internal communication where it should be easy for students to adhere to the marketing guidelines. Furthermore, I will focus on implementing the external communication responsibilities within the role.

Head of Events

Paul Søberg Vaglum 

Over the past two years, I have gained a lot of joy through NHHS. Now, I would like to give back and facilitate the continuation events to spread joy to as many students as possible.Through PG, KKU, and UKEN, I have acquired knowledge across various areas within NHHS. Now, I want to contribute to the further development of various events in the student association. As head of events in the Executive Board 2024, I will ensure that as many students as possible get to experience the joy of participating in all our events. To achieve this, I want to focus even more on the flow of information. In recent years, a lot of good work has been done to stimulate increased levels of activity in NHHS. Now, I look forward to building on this work by emphasizing both the execution of events and the information beforehand. By doing so, I hope that even more students can participate and feel the joy that NHHS has to offer.

Head of Operations

Håvard Fagerholt

Through two years at school and in the student union, I have taken part in a wide range of sub-committees, project groups and interest groups. The student union has given me a lot and I have a great desire to facilitate and be involved in the operation so that the student union can give as much as possible to more people. It is with great motivation that I run for election as Head of Operations for the Executive Board 2024.

As Head of Operations, I want to look at good solutions that make it easier to book NHHS’s equipment and premises. I also have a strong desire to facilitate for the sub-committee as best as possible so that they have the best conditions for investing and being innovative. I also want to continue the work that previously Head of Operation have worked on to upgrade the Basement and other NHHS premises.

In my position as Head of Operations, I want to work to continue to strengthen the cooperation between the student union and the school. Overall, my goal is to help facilitate the student union to be even more inclusive and accessible to all students.

Head of HR

Kjersti Nøttum Haaland

When I started at NHH, I was unaware of how important the student association would become for me. However, two years later it is precisely this association that has made my time at the school truly enjoyable. All of the great experiences I’ve had in NHHS have one thing in common: the amazing people I’ve met. This is why I find it incredibly important and exciting to run for the position of Head of HR in the Executive Board.

This is the first time HR is included in the board, and with this important addition, we will have great opportunities to strengthen the human focus in NHHS. The addition provides the opportunity for even greater emphasis on inclusion, and in addition it gives us the opportunity to create an environment where all students feel welcome and seen. The Head of HR is a newly created role. Subsequently the role is in its defining stage. This gives us all the opportunity to shape the position. It is my goal that this will make an even better foundation for all students’ well-being.

NHH – Symposiet

Blokk: Sympact


Ida Marie Mathisen

With immense motivation and dedication, I am running for the position of leader for the fantastic team Sympact, aiming to lead NHH-Symposium 2025! I have been fortunate enough to experience NHH-Symposiet twice already, and the thought of being a part of it again fills me with excitement. These experiences have given me so much in terms of knowledge and friendships, and I consider it an honor if I get the opportunity to ensure that other students get the same experiences.

If given this opportunity, my foremost priority is to create a platform where students can flourish. To achieve this, I will encourage the establishment of an environment that fosters a strong sense of belonging within Symp, where close friendships are fomed. Together with the students, I want us to challenge each other and the business community. I believe in challenging the traditional perception of what a conference can be, and I aspire to inspire the students to share this vision. This can only be achieved through collaboration and harnessing the knowledge and dedication that exists among the students.

Head of Financial Affairs

Simen Reinertsen

It is with much enthusiasm and great interest that I apply for the position as Head of Financial Affairs for NHH-Symposium 2025! I am new to the NHH-Symposium, but through UKEN I have gotten to know an incredible number of talented and driven people, learned a lot of new things and made many new friends. Finally, an opportunity has opened up for me to attend the renowned symposium, and I am ready to contribute more to our fantastic student association!

If given the opportunity to serve as Head of Financial Affairs for the NHH-Symposium, my main focus will be on ensuring financial sustainability and efficient resource management. I will continuously build on past successes and improve our financial practices. I will also build a strong finance team by establishing clear lines of communication and providing training and support to all members. In addition, I will increase our efforts in risk management and preparedness to ensure stable finances for the symposium. Together with the other members of the symposium, I want to challenge the traditional perception of conferences and inspire an extraordinary NHH Symposium 2025. We will collaborate and benefit from the students’ expertise and commitment to achieve this goal.

Head of Program:

Karoline Prytz Berset

The student association at NHH has meant a lot to me ever since I started studying in the fall of 2021. Being welcomed by an organization where there is clearly room for everyone is, in my opinion, completely unique. I have met so many accommodating, friendly, and talented people so far, and now I’m ready to meet more!

Therefore, with great motivation and humility, I am running for the position of program director for NHH Symposium 2025. I want to create a program with exciting speakers who help define the agenda and contribute to public debate. At the same time, I want the conference to represent the core issues of the students and thus maintain its student character. Conscious of what the student association has meant to me, I look forward to being part of creating a good and inclusive environment, which gives many more students the same positive experiences I have had. I want to be part of creating a conference that NHH students can be proud of!

Head of Corporate Relations:

Magnus Brunsberg

It is with incredible pride and joy that I’m applying for the position Head of Collaboration for the NHH Symposium 2025. The Symposium is a unique opportunity for us students to create a platform for setting the agenda among many of the most important decision-makers in society.
As the Head of Collaboration, I will actively work to retain previous main partners, while also exploring the landscape for new collaborators. The Student Symposium is a vital offering that benefits both our partners and the NHH students – hence, there should be an even stronger focus on this in the upcoming years. Stakeholders in the Symposium deserve the best, which is why I believe it’s essential that everyone in the Symposium organization deserves great deals with the companies we collaborate with – to give back to those who tirelessly work to make Symposium ’25 a reality. I will also place a strong emphasis on cross-sectional collaboration and strive for a transparent and inclusive organization. This not only fosters motivation and engagement but is also the foundation for creating the best conference in 2025!

Head of Market

Martin Bøe Svestad

There are now many different conferences for business representatives to choose from. The question is why they should choose NHH Symposium? Hopefully, with the help of several talented students, I will dare to think differently so that we will be an obvious choice in 2025.

Head of Communications

Mari Kittilsen

It is with a great deal of commitment and a good dose of humility that I am standing as Head of Communications for the NHH Symposium 2025. It is overwhelming how committed and talented the students at this school are, and that is what makes it possible to carry out the NHH Symposium. We at Sympact want to lead the team, and over time we hope that as many people as possible will join us on the road to Symp25.

Communication is and will always be my niche. I’ve always felt most comfortable at the intersection of economics, society and journalism. As head of communications for the NHH Symposium, I will use my experience from the media industry to ensure the quality of how Symp and NHHS are presented to the public. I want to continue many of the good things that are already established in the organization, but at the same time dare to challenge the established. In the same way as external communication, internal communication is just as important for everyone to feel part of the journey towards the 2025 goal. This is something I will prioritize highly. Together we will make an impact and ensure that Symp25 becomes «one for the books».

Head of Event

Emma Royer Ivarson

The strong sense of community and commitment among the students creates a unique place to let creativity flourish and to think big. Through my various roles in the student association, I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand the dedication of the students and I am incredibly motivated to be a part of such a significant project from the beginning. I am running for head of Event with a desire to collaborate with talented students and create a grand conference that we can all look back on with pride! My goal as event manager is for the Symposium to run seamlessly, and for its participants to leave with a strong positive impression of the conference. The symposium is intended to build a bridge between the students and the corporate world, and we have the opportunity to expand this meeting place and enhance the interaction. This involves close collaboration and creative solutions, and together with the Symposium participants I wish to challenge the established. Further on, I want the NHH-symposium to leave the smallest possible environmental footprint, and to achieve this goal we need to find innovative solutions and make responsible choices. Together we can leave our mark on the conference and create a Symposium experience that will go down in history!

Head of People

Oda Eriksen Brockstedt Olsen

I am incredibly motivated and have a strong desire to become the HR Manager for NHH-Symposiet 2025. I see this position as a dream challenge, and I want to contribute to making the Symposium an unforgettable experience for all participants. I believe that a well-functioning HR department is an incredibly important factor for any organization, as it is where culture and cohesion are built. I want all ‘sympsjonærer’ to feel ownership of NHH-Symposiet 2025, while also working to create a safe space where all ‘sympsjonærer’ are welcome, regardless of which hiring round they join. Along with the rest of the team, I believe that we can make NHH-Symposiet 2025 a memorable and unique conference for participants, volunteers, and speakers.


Blokk: Krameratene


Fredrik Røren

I want to become leader of the Cabin Committee because it seems to be an exciting and fun position to hold, as you get to contribute to making the experience of being an NHH student absolutely phenomenal. I have gained a good insight into what the position entails after conversations with students in the current selection and previous selections. I am happy to arrange, coordinate, create fun offers and work in a team. I feel that I, together with the rest of Krameratene, will do a good job of running Kramboden in the coming year.

Head of Finance

Kristoffer Schjølberg

There are several reasons why I am applying to be financial manager in the Cottage Committee. Firstly, this is a good opportunity for me to contribute to NHHS. I want to safeguard the good traditions of Kramboden and further develop the board. I am a committed person who wants to work for the people around me, which will mean that I will contribute to making the social arena at NHH even better. The reason I am applying as finance manager is because I like finance. When I’m working on something I enjoy doing, I have no problem putting in a lot of work to get the job done. Furthermore, I think that the position suits me well because I am responsible and reasonable, which are important qualities to have in a position like this. I believe that both my work habits and social skills will be a good match for this position, and I hope that I can be the one who can carry on the good traditions of Kramboden.

Head of Purchase

Tobias Fladby

I am a happy and eager young man who likes to have many irons in the fire. I would describe myself as a social person who likes to get to know new people, and I think that a position in the cottage committee could be a good arena for this.

Head of Information

Elisabeth Helle

I want to apply as information officer in the cabin committee, and think that this position suits me perfectly! Facebook and Instagram are something I am well used to and really enjoy using. I want to contribute to making the cabin even more visible at school among the students and to achieve this we must be active and visible on social media. My aim is to promote Kramboden in a fun and nice way so that as many people as possible want to take part in the events. We who stand as a block for the cabin committee this year are a good bunch and I want to pass this positivity on to the other students so that everyone has a good relationship with Kramboden;)

Head of Booking

Eva Fosseidbråten

I was introduced to the Hyttestyret through talking to friends who have been on the board in previous years and was advised to apply. I have heard a lot about what the cabin board is and does, which I think sounds very fun and exciting. As the booking officer at the Hyttestyret, I have a desire to continue the good work that has been done so far! In addition, I want to ensure that it will be easy and straightforward to book the cabin for the various people who want to use it.

The Business Comittee


Sigurd Markussen

Dear students at NHH,
I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of leader for the Business Committee (Næringslivsutvalget or NU)!
As a dedicated member of NU since 2021, I have found great joy in connecting students with the business world. It is equally delightful to witness firsthand the effort put into ensuring that the matchmaking between us and the business community benefits both parties.
If elected as the leader of NU, I will ensure the continued smooth operation of NU. Additionally, I have several points I would like to further develop and prioritize in the years ahead:
«Inclusivity for All» – Enhancing the involvement of the student community.
«Impact Where We Can» – Increasing our focus on sustainability.
«More of Norway in the World» – Expanding our recruitment of international companies.
My time at NHHS has been extremely rewarding, and I want to take on more responsibility to ensure that as many students as possible have the same experiences I have had. As a leader, I will build a strong team and work tirelessly for you and an association that has given me so much.

Warm regards from Sigurd

Leader of the Career Fair

Falk Jacobsen

I started at NHH with little idea of just how many opportunities lie ahead for us as future business economists. Just the opportunity to contribute to the career days this semester was a significant eye-opener for me, and an incredibly enjoyable experience! Now, I want to be able to contribute as a leader in a project that I believe is incredibly rewarding, regardless of your year or future plans. Whether you simply want to learn about what’s out there or meet your first employer, I will ensure that the career days becomes the perfect platform for you. I’m going to invest time and effort to make the KD week as educational, exciting, and enjoyable as possible. This is a unique opportunity for everyone at NHH, and I really want to do my best to optimize it. So, I hope you are willing to give me a chance!

Student Political Committee

Head of Welfare Policy

Daniel Halleraker Vihovde

Personally I find student politics to be deeply interesting. This interest have I expanded upon by participating in different student bodies like NSO and Velferdstinget Vest, wherein the latter I now have a position in the control committee.

My focus if I am elected would be the make the different organs of the political committee in SPU visible to the rest of the school. This committee has recently been expanded and can now achieve a lot more with the right leadership.

Another focus will be to prepare properly to all our big meeting points so we can put forth a lot of different resolutions and make our presence known. Also, to give the new Stud.pol a lot of insight in Stud-Bergen.

This year I have been head of events in SPU, so I have good insight into the board of SPU.

In the next year if I am elected this will be my main position in the student union so I will promise that what I set out to do, will be done.

The Student Committee

Head of the Bachelor’s Program

Marthe Engelstad Soldal

I am running for the position as head of Bachelor in the Student Committee because I want to contribute to the further development of the current bachelor’s program and the establishment of the new bachelor’s program. After one year at NHH, I have noticed that there is room for improvement in the teaching methods used in various subjects. I am committed to further developing the subjects in collaboration with the staff at NHH.

My primary focus will be on active teaching methods and the utilization of smaller class sizes. Additionally, I would like to continue the work of highlighting the roles of the class representatives and how they can represent the students’ opinions and making it easier for students to reach out to them.


Blokk: Aidvengers


Mathilde Jentoft

We are a group of students who are passionate about the power and potential of education! Our combination of commitment, motivation and creativity will give NHH Aid a renewed power to run effective aid. We see the potential for even greater efforts and closer collaboration with UNICEF and the Education for Malawi project. We promise hard work, honest effort and fun events along the way. Let’s do this together – for Malawi and for a better future!😎

Financial Manager and Head of Internal Affairs

Dina Cecilie Dønnum

Information Manager

Camilla Myrdal

Project Manager

Camilla Eftevaag

Marketing Manager

Niels Henrik Vinde

I’m eager to continue with the great work this school does for the education in Malawi. My background as marketing leader in this years AID campaign gave me a lot of motivation to participate towards this challenging, but also rewarding mission, and keep going.

Event Manager

Hanna Higraff

HR and Social Manager

Lars Ulrik Johansen

Hello, I would like to run as head og HR on the boeard of Aid, as I have been this through the campaign week and would like to continue to be so. I have been enjoying as HR and want everyone else to do so as well.